*** and Shopping

When i woke up, I looked over forgetting that i had a sister and that she was in the bed next to me, and it made me jump.
I got out of bed and headed for the bathroom. I splashed ice water on my face to wake me up, and when i looked in the mirror i was tooken into being shocked. My eye color was now red, and there was dry blood all over my mouth.
I ran down stairs to the fridge. Maybe when i was half asleep I grabbed something to eat, I haven't eaten anything within a week or so.
I opened the fridge...The meat was all still there,untouched.
Then i ran over to the living room nearly tripping over the coffee table, and sat on the couch.
I turned on the T.V and flipped throuh the channels and found channel 3 news report.
The the news reporter came on.

ANOUNCER: "News today..last night in downtown Churney,a man and his family witnessed something out of the usual...They said that they saw at the speed of 95 mph, something flying in the air. Could the superstion be true? UFO'S? A vampire?" hechuckled by the thought of there actually being vampires. "We'll give more information if found..Also an hour after this weird seeing, Joney Manson was found Dead, and murdered in the Koherien Woods. On the left side of her neck investors think that she was stabbed, becasue there were two deep holes in her neck."

I then switched the TV off quickley, and starred blankley into it. Then my Father walked in.

"Goodmorning Carsile!" My father said in a cheerful mood.

I didn't reply, I kept stariing into the blank screen.

"Is everything ok?" he asked concerned.

"I killed her" my voice became horse.

"What do you mean?..What are you talking about"He starred at me confused.

"On the news they saw me, and i killed a girl"

"What! are you going insane!" his voice was now angered then concerned.

"I don't rember doing any of it" I said almost screaming.

Then Emily walked into the room.

"Whats going on? Are you ok Carsile?"

I didn't awnser her question.

"Everything is fine" he said quickley "It was just the TV"

"But the TV is off" she said confused.

"I know the TV is Off!" he yelled "Im sorry I shouldnt have yelled at you"

She never took her eyes off of me, she knew that something wasn't right.

"Um..Well Father?" she asked.
"I was woundering if maybe..I could possibaley get a pair of pants, I only have one pair now, and I swear that i wil repay you somehow"

"Of course!" he said "And don't bother on repaying me I have plenty of money and your my daughter..I take care of you"

"Thank You Dad..I mean Father..Sorry"

"Hey Carsile?" he asked

"UM..Uh Yeah..Whats up?" I was still half shocked.

"Do you think that you could take your sister to go clothes shopping, If you do you can get clothes for self to if you would like"

"Uh..yeah..No prob"

"Great!" he said.

"Thank you Carsile!" she smiled.

"But father I don't have a vehicle" I said.

"You can take the Chevy" he relpied.

"Ok im ready!" Emily chirped.

"Um..I don't think your ready" I laughed.


She was wearing bright green pants and A orange shirt with boots on.

"How about i dress you for know on" I laughed.

"Ok!" she smiled big.

We ran up stairs and to my room..Well our room for the moment. I opened my closet doors and pulled out a pair of my blue jeans, and a dark purple long-sleeve shirt. then I grabbed her my black overshirt.
She quickley took her clothes off and pulled the clothes on.

"Now" I said "Let's put some makeup on..shall we"

She laughed at my enthusasim.

I grabbed my black eyeliner out of the drawerand applied less makeup then mine, and put a little bit of mascarea on her lashes.

"There..All finished"

She examined herself in the mirror and looked at me and smiled.

"Thanks" she said.

"Your welcome..Now lets go shoping"