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Better Than That


“Do you want to make her even more pissed?” Jon leant down and whispered in my ear sending chills down my spine

“That would be entertaining.” I said as he pulled me closer to him and leaned down and kissed me. I was shocked but then let my body relax and get into the kiss. The kiss was amazing this man really knew how to kiss, but the kiss was interrupted when Carissa pulled me away from Jon and punched me in the side of the face.

“What the hell.” I yelled before punching Carissa in her face hard enough to knock her over “Next time think about who you are about to punch before you punch them bitch.” I said then walked to the car before I tried to beat the living day lights out of her.

The ride back to Jon’s place was quiet. I couldn’t help but think about that kiss, I mean it was an amazing kiss, but I don’t like Jon and Jon doesn’t like me. But I could live with kisses like those for the rest of my life. When we got to Jon’s I went straight to my room to change out of the dress, I heard Jon mumble something but I didn’t pay attention to what he said.

I was in the midst of changing when the door opened leaving me in just my pajama pants and a bra. “I am so sorry I knocked but you didn’t reply so I started to worry. I brought you ice.”

“Thanks” I smiled as I stepped toward him still without a shirt, to grab the ice from him. But he wouldn’t give it to me. Instead he reached out, grabbed me and pulled me closer, and held the ice to my face.

“Jayden” he whispered my name before leaning down and giving me a kiss. Why is he kissing me again the charade is done. But I am not going to fight it, I like it too much. The kiss started to get really heated the ice was forgotten on the floor as Jon’s hands started to roam my body, and Jon was stripped of his shirt. We had just fallen onto my bed when the front door opened. Jon and I quickly pulled apart and got up.

“I am back,” Kyle said loudly. Jon and I quickly exited my room, probably looking really disheveled and both of us shirtless.

“Um, I am going to point out the elephant in the room.” Kyle said looking at us, as Patrick was shocked next to her.

“I was just bringing her ice to put on her face.” Jon managed to get out after a few seconds.

“Sure,” Kyle said skeptically. “So where’s the ice?”

“On the floor in my room, I dropped it.” I said trying to cover up.

“Mhmm,” she said still not believing it.

“I did, you scared me when you came bursting in.”

“I bet I did” she smirked. “Well I am going to go to bed now.” She said heading to the second guest bedroom.

“See you tomorrow.” Kane said finally coming out of shock, and heading out the door. So now it was just Jon and me standing in the living room by ourselves.

“Umm” Jon said after a few minutes of standing there in awkward silence.

“Yeah” I breathed out, trying to wrap my head around what was about to happen.

“Well I should get to bed” he said heading to his room.

“Yeah me too,” I said going to my room. Jon’s shirt was on the ground next to the bag of now melted ice. I picked up the bag of water and threw it out then put my shirt on leaving Jon’s on the ground, and slid into bed.

I tossed and turned for an hour before I gave up and headed out of my room. There was the glow of the TV that was turned almost all the way down.

“Couldn’t sleep either?” Jon asked from the couch.

“No” I said sitting down on the other couch as far away from Jon as possible. “You should be sleeping you have a big game tomorrow.”

“I know but I couldn’t, so I gave up trying.” He said keeping his eyes on the TV, watching Jackass 3.5.

We sat there for a couple minutes before I decided to talk get everything out in the open. “Jon, what was that earlier?”

This caused him to sit up on the couch. “I, I don’t know.” He said after a few moments of thinking. “I don’t know what came over me.”

“Me neither, it was…” I didn’t know what to say.

“Yeah” he said getting up and walking over to me.

“Jon, what are you doing?” I asked as he pulled me up to the standing position.

“I don’t know.” He said before leaning down and kissing me yet again. I was lost in his kiss. We kept at it for a while before we found our way back into my room still locked at the lips. This kiss was as heated as before but both our hands were roaming each other’s bodies as we fell to my bed. The kiss continued for a while until Jon started to kiss my neck. It was such a good feeling but I was so tired, and so was Jon that soon enough we had both fallen asleep.


My alarm woke me out of one of the best night of sleeps I have had in a long time. I didn’t want to get out of bed, I was too comfortable. Wait why is there an arm around me? Oh shit, Jon. I can’t believe what happened last night; we didn’t even drink, so we can’t blame it on the alcohol.

I was trying to get out of bed when I was pulled back in by Jon who grumbled and nuzzled and wrapped me tighter in his arms.

