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Stupid and Fearless

Airport Hater


“How did last night go?” Alex asked me as we laid in our shared bunk. It was around seven in the morning, and we both woke up early. He was drawing pointless circles in my back, and I had my arm wrapped tightly around his waist. I was comfortable and frankly, I didn’t want to move. I could lay like that forever.
“It went pretty great. Carson and Ronnie helped a lot.”
“That’s new,” Alex laughed.
I nodded.
“Yeah, I expected her to sit down the entire time, but both of them were up and moving stuff around. I even saw Ronnie folding clothes. It was entertaining, that’s for sure.”
“Awe, sorry I missed that,” He joked. “He seems like a pretty cool guy.”
“He is,” I nodded. “I think. I don’t know a lot about him. He has a lot of tattoos and is in a band too.”
“Yeah, I know who he is,” Alex sighed. “He used to kind of be a douche bag. I hear that he still sort of is, but he’s gotten better.”
“That’s good. He’s been nothing but sweet to Carson. He treats her like a good boyfriend should. I saw him opening doors for her and crap like that.”
“Jack never did that for her,” Alex laughed. “It’s funny how different Ronnie and Jack are. Sure they both still have black hair, but Ronnie looks so fucking scary.”
“I agree,” I laughed. I yawned a little bit, and snuggled deeper into his chest. “But if he makes Carson happy, I’m cool with him. I do want to get to know him better.”
“Yeah, that would be a good idea.” Alex agreed. “Jack didn’t even recognize her yesterday. Can you believe that? He thinks that she’s some random worker that’s helping you out,”
I rolled my eyes the best way that I could.
“That’s ridiculous. They’re both so oblivious to the world around them that it isn’t even funny.”
“Tell me about it,” Alex rolled his eyes. “I’m done talking about this though. I just want to lay here and enjoy the peace that we have while the others sleep.”
“I’m surprised that Rian’s not awake yet,” I whispered.
“Me too.” He agreed. “Did you know that Cass is flying in today?”
I groaned.
“Seriously! I totally forgot,”
“It’s understandable. You’ve got a lot on your mind,” Alex shrugged his shoulder that was under my head. “She’ll be staying for a few weeks though.”
“Good. That gives us more than enough time to work out an Cassadee collaboration.”
“Are you guys working on the dresses?”
“Yeah, and shirts and other stuff too, Alex.”
“Sorry, I don’t speak fashion,”
“Says the man that always looks incredible,” I mocked. “You definitely don’t care about fashion…whatever,”
“What? You don’t believe me?” He asked, looking down. I looked up at him, and shook my head a little bit.
“Not one bit, Mr. Gaskarth.”
“Thanks, Lan. That one really hurt.” He feigned.
“I’m sure you’ll get over it…” I trailed off.
“I’m sure I won’t…” He mocked.
I kissed his jaw quickly before he looked down again. I placed a small kiss on his lips, and pulled away with a smile.
“I’m going to start getting ready before everyone and their brother decides to get up at the same time. I don’t want to have to fight over the bathroom…again.”
“Sorry, Butterfly. You know that you’re sharing a bus with a good-hair band. We loves to look nice.”
I rolled my eyes.
“Whateva,” I retorted, sliding back the curtain. I slipped out of the bunk, leaving Alex all alone. It wouldn’t be five minutes before he’s back to sleep. I reached for my trunk of clothes, and I grabbed an outfit for the day out. Not doubt about it that I will be sent along with someone else to pick up Cassadee. Everyone else is away too busy for that. That’s one of my many jobs that I have on tour. I pick up the girlfriends, photographers, shipments, and I take care of the stuff that Matt can’t.
I got to the bathroom, and I started to work on my hair. I hate that I can’t exactly get a shower every day, cause it is tour, but I deal with it quite well. I ran some baby powder through my hair to give it a good smell and take the oil’s out. When I was done, I ran my fingers and a small comb through my long, black hair. When I was satisfied with my hair, I focused on my clothes. I smiled at the outfit that I picked out for today, and I got dressed.
I’m not vain. There is nothing wrong with wanting to look good. As a fashion designer, I encourage everyone to wear something that they feel beautiful and comfortable in. If you feel great in flats and jeans, then wear them. For me, fashion is an expression and art. I like wearing things that sparkle and that are edgy. I think that black looks the best on my body, but it isn’t my favorite color. In fact, I happen to think that my favorite color looks bad on me. I love pink, but I can’t wear it. Something about the color just doesn’t work for me. Call me weird, but it’s true. I love what I do. I get to make clothes for a living and what girl doesn’t love clothes? I’m happy with myself now. I get to wear whatever I want, and not get in trouble for it. No one can tell me what to wear because my style is mine and not theirs. I don’t like people who tell you how to dress, or what looks good. If I like it, I will fucking wear it if I want to.
I finished getting ready, and I went right to my make-up. I smoked my eyes with grey and black eye shadow before I added a light red lipstick over my lips. I was about to walk out of the bathroom when Carson made her way in. I rolled my eyes at her.
“I could’ve been naked,”
“So? You’re my twin.” She shrugged with her clothes in her hand. “You look cute,”
I smiled.
“Thanks, Cars.” I replied. “Why are you up so early?”
“Ronnie kicks in his sleep,” She rolled her eyes. “Normally I go right back to sleep, but I saw that you went into the bathroom. I figured that I better just get up and get ready. I’m sticking with you today,”
I rolled my eyes, and laughed.
“What are you wearing?” I asked her.
“This,” Carson stated, holding up her wad of clothes. I laughed, and shook my head.
“I’m going to go put on my shoes and talk to Matt before we head out, okay? We’re an hour or so away from the airport and Cassadee’s plane lands really soon.”
“Cassadee is…Rian’s girlfriend, right?” She asked, furrowing her brows.
I nodded my head.
“She’s super sweet and funny.” I replied. “You guys will be friends in no time,”
“I wouldn’t doubt it. No matter how much I hate complimenting people, Rian always knew how to pick the ladies.” She joked.
“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” I laughed, walking out of the bathroom. I slipped on my shoes and jacket before I headed toward Matt’s bunk. I pulled back the curtain, and the guy was typing away on his phone with Mickey cuddled into his chest.
“Morning, Landon,” He laughed. Matt didn’t even look at me, he was still staring at his phone. “Cassadee’s plane lands in an hour and a half,”
“I know. I was coming to talk to you about that right now,”
“Okay, good.” He laughed. “I think that we need you to pick up coffee and breakfast for the bands and crew. I took orders last night. They should be on the table along with the band’s credit card. It’s a lot of food so….”
“I’ve got it. Do you have the van?”
“Yeah…it’s parked beside the bus, or should be. I think Jeff drove it last night,” Matt replied. “Can you guys be back before eleven?”
“If we leave in the next five minutes,” I laughed.
“Get going! Take Carson with you. Maybe even Ronnie?”
“I think Ronnie’s still asleep,”
Matt laughed.
“Alright. Alex and I will hang with him. He seems like a good guy,”
“He is,” Carson added, walking in. “He’s still sleeping,”
“Morning, Carson.” Matt smiled.
“Morning,” She chirped.
“I’m going to say to bye to Alex right quick.” I stated before I moved toward our bunk. I peaked in, and his eyes were closed. I leaned in to kiss his lips softly. His eyes fluttered open, and he smiled. “Bye, Lex.”
“Bye, Butterfly,” He mumbled.

