Enemies Reunite

When I woke from my short sleep in class, I woke to the loud buzzing sound of the lunch bell.
I slowley gathered my literature book, half asleep, and walked out of the classroom.
When I was headed towards my locker down the hall, I heard a familar voice that iwasn't looking foward on hearing.

"Well If it isn't Carsile the gothic girl"

This unpleasent voice was Jessica the most poupular girl in the school, but the most sluttiest,bitch, in the school. Our Hate relationship all started out when i came to school in my freshmen year, four years today, when in the lunchroom she threw me a rude nasty glare,
So when she was walking I accidentely, is what i told the lunchlady, spilled my nachos and milk, all over her brand new pink blouse, and we have hated each other ever since.

"Well if it isn't Jessica the preepy whore that i've allways none and loved" I replied.

"So did you crossover to hell yet?" she said

"Well if i did i would drag you in with me, Wait, but your not worthy enough to be in hell" I snickered.

"Just watch Carsile, one of these days your going to get it" she replied in a nasty voice.

"What lessons on how to be a whore?"

Then Jessica stomped off to her friends in the lunchroom.
I was so caght up in what was going on between Jessica and I, I didn't notice that Emmet was standing there the whole time watching us argue.

"Nice one Carsile" He snickered

"Well..she got what she deserved" I laughed back.