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Dependent on Life.

Most unexpected.

I looked around as people were telling me to stay put, telling me I was going to be okay my head hurt a little but that was it, I looked over to see the pair of arms holding me at first I didn't recognize him then I realized it was Jimmy, he was bleeding a lot, glass was all over us both, I saw a long piece of glass sticking out of his a shoulder.

I panicked when I remembered what happened and tried to get out of the car but then I saw a car come out of nowhere, people screamed as it came right for us I tried to get the door open but it just wouldn't work.


Michelle screamed as the car came inches away from her at full speed she tried breaking the glass with her hands and elbow but it wasn't working, she looked inside the car in slow motion she saw Jenny Miles smiling like an idiot.

Jenny pressed her foot down and rammed straight into them making the car flip over, you could hear the glass breaking and the metal scraping against the road. 

The ambulance were now panicking and called the firebrigade they showed up in no time and flipped the car over, letting the ambulance do their job.


I walked around aimlessly for hours, my phone had died and I was starting to feel hungry I was walking along the walkboard of the pier when I had a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach, I wasn't sure if it was stomach telling me to eat or if something had gone wrong. 

I headed home, the november wind brushing against my skin and making me shiver, I picked up the paced as I could see my front door that feeling I had came back as I opened the door, it was dark and everything was turned off I ran into the kitchen no one was there, I ran up stairs and checked each room still no sign of my dad or anyone else. 

'Where the hell is everyone?' I muttered to myself, walking into my room and putting my phone on charge I went into my bathroom and got changed into a simple white t-shirt and shorts when I heard my phone start going off. 

I looked to see I had 86 missed calls and 32 messages. 

'What the hell?' I grabbed my phone from the charge and took it downstairs to the lounge room, I sat in dad's seat and I got shivers down my spine. Grabbing the remote I turned the tv on and plugged my phone in when I heard the words "car accident" I turned the tv up louder. 

"- the accident involved a black BMW, a truck and a silver porche... The truck was first to hit the BMW sending the driver and passenger into shock but as the ambulance were trying to get the injured out of the BMW, the silver porche came out of nowhere speeding through multiple red lights and made the BMW flip over possibly causing more damage to the injured then they had before..the doctors say they will keep us informed on the passenger and drivers status."

'I hope the people in the car are going to be okay' I said again to myself. 

I changed the channel again when my phone started to ring, it was Uncle Johnny calling me.
Jasmine where the hell are you?

I'm at home where are you all?
I heard Uncle Matt's voice in the background. 

Johnny give me the phone. Then you pull over I'm not about to let another accident happen. 

What? What do you mean another accident uncle Johnny? 

Hold on sweetie I'll give it to uncle Matt he can explain. 

Explain? Explain what! What the fuck is going on? 

Jasmine Mae Sullivan where the hell have you been.

I shrunk at the sound of his voice.
I've been walking around..

Do you know how long you've been gone Jasmine?


11 HOURS! Do you know how worried sick we have all been?!

No sir..

Not to mention how worried sick Lucas has been the poor boy has been panicking all day! D-did you just call me sir?
His voice softened at the last part..

Yes sir. I'm sorry I-I didn't mean to yell at you honey, it's just we've all been worried sick about you..

So..where are you now? 

We are on our way home to pick you up

Pick me up? Why can't dad pick me up?

It was silent for a minute before uncle Matt spoke again.
Because he asked us to pick you up sweetie.

oh.. Okay well I'll be here waiting. 

I hung up and started to check my message most of them were from amie Eddie and Lucas, I had 15 calls from dad and the rest from uncle Matt, Aunt Val and uncle Brian. And one from Mandy.

Mandy: Jasmine sweetie, I know your scared right now and your trying to be strong but by disappearing it isn't going to help, please just go home your dad is worried about you and I'm worried about you, Lucas is going crazy over here.. I know what ever it is bothering you honey you will get through it, I love you like a mother loves her daughter, don't forget that I'm always here for you whenever even if I'm not here I'm always with you, tell your dad what's going on. Smile Jasmine let go of the past and look forward to the joy the future brings. Love Mandy xo

I was done deleting them except the message from Mandy I saved that one, I don't know why but I felt the need to save it, when my phone started to ring again, it was Lucas I bit lip knowing he'd be mad. 