“What does she even look like?” Carson asked me while we waited for Cassadee to arrive.
“You’ll know that it’s her when you see her,” I joked. “She’ll squeal like a girl and all that jazz.”
“Is she overly happy?” Carson asked, folding her arms. “Cause I’m not sure I can handle that.”
I rolled my eyes.
“She’s not that bad, Carson. I swear. She’s really nice. Sometimes I think she’s nicer than Kara, and I love Kara.”
“You’re still friends with her, even after she and Rian broke up?”
I furrowed my brows.
“Of course I am. Aren’t you?”
“Well, yeah, but I was closer to Kara than you ever were,” Carson shrugged. “Since you’re with Alex, I just assumed you weren’t friends anymore.”
“True we aren’t as close, but we do hang out when we’re home.” I replied. “Her and Rian are still friends.”
“I knew that…sort of,” Carson laughed.
I shook my head at her, and then I saw Cassadee speed walking with her luggage toward us.
“Have I mentioned how much airports annoy me?” She rolled her eyes.
I smiled and hugged me friend.
“I’m so glad that you’re here.”
“Me too!” Cassadee nearly yelled. “I’m so ready from some good food, music, and some sleep.”
“You can sleep in the van,” I laughed.
“Score!” She nearly shouted. “ I need a nap.”
I shook my head.
“Cass, this is my twin sister, Carson. Carson, This is Cassadee Pope. She’s Rian’s girlfriend, and the lead singer of Hey Monday.”
“Hey Carson,” Cassadee smiled. “I’ve heard a lot about you,”
“Hey,” Carson smiled and waved back.
“Let’s get back to the van. We’ve got food to pick up for the guys,”
They both made the exact came face. I laughed and shook my head. There’s definitely a reason why Cassadee and I are such good friends. She honestly reminds me of Carson in a lot of ways. Their facial expressions are a whole lot alike, and they have the same since of humor. Cassadee’s so much nicer than Carson is, but they’re both pretty similar. They’ll be best friends before I can say butterscotch. Well, at least I hope.
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I realize that these past few chapters have been slow. The plot will pick up soon. Super excited for it, so stick around to read! <3

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