Confessing to Emmet


"So where are we going?" I asked Emmet looking into his beautiful eyes.

"Well I was thinking of the park,If you want, If not we could do what ever you want" He smiled.

"That sounds good" I replied smiling.

"Ok" he said.

When we finally reached the park it was 3:33. And we sat down on the nice,cool grass.

"So..." he said looking away starting to blush.

"Emmet Zander Connile!" I said his whole name. "Are you blushing?"

This made him blush even more.

"No" he lied smiling.

"Uhhu Sure your not" I laughed.


He smiled bigger. And you think it would be the other way around, a girl being all shy and bashful around their boyfreind.


"I think it's cute when you blush" I said.

"You do" his voice cracked. " I mean you do?" he tried to say in his better toned voice.

"Yes I do" I said smiling.

Then we gazed into each others eyes, and after a few minutes his lips reached towards mine and we kissed for over ten minutes!! Then it was over and he pulled his head back, and smiled deeply.

"Wow"I said.

He smiled.

"I love you Carsile" he said.

"I know" I said smiling "I love you to"
"Hey Emmet?"

"Hm?" he said smiling.

"No matter what would you allways love me?" I asked.

"Of course I would" he said."Why though, your starting to make me worry"

"Well theres something that I've been keeping from you since I met you, and I think you should know" I said with a sigh.

"Is it bad?" He said looking concerned.

"Well I dont know" I said.

"Ok then just tell me" he said looking at me with worried eyes.

"Well I..Im..I am.. I want to tell you" he inturuppted my stuttering I couldn't seem to spill the words out.

"Your what?" he said.

"Im A Vampire!" The words spilled.
And then I felt a launch of fear seek into the pit of my stomach.

"What? I don't understand" he said looking confused.

"Im a vampire, and so is my Father, and my sister is half" I said looking away from him.

"I can't belive this" he said.

"I will understand If you don't want to go out with me, or see me ever again" I said feeling nervousley.

"Carsile Im in love with you and will allways accept you for who you are, you allways rember that..Ok?"

"Ok" I said now feeling relieved.

"So you really are a vampire?" He asked. "I knew you were hiding something..Im just kiding"

"Yep" I said sying.

"Well your not the bad kind are you?" He asked worried.

"Nope I only drink animal blood" I said.

"Oh well thats good" he said.

"Yeah" I said smiling.

Then he gazed into my eyse and bent over and kissed my cheek.We smiled at each other.

"Gosh your truley incredible Carsile"he said.

"So are you Emmet" I said,still gazing into his comforting eyes.

"So..Now what do you want to do?" he asked.

"Hmm.."I said twisting my hair."I don't know"

We sat there for a few minutes and thought to ourselves.

"Well do you want to go on a drive intill we figure it out?" he asked.

"Ok" I said smiling.


So as we drove we talked about everything that we could think of to keep a conversation going, I mean ther wasn't a minute of silence, Emmet talked the most though.
Then Emmet started questioning me about being a vampire.


"Yes Emmet?"

"Do you like being" he paused.

"Being what?" I questioned.

"Well..A vampire?" his voice sounded a little nervous.

"No..Actually i wish i wasn't" I said with a sigh.

"Well why not?" he said, his voice now had a hint of curiousty.

"Well think of it Emmet, do you really think I enjoy being a blood-sucking freak? Or that I can't eat normal food? Or that Im not even close to being like other girls?" I said sort of mean."Im sorry Emmet, I shouldn't be rude, It's not your fault"

"It's ok" he said.

There was a minute of silence, and then Emmet spoke up.

"But that's what I love about you" he said with a huge grin.

"That im a freak?" I asked confused.

"No Carsile, Your not like other girls that i know, your beautiful,funny,smart,Carsile your my world" he said."And theres not any other girl out there for me"

"Emmet your my world, I've loved you since i met you"

He pulled over, and leaned over and we kissed.


Whenever we kissed, It's like all of my worries,fears,and sadness, all just disappear, I just feel so secure,So happy, and I feel for once human.
His lips are so gentle when they touch mine, so warm,and sweet.


When we pulled up to my driveway, It was allready ten o' clock.
Then he gave me a peck on the lips.

"I love you" he said.

"I love you to" I said.

Then I shut the door behind me, and headed for the house.
I unlocked the house, and went inside.
I found Father already asleep on the couch with the T.V still on. I tip-toed quitley over to the T.V and turned it off. Then I gave my fatehr a kiss on the forehead.
Then I creeped upstairs, and headed for the bathroom. I found a pair of sweat bottoms that were mine, on the floor, and a big T-shirt. I quickley put them on, And then I
went to my room. I opened the door quitley, Unsure If Emily had fallen asleep yet. And I got into my bed.