Yes babe? 

Jasmine..I don't know what to do! 

W-what are you talking about Lu? Are you crying? 

She was sleeping..she fell asleep and the kids too! I came back from my walk and there she is laying in her bed with b-blood everywhere! I dunno what the fuck to do! 

Who Lu? 


My heart sank, Mandy was dead? How can that be possible? 

What about the kids?'
I said getting up and running up the stairs to get a pair of shoes.
Lu what about the kids?

T-they're gone what do I do? I-I don't know w-what to do!

Okay okay, I'm coming over right now okay! I love you and be careful okay? 


I hung up and ran out the door, I saw uncle Matt's car coming up the road and ran up to it.

'Change of plans drive to Lucas's place, something happened'
'What? What do you mean something's happened?' uncle Johnny said as I got in the car. 

'Mandy and the kids have been killed.' I said trying not to think about her because I didn't want to cry, I needed to be strong for Lucas. 

'Shit drive Johnny!' Matt screamed and uncle Johnny drove as fast as he could to Lucas's place the drive was silent and I saw uncle Johnny and uncle Matt exchang looks a few times leaving me thinking there was something else going on. 


Johnny barely even stopped the car as Jasmine jumped out and ran inside, she could hear Lucas crying and she ran up the stairs with Matt and Johnny right behind her. 

'Lucas?' Jasmine said softly.
'Jasmine stop.' Matt grabbed her arm and she looked to what he was pointing at, Lucas holding a knife blood slipping from his left wrist. 'He could hurt you.'
'I'd rather him hurt me then him be dead.' she looked at her uncle in the eyes and he nodded walking behind her as she stepped closer to a terrified Lucas. 

'Lucas its me jasmine, babe I need you to put the knife down so I can help you..'
'Its my fault she's gone so why do I deserve help?' Lucas whispered looking straight at Jasmine. 
'Because she wouldn't want you to do this Lu..please just give me the knife and I can help you.' 
'If my own mother can't be accepted into this world why should I?'

'Because she wants you to live babe, please don't do this..please.' Jasmine voice started to break as she thought of Mandy even more.
'Why?...why me and not her? Why couldn't she and the kids live? They were only 5 years old!' Lucas threw the knife onto the floor and Matt grabbed it, Jasmine rushed over to Lucas and held him in her arms. 

Lucas cried in her arms, letting his frustration and sadness out through his tears, Jasmine held onto Lucas as Johnny wrapped a bandage around Lucas's wrist to stop the blood.

Matt called the police and they came in a flash, asking Lucas and Jasmine questions about where they were at the time, the police told them they could and that they would take care of everything because they realized who Jasmine was and Matt told them she still didn't know. 

Lucas went with them, Jasmine sat in the back with Lucas and Matt drove to the hospital, Jasmine didn't question why they were there because she thought Matt was taking Lucas there. But then she saw Brian crying and Val crying..Zacky was too. 

'What's going on?' Jasmine stopped walking and Lucas looked up.
'Honey..uh I don't know to tell you this so I'll just come straight out with it..Aunt Michelle and your dad were in an accident today..' Matt whispered and Jasmine stepped back when Matt put his hand on her shoulder. 

She thought to herself that this couldn't be happening that they were playing some cruel joke on her but why would would they? 

'I-I'm sorry I didn't mean to sir..I-' she cut herself off, she realized she was going back into how she used to be. Lucas and Johnny walked away leaving Jasmine and Matt by themselves. 

'Sweetheart I didn't mean to yell at you, I was just worried about you we thought something happened to you too..I'm sorry and I didn't mean to scare you okay?' Matt whispered again and she nodded hugging him, he did t expect her to hug him because he thought she was scared of him but he put his arms around her and rested his head onto hers. 

