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The Newlyweds


It was so damn good to finally be home. I couldn’t believe that after all of the traveling, we were finally back in Arizona. John was grabbing all of our luggage as I leaned against the SUV that would be taking us back to our house. It was only a thirty-minute drive but for me that was entirely too long. I just wanted to be back, and in the bed. Finally my husband walked over to me, tossed the luggage into the very back of the vehicle. He walked around, pressed his lips to my forehead.
“We’re home, babe.”
“I know,” I smiled up at him. “Took us long enough,”
He shook his head playfully before pulling away from me to move inside the SUV. I hopped in quickly, a permanent smile on my face. There really wasn’t a thing that could stop me from genuinely being happy. I took my husbands hand in mine, giving him an extra squeeze. This was just way too nice. Italy was great; it was romantic. However, nothing could beat the Arizona heat.
“My mom and dad want to see us,” He sighed before pulling into our driveway. “I told her no because we just got off of a very long flight.”
I hummed and sighed happily. The only place that I really wanted to be right now happened to be with John. He made my life better; I was happier.
“I want to have a baby.” I stated. “Let’s just work on getting pregnant.”
His booming laugh made me jump a little; then again I’m completely used to it.
“You know I love that idea…”
“But I want to see the guys,” He stated. “We’ve got to do a quick practice before we have our show next week,”
I pouted. Of course John had an upcoming show that I completely forgot about. Kennedy had called John in the airport before we left Italy and asked if it was okay to schedule it. John was practically jumping for joy at the prospect. As he unloaded our luggage and put it up in the room, I laid down on our couch. I was way more jetlagged than he seemed to be. I honestly didn’t want to move, but that’s me. John isn’t like that. He was antsy and ready to get back out in the world. I just wanted to cuddle on the couch.

John finally crawled into bed at two in the morning. I tried not to be angry, but he promised me that he would be back by ten that night. He didn’t come home, and he didn’t call. I was trying to be flexible, but this happened to be the third time it has happened since we got home two weeks ago. It was annoying that I didn’t know where he was when he wasn’t here. He tried to make as little noise as possible as he moved around our room. I forced myself to stay still as he got ready for bed. I didn’t want him to know that I had stayed awake.
As he finally crawled into bed, I felt my muscles tense. That’s when my act was all over, he just knew me way too well. There was a long, loud sigh that escaped his lips. He wrapped his arm around my torso; pulling me tightly to his chest. I clenched my eyes and just waited for him to speak.
“I’m sorry,” I huffed, turning my head slightly. I felt his green eyes focused on me. I didn’t say anything yet, knowing it would be angry. “Why are you still up?”
“I didn’t know where you were,” I stated simply. “Where have you been, Johnny?”
“I lost track of time with the guys. We went out for beers and just lost track of time,”
“Why haven’t you called?” I asked innocently.
“Because I assumed that you’d be asleep.”
I huffed, turning back away from him.
“Thanks.” I stated. “Night.”
“I love you,” He whispered lowly, filling my senses with the alcohol on his breath.
“You too.”
Yeah. Welcome home, alright.
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So, it's been a while. I apologize.

lots of love in 2015,
xox R