“Jon, let me go I have to go get everything ready for morning skate.” I said prying his arms off me.

“Jayden?” he questioned opening his eyes.

“Yeah” I answered.

“You already have everything ready for morning skate which isn’t for another three hours go back to sleep.” He said surprising me and pulling me back into him.

“I really have to go” I said finally able to get free, but he was already back asleep. I changed and got ready to go workout on the ice. Something I really needed to do in order to clear my head from what happened last night.


I went to work. We need to talk.


I left the note for Jon on my pillow and headed to the United Center. I got on the ice an hour before I normally do but I didn’t car I worked try as hard in all my drills. At the beginning of my workout no one was there watching but when I was done I looked up and saw the on looker.

I quickly showered and changed and sat in my office thinking as players started to show up for morning skate. I was pulled out of my thoughts when there was a knock on the door I looked up and saw Jon dressed and ready to hit the ice.

“Hey Jayden” he said walking in and closing my office door behind him.

“Hey” I said.

“Look about last night, I don’t know what came over me but whatever it was I would like to continue where we left off.” He said closing in.

“Jon, we…” I was cut off by Sharp coming into the office.

“Hey Jon we need to hit the ice.” He said before leaving, Jon gave me a look telling me we would finish this discussion later.


Skate got out and we all headed to our respected homes. But when I got back Jayden’s car wasn’t there. I really needed to hear what she had to say. I ate my lunch and watched a couple episodes of Family Guy waiting for Jayden to get back before I had to take a nap.

I had just entered my room when I heard the front door open and Jayden and Kyle talking. A few minutes later I heard both the doors close meaning they went in their bedrooms to take a nap. After ten minutes of not being able to sleep I took my chances and entered Jayden’s room.

I made sure she was asleep before I crawled into bed with her and pulled her against me and instantly fell asleep.

“Jon, what are you doing in here?” Jayden yelled waking me up and pulling away from me.

“I couldn’t sleep” I replied drowsily.

“You looked like you could sleep fine to me.” She said heading to her bathroom. “But we have to stop this Jon.” Jayden said coming out of the bathroom changed for the game.

“What why?” I said getting upset.

“Jon we work together, it’s against the rules.”

“We can figure something out.” I said trying to figure out something so I can figure out my feeling about her.

“We can’t Jon,” she stuttered.

“Why not?” I questioned getting upset.

“Because I can’t” with that she left the house.

Before the game she steered clear of me, and when I broke my stick during the game Clinton was the one who gave me a new stick. I played horribly during the game but lucky for me everyone else played unbelievably good, so when the game ended we won 5-2.

I answered questions and showered and changed before I sat and waited till everyone else was gone before I went to Jayden’s office, when I heard her having a conversation. I could only hear her so I assumed she was on the phone.

“He what?” she questioned. “Well there’s a good reason why I don’t live there.” She explained. “Ask away Gray.” “No Gray I can’t. I like him I really do but I can’t be with Jon after the way he treated me.”

Oh so that’s why she won’t date me because I was a dick. Well I will just have to make her see me as who I really am.

“Never in a billion years would I date Jon. Even if he was the last guy on earth and that was the only way to save humanity, I would still not consider it.” She explained, which caused me to get really pissed off, I didn’t treat her that badly. Fuck this I don’t need to take this I thought as I left and headed to a bar.


I successfully avoided Jon all night. I didn’t want to have to explain myself before I was ready. I wanted to sleep on it and tell him why we couldn’t continue this further. Kyle was staying over at Pat’s for the night to hang out since she knew I had to work so I didn’t have to worry about her being around in the morning when I talked to Jon.

I got back to his apartment after I finished with all the equipment but he wasn’t to be found, which didn’t really come as a surprise since they won big tonight. I sat down and watched NHL on the Fly for a couple hours, because I wasn’t really tired. Okay that was a lie, I was exhausted but I wanted to make sure he got home alright. What can I say, the mother in me worries a lot.

Finally at 2 am I gave up waiting for him, and I couldn’t keep my eyes open and longer so I headed to bed. However even though how tired I was I couldn’t fall asleep, I grew accustomed to his arms around me while I slept even though it has only happened twice.

I heard the front door open around 3am, I felt better now knowing that Jon was home. Since I had become more relaxed I found myself falling into a slumber until I heard a high pitch squeaky voice.

“Jonny.” She said before I heard two people crash into Jon’s room.

“Mmmm, yes baby” I heard him murmur.

