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The Newlyweds


“The party has arrived!” I heard Kennedy yell loudly.
I turned quickly at the two voices; already knowing that one belonged to my husband. I furrowed my brows, watching at Kennedy directed him toward the drink bar. I turned beside me to where Maria, Kendra and Mac. Mickie was still with Garrett across from us. They were looking awfully cozy, and Jack looked down-right miserable. I didn’t know much about their situation, but I was pretty positive that the dude loved Mickie, and he did do something to mess this up. He watched her like a kicked puppy as his best friend Alex kept giving him side glances and alcohol.
I watched my husband as he made his way through the apparent line with Kennedy hanging off of his side. Maria wrapped her arm around my side and laid her head on my shoulder. This is why she’s my best friend; she just knows when something is up. Slowly, John walked over toward me. There was an empty bean bag beside me that I knew he was about to occupy. He sat down, putting the red cup beside his black, nearly brown, worn-out boots. He turned toward me, wrinkling his nose. I just looked back at him in concern.
“What changed your mind?” I questioned him instantly. There was no need to beat around the bush.
“I don’t know,” He shrugged, grinning widely at me. “Just felt like it all of the sudden, I suppose,”
I nodded, looking down at my own half-empty cup.
“I love you,” He laughed whole-heartedly before carefully grabbing my face and kissing me in front of everyone. My natural reaction was to reach for him, so I did very quickly. When people started to whistle, John finally pulled away. He left me breathless. I felt the heat rush to my cheeks, and I knew that I wouldn’t live that one down anytime soon.
“I love you too,” I admitted with a smile on my face. “You’re happy,”
He shrugged and nodded his head before grabbing his drink. I took the chance to look over at Pat; he had definitely noticed. He wasn’t engaging Kendra in conversation but instead watching John intently. It made me feel weird. It was like everyone knew something that I seriously didn’t. It made me uncomfortable, but above all else...it made me very worried.
“Kenny!” John called out toward his best friend.
“Make me another one of these? Add two this time!”
Kennedy laughed loudly.
“Sure Johnny-boy,” He called back.
I elbowed John, pointing toward the All Time Low guys.
“Your friends are here,”
“Guys!” He laughed, standing up to go talk to them. As soon as he was gone, Mickie moved into his place. She didn’t say anything, but offered me a cigarette that I couldn’t find a reason to refuse. We both light up, and took long drags. She laughed, putting the death stick between her lips before pulling all of her messy hair into a messy bun. When she was finished, she blew her smoke toward the sky.
I don’t know why, but I felt like sense John arrived that there was this huge weight. The entire atmosphere had completely changed. It had me on edge. I was expecting anything to happen, but I wasn’t sure what would.
“You’re worried,” Mickie stated.
“Is it really that obvious?”
“Very,” She laughed, finishing her cigarette and tossing it into the bonfire. “Does he do this often?”
“Do what?” I questioned.
Mickie stole a quick glance over at Jack.
“Change his mind about what he wants to do or with who…”
“Sometimes,” I answered honestly; knowing that she was asking because of the dark-haired guitarist that was now laughing loudly instead of staring at her. “I mean...the one thing that I’ve always loved about John is that he isn’t afraid of being himself. He has never apologized for it, and I don’t ever expect him to.”
Mickie laughed.
“Your story is cute,” She admitted. “I want a story like that,”
“Was there any guys before Jack?” I asked. “That were serious, I mean,”
“There was one that was kind of serious. His name is Chaz.” She admitted, looking over at Mac. “Things would have never worked out, though. He’s Mackenzie’s twin brother,”
I made a face.
“I understand. That’s difficult.” I laughed. “John’s brother Ross tries to hit on me. He made things awkward between John and I for a little bit.”
Mickie laughed.
“But no….Jack’s it.” She stated. “Serious relationship that is...actually my only real relationship. I failed majorly at it, by the way. We were just… toxic.”
“I get that,” I sighed, tossing my cigarette into the fire. “Hopefully he will grow out of it,”
Mickie snorted.
“Jack and growing up don’t belong in the same sentence.” The blonde stated, sadly staring at the boy. “The sad thing is that I actually love him.”
I chewed on the inside of my cheek.
“He’ll realize it eventually though. Boys aren’t exactly clueless for forever,”
“I hope not.” She sighed.
The silence hung in-between the two of us. It wasn’t the awkward kind of silence, simply the kind that held an understanding to it. It seemed as if everyone around us were oblivious to what was going on. It made me realize how absorbed with our own lives that we were. Kendra and Pat had returned to what looked like a playful state with each other. Mackenzie and Alex were kissing on and off as he held her by the bonfire. Garrett was talking to some brunette girl that had been invited by Jared’s girlfriend. Jack was nursing another beer. Maria and Kennedy had disappeared from the group, and well I knew what that meant. John was yelling and running around with Moose and Jared. They were singing loudly; though it sounded so very far away.
What’s wrong with my Johnny? I couldn’t place a finger on it, but it made me feel queezy. He wasn’t being...well like John. Sometimes he got like this in highschool, and he did some really stupid things when the band first started. I’ve never really questioned it before. I just assumed that it was some sort of faze. Now though, with his hair slicked back and eyes blown wide, I was beginning to wonder if maybe it wasn’t. What if it isn’t a faze and John just enjoyed being a complete ass for no reason? It wouldn’t be the first time.
Whatever it was, it terrified the shit out of me.

