Those three words


I looked quickley through my closet to find something to wear out with Emmet to the movies.
Im so nervous!

"Are you ok?" Emily giggled.

"No!" i panicked.

"Gosh your acting as if the world is going to end, where are you going?" she laughed again.

"Im going with Emmet to the movies" I replied quickley.

"Is Emmet that one guy thats really gourgous?" she asked.

"Yeah i guess you can put it that way" I laughed.

"Is he your boyfriend?" she asked.

"No...I wish" I sighed.

"Sounds like you two are really hitting it off though" she said.

"Do you think i should wear this shirt?" not replying to she said.

"Um... I think you should wear this burgaunda long sleeved shirt, and.....your levis, with your converse. That willl make the guys fall for you..WOOOOHOOO!"

"Ok" I laughed.

I threw on my clothes quickley trying to hurry, and went to the bathroom to put on makeup.
I only put on eyeliner on my lower eyelid, and with an eyeshadow brush, i put a light burgandea pink on, trying to look preety for Emmet tonight. Then i walked back to my room where i found Emily waiting for me on her bed.

"Man! you look preety!!" she squealed.
I think she was more excited for me then i was myself,about tonight.

"Are you sure?I asked.

"Of course im sure!! you look beautiful! but your missing something...Hmmm"
she looked at me with her index finger on the tip of her lip.

"I know! you need earings!"

"I don't have any earings.. though"

"I do though!"

Then she hopped over to her nightstand and pulled a small glass jewlery box out of the drawer.

"I think you should wear these"

She handed me a pair of diamond earings for my first holes and black circle studs for my second hole.

"These are beautiful diamond earings" I gazed at them "But i can't wear them they were probabley reallly exspensive and.."

"I want you to have them" she interuppted.

"Are you sure?"

"Yesh im sure! now stop babbling and put those earings on! Emmet should be here any minute, it's almost eight!"

I quickley ran to the bathroom and put the earings that Emily gave to me, and then the door bell rang.

"I'll get it!" I yelled down the strairs making sure my Father didn't answer it.

Who knows what he'll say to Emmet. I ran down the stairs and the door bell rung again, but this time he had riged it two times instead of one.

"Im coming!" I yelled.

I then opened the door. Emmet was wearing a black fannel, that was long sleeved and buttoned. I noticed he had bought new jeans, and black leather shoes. He wore his hair spiked, and god did he smell so good!
I looked at him shocked. he pulled behind his back A dozen of red roses.
He looked at me as if an angel had fallen from the sky.

"Wow! you look amazing" he said.

"Um these are for you" he said stuttering.

"Thanks, you look great to, Who knew you could dress so handsome" I replied.

"Let me go put these in a vase" I said strarting to get nervous.

He followed me through the door and my Father walked in. Oh no what wa he going to say!

"Hello Emmet" he smiled, examining his clothes.

"Hi Mr.Ashton" he replied.

"Oh you can just call me Joe" he said.

I was so nervous that my father and Emmet were in the same room that I broke the vase that I was going to put the flowers in!

"Shit" I cursed.
My dad looked at me oddley for cursing.

"Scuse my lauguage" I replied.

Then Emily came down stairs.

"Is everything alright down here?" she asked.

"I just broke a vase" I replied.

"Here let me help you with that" she replied.

She ran quickley over and grabbed a broom. I sweeped up the shatered glass into a pile, and then i seeeped it quickley into a dust pan, and put it in the trash. Then i grabbed a different vase, filled it with wate and put the roses into the fresh water.

"Now that the clastrophy is over, I think we should go head to the theateres and get a good seat, before theyr'e all tooken" he laughed.

I was so embaresed that I started to blush.

"Emmet this is my sister Emily, Emily is a freshmen this year"

"Nice to meet you Emily" he said.

"Nice to meet you to, your a senoir right?"

"Yeah,.. I don't meen to rush or anything but we should probabley be heading off" he said.

Then when we trailed of outside i screamed in shock.

"Oh my gosh! Where did you? How did you? I love this Mustang! But were's your Pontiac?"

"Well" he began. "I sold the Pontiac to my good friend Rob, and I had I summer job, And now here it is!"

"Wow!" I said. "You even have a nice interrior, Its like brand new!"

"It's not like brand new it is brand new" He laughed."Now let's go!" he laughed again.


When we arrived at the theaters it was packed. We hurried to get A spot in line. The lady in front of us had a screaming kid that never would shutup about wanting to see A violence movie.

"Boy I sure hope that kid isn't in the same theatere we're going to be in" I whispered Laughing.

"Oh trust me, Im sure he won't be in the movie we're going to see" he said.

"What movie are we seeing anyways?" I questioned.

"You'll see" was all he said.

Then we finnaly reached the front of the line, after listening to the annoying,screaming kid for twenty minutes straight.

"Hey Carsile here's a twenty, why don't you go buy the sodas and popcorn, so we can get a good seat in time" he said.

"Ok" I replied.

I walked into the lobby where I could here the loud sound of popcorn popping, and the soft,warm smell of it,When I just rembered Im a vampire, Vampires don't eat any human food. Well I could allways tell Emmet that Im allergic to popcorn. But what about the soda, I can't tell him that im allergic to soda to! Hmm.. I can just tell him that i don't drink soda, That im trying to stay away from all the sugars.
Then Emmet walked into the lobby and I had his popcorn and soda in my hands.

"Hello" he said. "Wheres your soda, and I think that we might need to get a bigger popcorn bag" he laughed.

"Well im allergic to popcorn" I said.

"That's weird" he laughed. "Well would you like a soda?"

"I'll be ok, Im trying to stay away from all of the sugars" I tried to act naturaul.

"Are you sure?" he asked.

"Yeah" I replied. "Hurry let's go get a good seat!"

When we got into theater number four, the movie had already started. I would have never guessed he would have choosen this movie though. It was a Romantic film.
I think my sister was right! Things are really hitting off! Could we really be hiting it off! When i got out of my thinking, I noticed that i was gazzing into Emmets eyes, And I started to get butterflies, so I truned away quickley and watched the movie.
When the movie was in the middle, Emmet wraped his fingers around mine, and I shuttered. Could this really be happening to me! I shuttered.

"Something wrong?" he whispered into my ear.

"Uhh" I stuttered. "Yeah Yeah"

Then I watched his face come closer to mine, and his lips touched mine, First a regular kiss, and then into a french-kiss! Wow it was so amazing. Then he ran his fingers through my hair, and then it all stopped, when the lights came on, meaning that the movie was over. He gazzed deepley into my eyes and I did into his. And then he finally said something. I was breathless.

"Carsile?" he said.

"Yes?" I said still out of breath.

"I love you" he said.

I froze. I couldn't belive he loved me, and then that moment i knew i loved him back.

"I love you to" I said begining to smile bigger.