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Better Than That


“I can’t believe I agreed to help you.” Kyle complained as she rinsed the turkey and placed it on the cutting board in front of me.

“You were the one who wanted to learn how to cook a turkey” I said as I tied my apron .

“Not at six in the fucking morning.” She said as I cut off the plastic that held the two legs together, which allowed me to reach into the turkey and pull out the neck and giblets. “That is so gross.” Kyle said as she held open the garbage can for me.

“You get used to it.” I said as I put the giblets in a Tupperware container and placed it in the refrigerator.

“Why are you keeping those?” Kyle said looking disgusted.

“My mom loves the liver, gizzards, and heart.”

“As long as I don’t have to eat those, everything is fine.”

“You defiantly don’t have too, because I wouldn’t dare eat those.” I smiled as I started stuffing the stuffing into the turkey before I put it in the oven at 375 degrees for 6 hours.

“Is that all you had to do?” she asked.

“It’s as simple as that, and I am done cooking for today because everyone else is bringing a dish to pass, so I am going back to bed.”

“You aren’t going to watch the Macy’s day parade with me in an hour?” she asked hopeful.

“It’s set to record, so we can watch it when we wake up.” I said taking my apron off.

“You are a genius” she yawned and laid down on the couch and instantly fell asleep as I went up to my own bed.


I woke up around 8:30 in order to make the appetizers for everybody who was coming over for Thanksgiving dinner today. Jayden’s family wanted to come and visit especially after they learned about John, so she decided to have them for thanksgiving and invite the whole team too, which almost all agreed to come except for those who had other families coming in. So she made the turkey and everybody else is bringing a dish to pass.

I got downstairs and saw Kyle passed out on the couch and laughed because I knew she had to wake up early to make the turkey with Jayje.

I was just finishing making the fruit salsa and homemade chips when I saw a recipe for meatballs on the refrigerator with a note.

Hey Jon,

I know you already have plans for appetizers but these meatballs are my favorite appetizers, and my brothers. I made sure I got all the ingredients if you want to make them. I would if you want to get on my brother’s good side, but you don’t have too.


Yup defiantly going to make these meatballs, I need to get on Jayje’s brothers good side, I thought as I started making the crockpot meatballs with sauerkraut and cranberry sauce.

At 10:47 the appetizers were all done now I just had to change before people started arriving at 12. I passed the couch and noticed that Kyle was still fast asleep. I knew Jayden would want to be woken up so she could get changed and ready for the guests.

“Jayje” I said softly opening her door and peeking my head in. She was just lying there looking so peaceful. The bruises were starting to fade but still visible and her stitches were still in and wouldn’t be taken out until tomorrow.

I made my way over to her bed and kneeled down next to her. How could anyone ever hurt someone like her? I leaned down and kissed her forehead right below her stitches. “Jayje,” I said softly.

“Hmmm” she murmured snuggling into her bed more.

“It’s time to wake up.”

“I don’t want too.” She said with a sleep filled voice.

“People are going to start arriving in an hour.” I said.

“They can wait” she mumbled.

“I don’t think they would, you did invite a professional hockey team to dinner and when they know they are getting food they won’t wait” I said knowingly.

“Fine” she said sitting up, stretching before heading to the bathroom.

“You’re still here?” Jayden said coming out of the bathroom and going to her closet.

“Yup your bed is just too comfy to leave.” I said laying back and snuggling into her pillow. I felt the bed dip. “You need to get ready.”

“If you can lay down so can I” she stated.

“Well the difference between you and I is that I am dressed and ready for the guests to come.”

“Who said I wasn’t wearing this to Thanksgiving dinner?” she said gesturing to her pajamas.

“The same person who told Pat that he couldn’t wear sweatpants to dinner, so that means you at least has to look presentable.”

“Ugh, why did I make that rule?”

“I don’t know, why did you make that rule?” I asked curious to why Jayden would turn down a chance to wear sweatpants.

“Because my Oma is coming and she likes when people look presentable for special occasions such as Thanksgiving and Christmas.” She ssaid as the doorbell rang.

“This isn’t my house so I am not getting the door.” Kyle yelled.

“I guess, since Kyle won’t and you aren’t presentable that means I should get the door.”