“Fuck me, Jonny”

“It will be my pleasure.” He said. Holy shit I can’t believe I am listening to this. It got quiet for a second so I thought they had both fallen asleep, but that was quickly dismissed when I heard the girl scream and moan.

“Michelle” Jonny screamed. “Be my girlfriend.”

“Yes,” Michelle said in a moan.

Yeah he totally wanted me to go out with him. What a fucken asshole. I can’t believe I was actually considering going out with him.


Fuck I moaned as I woke up and I felt my head throb. What happened last night? I stood up to go to the bathroom when I realized I was naked, I looked at all the clothes thrown around the floor and noticed that girls clothes lingered around the suit that I had worn last night. I slept with Jayden.

As I took a second look at the clothes I realized that those clothes were clothes Jayden wouldn’t even consider wearing. Fuck, I slept with some random chick and she stayed over but where is she? Just as I thought that I heard my shower turn off, and a bleach blonde fake tit girl walk out of the bathroom with just a towel on.

“Good morning Jonny Boy.” She said to me before kissing me. Oh god what is her name, fuck, wait did I ask her to be my girlfriend last night? I did, double fuck.

“Good morning” I said trying to act like I didn’t forget her name. “I am going to go make breakfast.” I said quickly putting on a pair of boxers, and heading to the kitchen.

“Have fun last night?” came Jayden’s tired voice from the couch, I just gave her a shrug because I didn’t really remember much of last night. “So why did you do it?” she asked curious which caused me to remember the whole reason behind my going out last night.

“That is none of your business” I said rather loudly making my head throb harder.

“Babe is everything okay?” The girl from last night came out of the room in one of my t-shirts and nothing else.

“Yeah everything is just peachy.” I said sarcastically, but she didn’t understand.

“Good, I am glad” she said before noticing Jayden sitting on the couch.

“Hi, you must be Michelle.” Jayden said with a smile but her eyes said she wasn’t happy,

“Yeah, how did you know?” the girl from last night said whose name I know now is Michelle.

“I am Jon’s roommate, and you too got a little loud last night.” Jayden said causing Michelle to laugh.

“Sorry about that next time we will keep it down.” Wait next time there isn’t going to be a next time, except I did ask her to be my girlfriend, fuck.

“Jonny what are you making for breakfast?” Michelle asked in her whinny voice.

“I was just starting to make some pancakes.” I said and watched her nose turn up, ugh. “I could make something else if you would like.”

“How about we go out to breakfast instead.” She asked as Kyle walked in with Patrick behind her.

“Breakfast sounds good.” Kaner said before seeing the extra person in the kitchen.

“Fine we will all go to breakfast, my treat.” I added.

“Thanks Jon” Kyle said walking over to Jayden and I watched them disappear into Jay’s room.

“Let me go get you some pants.” I told Michelle and quickly exited the room.


Breakfast was all sorts of awkward, but after I brought Michelle back to the bar so she could get her car and head home. My plan was never to see her again after I dropped her off even though I did ask her to be my girlfriend I didn’t really mean it.

I got home later than expected because I decided to work out trying to get the past night and this morning’s events out of my head. When I walked through the door Jayden was sitting on the couch watching the Sabres game.

“How are they doing?” I asked sitting on the couch next to her.

“They are winning.” She said shortly. I looked at her and noticed that she had been crying.

“Are you ok Jayden?” I asked wondering why she was crying.

“I’m fine” she said once again shortly.

“Well I don’t believe you. My mother said that when a girl says she is fine that she really isn’t.”

“Your mother is correct” she said. “Do you really want to know what I am upset at?” I just nodded. “I am upset at you Jon. Yesterday you told me you wanted to see where we went but when I turned you down you went running to the next puck slut. I am upset that someone else found me and is heading here to talk, even though I never want to see that person ever again. I am upset with myself for letting things go so far with you because it is unprofessional and I…” There was a knock on the door causing Jayden to stop midsentence.

“I will go get the door but we are not done with this conversation.” I said getting up and opening the door. There was a guy about six one with dirty blonde hair and blue eyes standing outside with blue flowers.

“Um, hi I am John I am here to see Jayden.” The guy said. Wait, John as in the John that cheated on Jayden John?

“Uh, yeah come right this way.” I said motioning him into the house. By now Jayden stood up from the couch. “Well I will let you to guys talk” I said before heading to my room but not fully closing the door so I could hear what was being said.
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