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Gred and Forge

Its the beginning of her Sixth Year at Hogwarts and Ravenclaw Ella Martens has expected it to go that same as the last five had, with mainly the same group of friends, the same attitude towards life, and an increase of knowledge. But soon she meets the ever charming Fred Weasley and the simple Hogwarts life style she has been living will soon turn upside down, all thanks to the one and only Gred and Forge

**This story is set in Harry's Fourth Year at Hogwarts. Oliver Wood's character appears younger in this fanfic, as being in his fifth year.**
  1. The 'Good Looking' Twin
    Re-written chapter
  2. Breakfast
    Re-written chapter
  3. The Tree
    Don't mess with a squirrels tree... just don't do it.
  4. The Picnic
    here's a little more for all of you!
  5. Hagrid's Ax
    This is about the last of what i have so far... i need to get working I know!!
  6. Golden Acorns and Belt Buckles
    Merged two chapters together
  7. Massages Are Only For Suck Ups and Hot Twins
    a cute little chapter for y'all!
  8. Isn't It Obvious?
    A little Quidditch action for you!
  9. Love Potion
    Probably one of my favorite chapters so far.
  10. Lets Not Make This Awkward
  11. Only in You're Dreams
    Its been a while guys, sorry!
  12. Erik Mikoviosk
    Haven't updated in a while, but this chapter gets a bit interesting... :)
  13. Lets Talk About Boys
    Sadly no Fred/Ella moments in this chapter... I was kind of getting annoyed with them any way hahaha
  14. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
    Short Chapter
  15. Both Sides of the Story
    Fred's POV!
  16. You Aren't My Boyfriend
    interesting chapter I suppose
  17. Forget About the Boy
  18. Kids in Love
  19. I Love You More Than Polka Dots
    Its the chapter you all have been waiting for!
  20. Expectations
  21. Breaking Out
    They enter Hogsmeade
  22. Sweets for My Sweet
  23. Blood Traitor
  24. Good Reputation
    Looooong chapter
  25. Bet on It
    The First Task
  26. More Than a Friend
    Longest chapter so far!!
  27. What Do You Think of Them?