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What Do You Say When Your Heart's Not in It?

Paint yourself a picture, something perfectly obscure.

I smiled slightly as I stared out along the beach. It had been five years since I’d seen Alex and things had definitely changed. Jacob was now seven and was in school the most of his days. Which was sad in some ways because that meant I didn’t see him too often. I felt someone tap on my shoulder and I turned around and smiled at Alexis who was stood behind me.

“You okay, girl?” She asked curiously as she sat down and I just shrugged softly as I stared out at the ocean.

“It’s just.. Weird going back on tour again.” I laughed softly and she smiled.

“It least it’s summer vacation, little Jacob can come on tour with us!” She exclaimed excitedly, she loved Jacob dearly. Heck, the whole band did! They didn’t care that I got pregnant young, they still loved me all the same, just like I loved them. I giggled as I pulled her into a hug.

“I don’t know what I’d do without you.” I giggled as I took off my heels to place my feet in the sand and she did the same.

“We only have half an hour till we head to warped.” She sighed and I smirked softly.

“Oh well, it’s gonna be great!” I exclaimed happily and she just nodded in agreement. “You know what other bands are gonna be there?” I asked and she shrugged softly.

“I heard A Day To Remember are playing.. Asking Alexandria too. I don’t know any others though.” She explained and I giggled softly.

“I love those bands.” I sighed. “I better go pick Jacob up.” I sighed as I stood up, picking my shoes up in the process and she did the same.


Once we got to my house, I opened the door quickly.

“Mom! I’ve come to pick up Jacob!” I exclaimed and she came out of the kitchen, smiling happily.

“Your child has run me around all day.” She giggled as Jacob bounced over to me. “He definitely gets it from you.” She chuckled again as she kissed Jacob’s head before giving him a tight hug. I gave her a hug next and kissed her cheek.

“I know, but thank you for looking after him, this will get him off your hands for a couple of days.” I giggled softly and she just smiled. “And then he can come back here and come back on tour whenever you need a break.” I smiled and she just nodded in agreement.

“Well have fun darling.” She smiled as she stood by the door. “See you when you get back!” She exclaimed as we walked out of the door. We waved at her before climbing onto the large bus that would take us to warped tour.

“Rube!” The boys exclaimed as I climbed onto the bus, pulling Jacob behind me. They all gave me a giant hug before seeing Jacob. “Hey little guy.” Lucas, the rhythm guitarist said as he patted Jacob softly on the back. Jacob smiled at them all before cuddling into my side.

“Mom, when will we be getting to the first place?” Jacob asked and I sighed.

“About two hours honey, you might want to go to the bunks and have some rest.” I smiled and he nodded softly as he made his way to the back of the bus before climbing into his bed.

“He’s awesome.” Harry, the drummer chuckled as he dropped down onto the sofa. Charlie, the lead guitarist joined him next on the sofa and they switched on the TV, instantly putting on the xbox.

“Yeah he is.” I giggled as I sat down next to Alexis on the couch. “I think I’d go crazy without you.” I said with a giggle and she joined in.

“We’re here for each other, the only two girls on the bus.” She giggled softly and I smiled in response as I watched the guys on Call Of Duty.


As soon as we arrived at warped, everyone climbed off the bus including Jacob who was holding onto my hand tightly. We walked through the crowds of people and I heard a few people squealing when they saw us. We went to see some bands first, we stopped off at The Ready Set’s tent as we walked past and Jordan’s eyes widened as he saw me. He raced around the table and quickly pulled me into his arms.

“Rube! How you doing?” He asked excitedly as he let me go and I shrugged softly as I held up Jacob’s hand.

“Can’t complain as I have my baby boy here.” I giggled as I bent down to kiss his forehead softly.

“I’m actually really surprised you’re here.” Jordan chuckled as he bumped fists with Jacob, a thing they always did when they were together. I raised my brow in confusion.

“Why?” I asked and he just sighed as he pointed over to a random tent.

“Alex’s band All Time Low are playing this year.” He said and my eyes widened dramatically as I gripped onto Jacobs hand.

“I have to go, sorry Jordan, I really don’t want to run into him..” I muttered and he nodded as he gave me a hug goodbye.

“Go quickly then babe, he’s coming over here soon.” He said with a soft smile and I nodded softly as I thanked him before practically running off. I couldn’t see him.. Not again..
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