“Babe, pleaseeee,” John begged, tugging at the waist of my jeans. “Pleaseee?”
“Johhnnnn,” I whined. “I’m tired.”
“It’s barely nine at night!” He complained. “Please?”
“Babe…” I huffed. “We’ve been going at it like rabbits...can’t we just slow down?”
John smirked at me, slowly unbuttoning my jeans.
Why would we do something like that? It’s the completely opposite of what we want,”
I rolled my eyes.
“John, I’m tired.”
“Dorinda,” He huffed, unzipping my pants. “Please?”
“Johnny…” I trailed off, cupping his head in my hands so I could force him to look at me. When I saw the look in his eyes, I stopped short. “I...we are trying to have a baby.”
He smirked.
“Can’t have one without practice,” He stated matter-of-factly. “So...you know…”
I lifted myself so that he could pull my skin tight jeans off of my body. When we had finished, he just laughed like a crazy person for ten minutes. I giggled a little bit, but I stopped as soon as he got up. He stated that he just had to go get food that exact minute. I tried not to roll my eyes, as it was typical of him. What I didn’t expect was that he started getting ready really quickly while talking practically nonsense. I was very much confused by his actions.
“Johnny…” I trailed off. “What was that?”
“I’ve got to go get food. Right now,” He stated. “Right now, Dorinda!”
I furrowed my brows.
“Okay...okay…” I sighed. “Go get food, okay?”
“Come with me,” He insisted.
“I can’t…”
“Dorinda Grace.” He crossed his long arms over his chest. “You’re coming with me.”
“Let me drive then,” I sighed.
“Nope,” He smirked, tossing some clothes in my direction before he left the room very quickly. I picked up my phone to text my best friend.
J is being really freaking weird again
It really didn’t take long for her to reply.
Weird as in?........
I sighed heavily.
He’s so sex crazed, like he was on our honeymoon
And that’s a bad thing? ;)
Mar, stop. This isn’t okay…

I couldn’t stand looking at messages from my best friend anymore. I stood up, stretched, and picked up the clothes that John had thrown at me.
“John! These don’t go together,” I sighed, looking at the distressed shorts and orange tank top that I never wore outside of the house. I shook my head, walking toward the closet to choose my own clothes. I grabbed black jeans and a long-sleeve baseball shirt. As soon as I was dressed, I slipped on a pair of TOMS shoes and grabbed a light-weight jacket. I was just about to toss my hair up when John literally ran into the room.
“Are you ready now?!” He practically yelled. “Let’s goooooo. I’m starrrrvvvvinggggggg.”
I sighed heavily, but nodded for him to lead the way. He grabbed my hand, and basically pulled me down the stairs. He kept going on and on about how amazing pizza was, and that it was going to be a great pizza night tonight. I wasn’t so sure that I believed him, but I smiled and nodded. He drove pretty normally as we got to a local pizza place. He turned to look at me and then pressed a huge kiss to my lips.
“I love you,” I smiled.
“I love you,” He winked before getting out in a rush that he forgot to turn the car and the lights off. John just walked into the place, having no regard for me. I reached over to turn off the lights and turn off the car. The silence consumed me as I stared straight ahead. I took a deep breath and kept telling myself that it was okay. Everything was going to be okay. I took one more deep breath, gathering my purse; yet I still couldn’t move. I stared as John walked back out, waving at me to hurry up. He smiled widely and disappeared again.
Maybe I shouldn’t be so paranoid, but something just felt really, really off with him. He was way too excited. I’m glad that he’s happy, but this was more than just being happy. It was off the charts happy. Then again, maybe Maria is right and I’m just being paranoid. I really want her to be right.

“I still do not see the problem,” Maria stated, folding some clothes in the store. She was actually being helpful for once. “You’re getting laid, he’s happy, and you don’t have to play housewife and cook.”
I sighed.
“Am I really blowing this out of proportion?”
“Yes,” Maria shrugged. “At least in my eyes you are,”
“He’s just...I don’t like it,” I admitted. “He’s up all night writing songs and playing music. He barely sleeps, and has all this energy.”
“So what if he’s an insomniac,”
“That’s not insomnia.” I stated bluntly.
Maria rolled her eyes at me and started to hang some clothes that were just tossed in the dressing rooms.
“I swear, you need to have a policy about this,” She stated, ignoring me. “Some people just don’t have manners,”
“I know,” I stated. “I do own this thing,”
“Are you really being this pissy about it?” She questioned, tossing a shirt on the checkout counter. “Because you could be in a lot worse situations. Like...John could be married to Julie and you could be all alone. Expect you aren’t alone. You’re married to John and you’ve got a pretty sick life set up,”
“I mean…”
“Don’t be so upset about what’s going on,” She shrugged. “It’s okay, yeah?”
“I really wish I had your outlook on life,”
Maria giggled, picking up a new dress.
“I really wish I had this dress,”
“That dress isn’t going to come free,” I laughed. “Or cheap. It’s from Rosana,”
She huffed.
“How much?”
“$2,559,” I answered.
“She’s lucky her designs are flipping adorable,” Maria stated, pulling out her wallet and handing me the modeling agency’s credit card. “I’ll wear it to an event,”
“I’m sure,” I laughed. “That’s a total of $3050.25,”
The woman rolled her eyes, but beamed when I put the gorgeous dress inside of a hanging bag and handed over.
“Kennedy will kill me, but I don’t really care,”
“How is he?” I asked. “I haven’t really heard much from the guys lately.”
She shrugged.
“Normal, I guess.”
“What?” She asked me, furrowing her brows.
I really was hoping that Kennedy would be the one to say something, but alas, I was alone.
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