“Yup and that means I should get dressed.” She said getting out of bed and pulling me with her.

“Fine!” I grumbled walking out of her room and down the stairs noticing Kyle was lying on the couch in the same position as earlier.

“Happy Thanksgiving” I was greeted by Jayden’s brothers bursting through the door with food.

“Really boys you couldn’t wait till you were invited in? You just had to burst right in.” The only girl was standing outside politely.

“Come on in.” I said before Zander yelled from in the kitchen.

“We are always allowed in and besides we aren’t Vampires so we don’t need to be invited in to enter a home.”

“Are you still trying to get Alicia to admit she is a vampire?” Jayden said walking downstairs now that she was changed into the proper attire.

“All the signs are there.” Zander stated as he came out of the kitchen, I was completely confused.

“What signs?” I asked.

“She never takes off her ring, so she go out in the sun, she drinks a lot of coffee in order to keep her body temperature up, she starts coughing uncontrollably around certain flowers, and last but defiantly not least she always has blood on her work clothes. Explain that.”

“Sorry about Zander he has watched one to many Vampire Diary episodes. Since I broke our pact to never get married, Z believed Alicia compelled me to get married.” Brayden said.

“She did its true.” Zander defended himself. “How else can you explain those factors I had just explained?”

“Hmm let’s see, she doesn’t take off her wedding ring because she is married. She coughs uncontrollably because she is allergic to those flowers not because it is verbane. She drinks a lot of coffee because she has a high demanding tiring job and she needs to stay awake. Last but not least she has blood on her work clothes because she is an emergency room nurse.” Jayden explained.

“Those are just cover up stories.” Zander said as the doorbell rang.

“I got it.” I said trying to escape the vampire conversation that completely confused me.

“Happy Thanksgiving” I said as I opened the door to reveal who I assumed was Jayden’s parents and grandmother.

“Happy Thanksgiving, Jon, I am Jayden’s mother Cheryl, this is my husband Lawrence, and my mother Mary-Beth.”

“It’s nice to meet you” I said about to invite them in when someone yelled from the kitchen.

“Alicia put that ring back on your finger or you are going to burn alive if you step foot in the light.”

“Zander is talking about Alicia being a vampire again?” Mrs. Harris asked.

“Yes he is. Come on in.” I said motioning her into the house.

“Thank you Jon.” She said as I took one of the bags of food that she was holding.

“It’s my pleasure.” I said leading her to the kitchen where Zander was blocking Alicia from walking into the sun that was coming into the kitchen.

“Zander let her go” Mrs. Harris scolded her son and he let Alicia go instantly. “She is not a vampire if she was she probably would have killed you by now. I know I would have.” She finished causing everyone to laugh and Alicia to walk into the sunlight.

“Oh my god it burns.” She joked.

“I am still not convinced.” Zander stated confidently.

“Whatever Z, you still like her whether she is a vampire or not.” Jayden said coming into view. “Hey Mama” she gave her mom a big hug. “Hey Pops” she said moving over to her father before she got to her grandmother. “Happy Thanksgiving, Oma.”

“Oh Jayden, I’ve missed you.” She gave Jayje a big hug crying.

“I have missed you too.” She said while we all walked into the living room to give them space.

“So Jonathan, I have to thank you for protecting my favorite sister from her asshole ex-boyfriend.” Keegan said to me.

“That was defiantly my pleasure. I hated the guy since I met him.”

“I wish I could have said that the first time I saw him, but no I had to like him.” Logan said.

“We all liked him in high school. He was sweet and charming, but he changed over that one summer.” Kyle said popping up and surprising Grayson.

“Woah, Kyle?” Grayson asked giving her a huge hug and smile.

“Hey Gray, long time no see.” She hugged back.

“Ok, guys the party is officially here.” Patrick said just walking into my house.

“Kaner, are you wearing girl jeans?” Keegan asked.

“Why yes I am. And guess what the best part it?” he said triumphantly,

“What?” Zander asked.

“They have a stretchy waist band.” He said lifting up his blue button down shirt to show the waist line of the pants.

“Dude, not only are you wearing female pants you are wearing maternity pants.” Brayden said.

“Whatever they are man they are comfortable and since Jayden wouldn’t let me wear sweatpants.”

