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The Newlyweds


“Wake up, beautiful,”
My eyes fluttered open to see green eyes looking at me. I small blush coated my cheeks, though I had no need to blush, and I smiled back at him. He laughed at me before bringing up his hand to stroke my cheek softly. I accepted the warmth, and my lazy smile rose a little bit. His thumb rubbed smooth circles across my cheek as he just stared. I gently brought my hand up to his face, running my fingers across his features until they grazed over his parted lips. He knew what I was implying, but I also knew that it would almost ruin our moment we had going on. My hand slowly reached the back of his neck, and tangled into his dirty blonde locks.
John slowly rested his forehead against mine, our naked bodies tangled in the sheets. We were pressed tightly together as if we were two puzzle pieces refusing to break apart. That’s the way it felt. I felt his long eyelashes brush against the spot right under my eye when he closed his eyes. My own eyes closed, enjoying our closeness inside of the small hotel room. My hand continued to stay weaved in his hair while the other traced small designs on his bare back. His nose brushed against mine for an Eskimo kiss before placing his lips delicately on mine. A little pressure was put into the kiss before he pulled back just far enough to look down at me.
“Morning, John,” I whispered to him.
He beamed at me.
“I wish right now could last forever,” John stated.
“Me too,” I agreed.
“I don’t want to break the moment,”
“Neither do I,” I replied before he was leaning down to kiss me again.
“Servizio in camera!”
John huffed and laid his head on my collar bone.
“What was that?”
“Room service,” He replied before getting up out of bed, and wrapping a sheet around him. He poked his head out of the door, and opened it wider for the older woman to come into the room. I wrapped myself up in the sheet while she wheeled it in. “La ringrazio molto, signora,” John replied, sounding like he actually spoke Italian.
“Siete i benvenuti,” She replied before turning around and leaving the hotel room.
John wheeled the cart toward me, and sat back down on the bed.
“You sounded like you actually knew what you were saying,” I teased.
“Hey! I actually have an half Italian friend,” He defended himself.
“Really?” I laughed. “I didn’t know that,”
“Her name is Mackenzie, and she’s married to Alex from All Time Low,” John explained. “I just asked her how to say it, and bam, I knew what was going on,”
“Aren’t you a smart one?” I laughed lightly. “What did you order?”
“I got us some pasta and spaghetti, because I couldn’t pronounce anything else,” He blushed. “But it’s supposed to be really good. Dig in, we’ve lost most of the day already,”
“Okay,” I laughed as we shared some pasta. “This…is amazing,”
“I told you,” John winked. “Is this not the best honeymoon ever?”
“It’s only been a night, and it has been pretty amazing,” I bushed, looking down at my pasta. I was in Venice with my new husband. We were sitting on our hotel bed covered in sheets and eating pasta. It was weird to even think about, but it’s amazing all the same. “How long did it take you to plan this trip?”
“Around a month or two,” John smiled. “I started planning it a few days after we became an official couple,”
“Stop lying,” I laughed, rolling my eyes.
“I’m not,” He chuckled. John sat the plate down on the cart. “I’m going to go get ready. You should too,”
I nodded in agreement while he grabbed some clothes from his bag, and started to change. I laughed, and walked over to my bad. I eventually found warm enough clothes under all of the lingerie that Maria packed for me. I’m never letting a Victoria Secret model pack my bags again. I quickly got ready, and slipped on my favorite pair of heels. Since I’ve learned to walk in them, they really don’t hurt my feet at all. It’s funny how that works, but I’m glad that it does. I love wearing heels, plus they make me taller. I’m already short enough standing next to John.
“I’m ready,” I stated, smiling up at him.
He was dressed nicely too, and he even tried to do something with his sex hair. He’s too cute for his own good.
“I am too,” He agreed before offering me his left hand. I smiled widely when I saw the wedding band, and laced my fingers with his. “Where do you want to go today?”
“I have no idea,” I answered honestly. “I do know that I want to go on a gondola ride at one point during this trip,”
“We have plenty of time to do whatever you want to do,” He stated casually.
“How long are we actually staying in Italy?”
