Thinking of mom

When i woke up, my thoughts all started with what had happened last night. Wait! Then my calmer thoughts turned into shock. We're dating! No way!. I shot out of my bed and turned my head to see if Emily was in the room. Im guessing she is downstairs. I squealed with happiness, then I thought about my mom. I would never be able to tell her that me and Emmet are finally going out, or that we kissed. She was gone. Thats when I finally relized that my mom was no longer exsisting in this world. I fell silentley on my bed and the happiness drained away. I wish i could cry so I could release the pain a little, like a normal person. But i could never do that because im not human, I just look human. I went to the bathroom and splashed water on my face, to wake up. Then i looked into the mirror at myself. Would Emmet still like me if i told him my secret? that im a vampire? what im i supposed to say
'Hey Emmet I just wanted to tell you im a vampire' No.. I have to tell him though...
I went downstairs were i found Emily and my Father sitting on the couch watching T.V.

"Morning Carsile" My father said not taking his eyes off the T.v screen.

"Goodmorning sis!" Emily said getting off the couch and giving me a big hugg.

"Goodmorning" I said still feeling sad.

"Is something wrong?" My father asked taking his eyes off the screen.

"Um.. Yeah im just woke up, Thats all" I said lying.

"Oh ok" he said.
Then he turned back to the T.V

Emily followed me upstairs.

"Hey Carsile" she said.

"Yeah" I replied with a sigh.

"Seriousley what's the matter? Did everything work out last night between you and Emmet?"

"Fine" I said curtley by accident.

"Just fine?" she sounded concerned.

"Well actually it was amazing" I said.

"Well then why do you seem so down?" she questioned.

"Mom" I said.

"I know It's starting to get to me too" she said.

"So..What happened between you and Emmet?" she fourced a smile.

"Well" I laughed under my breathe. "We were watching the movie..And well we kissed" I smiled and blushed.

"What! No way! He kissed you!" she sqealed. "Was it a french or a peck? Do tell!!"

"French" I smiled huge.

She squealed again and starting jumping up and down. It wa funny how someone can get so overley excited about something that happened to someone else, then the person that it happened to. Then after the huge comotion she gave me a huge bear hug, that hurt.

"Ok your chocking me now" I said gasping for air.

"Sorry" she let go of me.

"Gosh your preety strong, You have to be an Ashton" I laughed.
She laughed to.

Then the phone rang, and my Father awnsered.

"Hello?" he awnsered."Um yeah she is, let me get her for you"

"Carsile?" he yelled up the stairs.

"Yes?" I yelled back.


"Ok Im coming"

I ran down the stairs nearly tripping and awnserwed the phone.

"Hello?" I said.

"Hey" said a freindley, Familar voice.


"Yeah It's me"

"Oh hey" I said.

He laughed.

"What's so funny?" I asked.

"Nothing" he chuckled."So I was woundeing If maybe you would want to hang out with me?"

"Yeah" I said smiling.

"Ok, How bout two o' clock?" he said.

"Sounds great!" I said breathles.

"Great I'll see you then!"

I hung up the phone and smiled. I still coudn't beleive that we were together. I ran upstairs and back to my room, finding Emily sitting on my bed.

"So you and Emmet going somewhere?" she asked.

"Yeah" I said looking at her confused " how did you know?"

"um.. Lucky guess" she said unsteady.

Then I started to get ready.

"Ok" I said, and started getting ready.