“Damn right I wouldn’t let you wear sweatpants to Thanksgiving dinner.” Jayden and her grandmother came out of the kitchen

“I have to say Pat has the right idea.” Mrs. Harris said. “Maternity pants were the most comfortable pants I have ever worn.”

“See I am not crazy.”

“You keep telling yourself that but it still won’t come true.” Keith said coming into the house with his wife Kelly-Rae.

“At least I won’t be complaining that my pants are too tight when I have finished indulging in this Thanksgiving feast.” Kaner said picking up an appetizer plate and piling food high on his plate.”

“Don’t indulge too much; we do have a game tomorrow.”

“I see Jon forgot to switch his Captain Serious pants with his party pants.” Sharpie came in with a very pregnant Abby.

“Hey now, I remembered to put my party pants on today.” I defended myself.

“Yeah, he hasn’t had a constipated look on his face yet today.” Jayden said walking over to me and shoving me lightly.

“I bet I can go the whole day without the constipated look on my face.” I joked around.

“Sounds like a good idea to me.” Jayden said causing her brothers to crowd near.

“So what are the conditions going to be?” Zander asked.

“I was joking.”

“Mhm, sure you were. You are just scared.” Jayden said putting an arm around my back.

“Of course I am scared. You have an evil mind.” I said wrapping my arm around her shoulder and she just smirked at me.

“My girl does not have an evil mind.” Seabs said as the oven went off.

“It’s ok Seab’s he figure it out, I can’t hide the truth anymore.” Jayden smirked.

“I knew it.” I joked putting her in a headlock and ruffling her hair.


Everyone was showing up steadily and luckily for me my brothers were on their best behavior. As we sat down to dinner my Oma told everyone to bow their heads for grace.

I heard Kaner grumble and I had to hold back a laugh because in the Harris family grace was never normal. It was a different one each time depending on who said it.

“Logan will you do the honors?” Oma asked.

“Of course.” He said before saying his grace. “Father, Son and Holy Ghost, who eats the fastest eats the most. Amen.”

Laughter ensued from all the hockey players.

“That was grace?” Kaner asked surprised.

“What did you expect something like this?” I started before my mother said another grace.

“Our Heavenly Father, we thank you for this food and humbly request that you perform a miracle and remove the calories from desert.”

“You know Jayden, your family explains everything about you.” Sharpie said before adding. “I love them”

“Oh that’s sweet Patrick.” Brayden said in a fake sweet voice. “If only we felt the same way about you.”

“Yeah, there is only one way we could feel the same way about you.” Zander stated.

“Really and what may I ask is that?” I groaned knowing that Grayson would go into a full out speech. Jon put his arm around my back reassuringly while the other was diffing into his food.

“Well Patrick Sharp let’s start from the beginning.” Grayson started.

“Here we go.” Alicia laughed.

“Jayden and us all grew up in the Greater Rochester area, which is just an hour drive outside Buffalo, which also is an AHL team the farm team of our favorite NHL team.”

“So let me get this straight. You would only love me I I became a Buffalo Sabre?” Sharpie asked.

“Ah at least he isn’t just a Beauty, he has brains too. Good job at getting this one Abby.” Keegan said jokingly.

“We I will take the compliments when I get them, no matter how that compliment is delivered.” Sharpie said tipping his glass towards Keegan.

“Jayden, when do you get your stiches out?” My father asked, suddenly making the whole table get very serious.

“Tomorrow.” I said looking down at my food embarrassed because my brothers taught me how to protect myself and I couldn’t do that I am such a failure. “Excuse me” I said getting up from the table and outside to get some air.

“Jay?” Grayson’s voice came from the door way a few seconds later. “Are you ok?”

“Yeah” I lied which he could tell and just gave me the look. “No, I failed you guys.” I said turning away from him.

“Jay you could never fail us.”

“But I got back with John and he was going to kill me and I didn’t fight back, you guys taught me how to hold my own and I couldn’t even do that.”

“Jayden Marie, look at me.” Grayson said as he turned me around. “Look at the life you have here? You have your dream job with an enemy team but it is still your dream job. You have all your new friends, and your family who cares deeply for you.”

“I know but I promised you guys I would stay safe as long as I moved here and look how that worked out.” I said pointing to my head.

