So it's a date?

That night after I got home from school I had trouble sleeping throughout the night.
I kept on having dreams about me plunging my teeth into a girl's throat.

When i woke the next day it was 6:30 in the morning.
I guess i won't be late for school today.
Then I waled over to my closet and scrumaged threw my clothes trying to find something decent to ware for picture day.
I found a long-sleeve,black shirt, that was laced on the arms, a pair of blue levi pants, and my normal day wearing converse. Then I went to the bathroom and applied my eyliner thiner then usual.
By the time i reached downstairs, my father was already awake, sitting at the dinning room.

"Goodmorning Carsile" he said in a soft toned voice

"Morning father"

"Tonight I plan on hunting on our normal hunting grounds up in the mountains,Do you want to come ?,otherwise i will bring something back for you"

"Of course i will go, Im not going to have you get me my food, what do you think i am human?
I laughed.

"Ok then make sure you be back here right after school, Do'nt go making plans"

"Alright father" I replied

Like I would really have plans with anyone though, I don't have any, Well except Emmet of course.

"Im going to school now"

"Ok hun, I'll see you after school, Have A good day!" He said smiling his big grin.

When I reached the school grounds it was 7:20 (School starts 8:00) and Emmet was already there sitting on the third stair of the school.

"Hey Carsile!"His voice excited.

He immedentely jumped from where he was sitting and ran over to me.

"Hello" I replied back


"Yes Emmet?"

"Well..um..." He paused

"What is it spit it out?"

"Well I was sort of, I mean wasn't sort of thinking"

"Do you want to go out sometime?"

"Well..um"was all i could say i was so happy.

"Sure" I replied and looked away from his face.

"Well do you want to go to a movie or soemthing tonight?"

No why did it have to be tonight! Tonight i ahd to go with my father to the hunting grounds.

"I can't" I replied disappointed

"Why not"

"I have to go to the library and i write my report"

"Oh i see how it is" was all he said.

"No no I really do want ot go with you, but i seriosley have to finish my report, Its due tomorrow"

"Ok thats fine,maybe someother day....How about friday?"

"Yeah that sounds great"

"Ok Then it's a date?" he asked

"I suppose"

Then the bell rung...boy time flew by.