The next morning i smelled the sweet since of blood.
I jumped up quilckley from my bed and ran down stairs.
My eyes were red now, and i was feirce.
I inhaled the smell hugeley.



"I left the food on the table for you" he replied.

"I told you not to hunt for me"

"Yeah, I know...but i thuoght you would be hungry, becasue theres no leftovers in the fridge,
and i felt bad about bombboarding all that news on you yesterday, instead of reallly telling you when your mom died, and not telling you that you have asister"

"It's ok, Father, It's not your fault, You were just trying to make things a little bit easier on me,
and thanks"

"Thanks for what?"he asked.

"For being a caring,loving father"

I went over to my father and hugged him. He held me tight in his arms, so tight i had to tell him to loosin up.

"Sorry Carsile"

He let go of me.

"I called the school and told them that you won't be in today"

"Why did you do that for, Im not sick"

"Well i thought that maybe you should have a break for now intill you feel ok, besides your sister is coming today, and she is very excited on seeing you"

"How old is she?" I started to question.

"She is 14
".And she is going to go to school with you"

I started to think to myself. Wow I have a sister,I have allways wanted to have one or two siblings. Maybe it will be a little better having a friend thats actually a girl, to share my secrest with. Don't get me wrong Emmets my best friend and i tell him just about everything, but eho do i turn to when it's about him?

"So...Do you know when she'll be here?"

"Well I have to go to the airport in about a half an hour.....Do you want to go with me to go pick her up? Or stay here?"

"I'll go with you if you want me to"

"Well it would be nice to have some company on the drive there"

"Ok well don't you have to leave here right now?, It takes twenty minutes at least to get over there..Doesn't it?"

"Yeah, actually are you ready?" he asked

"Yeah, but what abouit the meat on the table?"

"Just put it in the fridge"

I walked over to the table, and wrapped the fresh meat into the tin-foil. Ran quickley upstairs to grab my jacket.
Then my father and me got into his big dodge truck.


My father and I looked for section B at the airport. He hurried quickley through the bustiling crowd, that it was hard to keep up, then we finally found section B. I looked around to see if i could possibaly find her. Then I saw my dad run quickley over to a girl.

"Emily!" he said overjoyed.

Tears came streming down his face.

"How are you honey?"

"Im fine" she replied sounding warn out.

"Dear There's somone I would like you to meet"

Then my father looked in my direction and motioned his hand to have me come over.

"Emily...this is your sister..Carsile..and Carsile this is your sister..Emily"


Emily was very preety. She had long dark brown hair, and a deep,dark blue eyes. her face was pale like all of our family is, but her cheeks were very rosey. And her lips were a perfect
blood color.

"Hello" I replied not knowing what to say.

"Hi" she replied with a smile

"It's nice to meet you" I said

Then she ran up and hugged me.

"Im so glad to finally meet you, I have heard so much about you and now after hoping all these years to met you it happened! Im sorry that you didn't know bout me though"

I began to cry.

"Why are you crying?"she asked still hugging me

"Im sorry, im happy to see you to"