'Is dad okay uncle Matt?' Jasmine said. 
'I don't know honey, the doctors haven't said anything.'
'Haner and Sullivan family?' a doctor said. Everyone turned to see the doctor standing there with a sad look on her face, Brian stood from his seat and everyone else just sat where they were.

'Is there a Mariah Stone or Jasmine Sullivan here?' the doctor said, Jasmine snapped her head to where the doctor was and stood forward, Amie walked in the door with Eddie running behind her, Lucas told them to sit down. 

'Jasmine, your father is fine.. There was a piece of glass in his shoulder if he hadn't had turned to protect Mrs Haner then the glass would have hit his neck and he surely would have died, you can go see him if you like?' 

'Uh..someone else can go.' Jasmine whispered she was afraid to see her own father because she was the cause of the accident in the first place, if she had just gone home then maybe they wouldn't be at the hospital right now. Maybe Mandy would still be alive.

Brian grabbed Jasmine's hand and smiled. Zacky and Johnny were the first to go in and see Jimmy, while the rest listened to what the doctor said to Brian about Michelle. 

'Brian, I'm sorry to tell you this but we tried everything we could for the baby but the baby wasn't strong enough on its own..I'm sorry.' The doctor hung her head but then sighed heavily looking back up at Brian. 'Michelle is fine though, a few cuts and bruises but besides that she is fine, thanks to Jimmy if he hadn't of shielded her she probably wouldn't have made it..' 

'Can I-I go see her doc?' Brian whispered, he wanted to cry at the thought his little baby didn't make it. Michelle was 12 weeks pregnant and excited to become a mother, Brian was excited to be a father and they had already made a room for the baby but now their dream of becoming parents was ruined. 

The doctor nodded and told them if they needed anything to just ask. 


it's your fault they are here you know, your fault. You fuck everyones lives up, so do them all a favor and fuck off out of their lives.

'Little Jay.. Jimmy wants to see you..' Uncle Brian said holding the door open for me as I walked in, he gently shut the door and dad was staring out of a window, I don't think he noticed me walk into the room.

I walked over to his bed and he turned to face me a smile spread across his face and his eyes lit up, I grabbed his hand and saw the white bandage wrapped around his shoulder, and the many cuts over his body.

'Hi daddy..' I whispered. 
'Hey there baby girl, are you okay?' 
I chuckled. 'Your the one in a hospital bed and your asking me if I'm alright...' 
'Its my job to care for you baby.' he smiled 'I'm just glad you're okay.' 

It was silent for a while as we both just sat there looking at each other, this man was the most amazing man in my life, he has gone a whole year putting up with me and my past, protecting me and pushing me to myself he was  there for me when I needed him and he will Always be the only man I know will never break my heart.

'Dad I'm sorry for everything that has happened, you didn't deserve to be put through this..' 
'But all the pain it's worth it because at the end of the day I get to see and know that I have the most amazing, beautiful, strong daughter in the world.' dad messed up my hair and laughed. 

'I love you dad.' I kissed his cheek.
'I love you too Little Jay, I always will.' dad kissed my forehead and smiled that goofy grin. 


Jimmy and Michelle were released from hospital the next day.

Leah and Terry Waldon were arrested two days later for the murder of Mandy Lismore. Terry was found dead the day of his court hearing. 

Malak Waldon had disappeared along with Xavier Thompson. 

Jenny Miles was charged with hit and run.

Mandy Lismore was buried on the 15th of November 2010. Lucas Lismore  was taken to Phoenix where his biological sister lived, 374 miles away from where his best friend/girlfriend lived. 

Val and Matt have been going as strong as ever. 
Zacky, Val and Johnny had become best friends with their niece. 
Brian, Michelle, Jimmy and Matt had helped Jasmine get back to the happy young girl she was. 

Jimmy and Jasmine were both back to who they were, Jimmy felt so happy that his daughter was happy too, she was on an all high and she was safe, nothing had happened since that day that Mandy passed and jasmine felt safe with her family and friends. 

All because she was dependent on life. 
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Jimmy is fine, I'd never let him die, I told you guys that before.
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