“We’re going to be in Venice for four days. Then we’re going to Rome for two weeks,” John smiled. “Then we’re staying in a little villa in the Italian country side for another two weeks,”
I felt my mouth drop.
“You’re fucking kidding me right?!”
John chuckled and winked at me.
“Of course I’m not. I told you that I had been planning this trip for a while,”
“I love you so much!”
I beamed, and pulled him into the elevator. As soon as the door closed, I grabbed John’s face, crashing his lips down on mine. I kissed him deeply, before he pulled away slightly.
“Did I mention that we’re going to Monte Carlo for two and a half weeks too?”
“John Cornelius, you are going to be a very happy man when we get back to the hotel room.”
He laughed.
“I’m a very happy man right now, thank you very much,”
I hugged him.
“This is all too much, really. I don’t think that you should be spending God knows how much money on a nearly month long trip in different countries. First Italy and then Monaco?”
John just smiled down at me.
“Should be around thirty-five days with me. Can you handle that?”
“I married you, didn’t I?” I smirked up at me. “But this is…wow. I can’t wait to see what anniversaries are going to be like…”
“Baby, you deserve the honeymoon of your dreams. I can actually afford to give you that now. Let me give you something crazy, okay? Cause we both know that this trip with be insane,”
I bit my lip and nodded.
“Besides, we’re celebrating together. I took a month off to be with you. You deserve more than that. That’s why I’m giving you this trip, Dia. We both know that soon after we get back that I have to go off on tour. It sucks, but that’s just the way that things are. I want to spend as much time with my new wife as I can before I have to hit the road. I don’t think that another thirty-five days is long enough in my opinion, but that’s all we have. We’ve got to make the most of it,”
I rolled my eyes.
“You spoil me,”
“Not as much as I wish that I could,” He replied before sweetly kissing me. “Come on, we’ve been in the elevator for too long. Venice is calling our names,” He said, leading us out of the elevator.
I let my mind wonder to how long this honeymoon will actually be. Maria definitely didn’t pack enough clothes for me for a month of time with John. I’d have to get new clothes to even get through half of this trip. We would have to go shopping for more clothes. The thought just made me cringe. Shopping in Italy has to be freaking expensive. Everything else in this lovely city is, so why not clothes? It’s insane how much people care about fashion here. It makes me question if Maria really is sane.
“Where are we going today?” I questioned him while we walked out of the hotel and into the streets of Venice.
“Um…I think we’re going to Piazza San Marco,” He answered with a boyish grin. “Is that okay with you?”
I wrinkled my nose.
“Yes,” I replied sarcastically.
John laughed and started to pull me toward the direction that we were going. It didn’t take that long for us to get there, but I did see that it was packed. I hesitated, and looked up at John. He simply smiled at me and urged me to go on with him. He started walking, forcing me to follow like a lost puppy. So many people packed the gorgeous landmark. I let go of John’s hand and clung to him for dear life. I didn’t want to get lost in the pillars or street performers. A few musicians lined the walkways, but not too many. Many restaurants were noticeable from where we were standing simply because of their huge lines extending nearly into the street. I finally peeled my eyes away from the sides, and set my sights on the landmarks ahead of us. From where we were standing, I could see the huge church of St. Mark. I could see the beauty from where we were standing.
“Do you want to go there?” I smiled and nodded, not taking my eyes from the landmark. I don’t think anything could really compare to the elegance of this place. It screamed expensive and historic. “Are you going to move or….”
“I’m moving,” I blushed and started to walk with John beside me. “I was just admiring the beauty of the building, John,”
He laughed.
“I knew that you would love this place,”
“I go,” I agreed. “There are so many people though. I don’t think that we’re going to be able to eat anything here. It looks like you might need a reservation,”
“Babe, those are the people with reservations,” John stated.
My eyes grew wider.
“We’re definitely not eating then,”
“I didn’t plan on it,” He laughed. “Come on, let’s get into that church,”
“What if I wanna look around?”
“Trust me, you’ve gotta move fast. We’ll be in and out before you know it, honey,”
“Okay…” I sighed. “I just…this is all…wow.”
“I know,” He smirked before leading the way once again.
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