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The Newlyweds


I wasn’t exactly sure what I was expecting when I led John lead me through Rome. I, of course, wanted to stop at every little store or spot we saw. However, the giant that is my husband and completely different ideas as to where I was going to go. His grip on my hand never lifted, and because of who I am, I never shut up. I kept asking him question after question until he finally had to stop and tell me nicely to shut the fuck up. He’s a charmer, I swear.
Alas, we ended up in a small, more quant, restaurant than I expected from Rome. Honestly, he probably spent ages looking for the perfect one. There wasn’t a super long line, but the wait was decent. I expect the food to be worth it. He really couldn’t pronounce the name and it was fancy, it just wasn’t obnoxiously fancy. I would be comfortable eating here without feeling like I have to order the smallest thing on the flipping menu. At least there was that. I was feeling pretty wonderful. The honeymoon just keeps getting better and better with each passing day.
John hasn’t really said much since we left the hotel. He could always talk my ear off if he really wanted to, but he’s rather quiet. John can be a man of many words or a man of few. It is kind of hard to really figure him out. He’s not the easiest person in the world to understand, but I do know that I understand him the most. He’s still just Johnny to me. He still hates when I call him that, and he prefers his real name. He loves to watch Disney movies, although he won’t ever admit that, and he loves dancing in the rain. He’s too tall for his own good, and has two left feet, yet he’s still my John.
“I love this,” I giggled. “Why?”
“Because I love you?” It came out more like a question than a statement. “I don’t understand, is this a trick question?”
“No!” I laughed, shaking my head back and forth. “It’s just that all of this is a little bit over the top,”
“I want to treat you how you should be treated. What’s so wrong with that?”
“The part where I just want you and a couch to snuggle on,” I sighed heavily. “Rome is gorgeous, but I just want…you.”
“You will get me,” He laughed. “But we’ve got Rome to see.”
“I know,” I smiled a little wider. “I can’t wait.”
“I know. Ever since you watched that dumb ass movie…”
“Hey!” I laughed, shaking my head at him. “It is kind of dumb, isn’t it?”
“Yes.” He deadpanned, but his facial expression soon morphed into a wide grin. “You’re gorgeous,”
I rolled my eyes playfully before resting my chin on my hand. In the end we ended up with to-go boxes, and too much red wine in our systems. We smiled ridiculously wide at each other regardless as we strolled hand in hand. It was easy to forget our worlds whenever I was with John. Sure, our worlds have always intertwined, but they don’t mesh well. Gymnastics was my everything. Music was for John. Then we had each other. Gymnastics was always before boys, and music was always before girls, but somehow here we are. Somehow the two worlds met up just exactly right, just enough to keep us together.
I smiled up at John as he rambled on and on about some new music that the band is recording. I was in bliss. This John is the man I love. He’s passionate, hardworking, and he’s wonderful. Some people don’t understand him, but I do. He’s mine. Even if sometimes I feel like we’re both negatives being forced together by this thing called destiny, but I know that’s not it. We’re…we go together. No matter how cheesy that sounds.

“I miss Maria.” I stated before John was really awake. We were lazily placing kisses on each other’s faces when I decided to let him know this tad bit of information. John furrowed his brows before laughing at him loudly. I shook my head and pinched his nose until he stopped. Thankfully, he needed his nose to breath and decided to snap his trap shut. I smiled before letting my own giggle out. “What?”
“We’re in Rome of all places and you feel like this is the best time in the world to mention the fact that you miss Maria?” He asked slowly. “What the actual fuck?”
I rolled my eyes and sat up from our bed.
“Well, that was fun while it lasted.”
“Dia,” He whined, wrapping his octopus arms around my middle, bringing me back down on the bed with him. “I was joking.”
I was joking,”
“Don’t do that.” He laughed. “It’s not very attractive.”
“You knew before marrying me that I was going to do that for the rest of our lives together. It’s your own damn fault, sir.”
“Could you be anymore ridiculous?”
“Could you be anymore annoying?” I scrunched my nose. “Go take a shower, you stink.”
“Would you like to join me?”
“Something is telling me that you have something other than showering planned,”
“Maybe I do?” He questioned, pressing a slow and painful kiss to my lips. “Care to find out?” He whispered.
It send shivers down my spine. Nothing is more attractive than John O’Callaghan whispering lowly in your ear. Nothing anyone can say will change my mind to that fact. He’s just…he’s John. His voice screams sex and that’s just on a normal day. It’s unfair really. He’s all sexy and mysterious and here I am, short, loud, and rather the awkward turtle. Yeah, I got really lucky with this one.
“Sure,” I smiled, pressing a small kiss to his lips. “Race you!” I shouted, sprinting toward the bathroom, leaving John to meet up with me.
Sometimes honeymoon’s are meant to last a while and sometimes they aren’t. With ours, I’m still trying to decide what I want. I’m torn between never returning to Arizona again, and hoping on the next plane out of Rome. I miss everyone, and I can’t wait to see our house. Its beginning to eat away at me. I don’t get to go to places all of the time, but John does. He’s constantly traveling, and usually is never at home. I just wish that he had planned something a little more realistic instead of something out of a romantic comedy.
Yeah, I really miss Arizona.
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