“You got hurt by an asshole but you stayed safe.” I gave him a confused look. “Jay you don’t need us to protect you in Chicago anymore. You have a whole hockey team that will protect you. But all you need is the protection of one of them.”

“What?” I questioned getting even more confused.

“There is one man on the team that will you keep you safe no matter what. When I first met him I thought he was the worst person on earth but then I saw him with you again I realized why he acted the way he acted.” Gray smiled slightly.

“You are talking about Tazer aren’t you?”

He nodded. “Hey Jay take it from me I know you like him more than a friend.” I was about to argue when he held out his hand. “Just hear me out ok.” I nodded afraid to speak. “I liked someone the way you like Jon. Not that’s a lie I love someone the way you love Jon. I had an opportunity to tell her how I felt but I didn’t because I was too scared. I was scared at what she would say, what my friends would say, and what you would say. But now she is with someone else and it kills me inside knowing that I have missed my chance, and I don’t want you to go through the same thing.”

“But I can’t do that I could lose everything I have ever worked for.” I said.

“Or you could gain everything you will ever need.” He said hugging me. “Promise me you will not make the same mistake I did.”

“Promise.” I said returning the hug, before pulling away. “She loves you too you know. She really isn’t with anyone else. They tied it for a couple of days but they quickly found out that they are better friends.”

“Wait you know?”

“I am your sister. I always know.” I smiled. “Go for it before you miss out on another opportunity.” I finished before the door opened revealing Jon.

“Hey guys, everyone is threatening to eat dessert without you two if you don’t come in now.” Jon said coming outside and putting an arm around me and ushering me inside.

The rest of the day went on without a hitch. Grayson kept looking at Kuyle, most likely trying figure out if he should go for it or not.

“Is Grayson okay?” Jon whispered into my ear as my family, Kyle, Seabs and Kaner were sitting in the living room playing What’s Yours Like.

“He has a lot on his mind” I whispered back.


“Goodnight Mrs. Harris.” I said.

“Jon if you call me Mrs. Harris one more time I swear to God…”

“Sorry, goodnight Cheryl.” I smiled slightly getting pulled into a hug from her.

“Goodnight Jon.” She said walking out the door which just left Jayden who was upstairs with Kyle and Grayson, and her other four brothers.

“So Jonathan.” Keegan started.

“What are your intentions with our sister?” Logan asked.


“Don’t give us what? We saw the way you acted around her. Before dinner you were at her side with a hand on her lower back.” Brayden said.

“Then during dinner you had an arm around her shoulder.” Zander added.

“Also during the game, you two were cuddled together on the couch” Grayson said coming downstairs alone.

“I am just protective of her now because of what Fucktard did to her.” I told them the partial truth.

“And…” Zander asked looking for more.

“And nothing, we are friends that’s it.”

“You know we don’t believe you, but right now we are going to let it slide.” Keegan said a little menacingly.

“The reason we are letting this go is because you are starting to get on our good side.” Logan said.

“If you weren’t there to protect Jayden, she could have died.” Brayden said.

“We don’t know what we would do without her.” Grayson said sadly.

“So if you ever decide you want to date her we will allow it.”

“We know you care about her deeply, whether you know it or not.”

“Thanks guys.” I said not really knowing what to say.

“Remember if you so much as hurt her you will be chopped liver, got it?” Brayden threatened.

“Got it.” I said knowing not to cross them.

“Well then I think it’s time for us to leave.” Keegan said before yelling up to Jayden. “Yo Jay it’s time for us to peace out.”

A couple seconds later Jayden and Kyle came downstairs with Kyle’s suitcase and said goodbye.

“Where are you going?” I asked Kyle.

“I am going back to the 585 and living with Grayson” she smile causing Grayson to blush. “And I should probably find a job now.”

“Well then I should say goodbye.” I said giving her a hug.

“Take care of her.” Kyle said before pulling away from me and saying goodbye to Jayden.

“Well that turned interesting” Jayden told me plopping down onto the couch.

“You can say that again.” I said as I sat down next to her pulling her into my side. The perfect way to end the day.
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Finally an update.Finals are over and now I am busy with Christmas but I will make time to write. If I don't update before Christmas to those who celebrate it Merry Christmas, and to those that celebrate other holidays Happy Holidays.