Status: Left for Dead

Gred and Forge

The 'Good Looking' Twin

I walked down the hall with Emily at my side, who was chattering away as usual. She was Emily, I was Emily; we both are named Emily. It confuses us more than it does other people, since you could never address us by our first names when we are together. Well that is unless you use extreme and creepy eye contact with one of us. But, as far as we're concerned, I was Emily Martens and she was Emily Brown, and that's that.

We were on our way to potions with Snape, the best class of the day (sarcasm). Looking down the stone hallway I noticed a tall boy with ginger hair walking towards me. By the look of his robes he was a Gryffindor, like Emily, as I was a Ravenclaw. He was soon coming to pass when I waved to him happily. While waving back he shot me a funny face that made me crack a smile.

"Do you know who that is?" Emily hissed at me, noticing mine and the boy's interaction.

I shook my head, "No, do you know him?" I replied honestly. Yes, I know it's kind of weird to wave to someone you don't know in the hall, but this whole thing started as an accident. About two weeks ago I was walking through the hall with Emily, like we do every day, and I saw a friend that I decided to wave to. The boy was walking behind them and thought I was waving to him so he waved back. Ever since then we waved to each other whenever we passed each other in this hall, since I don't think I see him at any other point of the day.

"How do you not know him? You wave to the kid every day!" She exclaimed pointing her arms out in front of her dramatically.

"He's not in any of my classes and he's a Gryffindor. So, do you or don't you know who he is?" I asked again, my curiosity flaming inside me.

Emily rolled her eyes at me, "He's one of the Weasley's, but I'm not sure which-"

"You mean they all look the same or-?"

"He's a twin. It's either Fred or George; actually, it's really hard to find them when they're not together. Like that would help me figure out which is which, I can't tell the bloody difference between them. I'm surprised if they even can!" She sniggered.

We turned the corner and walked down the hall some before stopping outside of potions. "Well I hope they can! Unless they have amnesia or something… that would be pretty bad," I added proudly. Imagine that! Waking up every morning and not knowing which twin you were! Frightening to think of. "Anyway, I want to meet him, he looks nice."

"Are you hitting on him!" Emily teased, hitting my arm playfully.

"No! Wouldn't you want to know who you wave to everyday before potions?"

"Maybe. Depends on if he's hot. And in your case he is so, yes! I would love to know." We both chuckled and walked into the classroom, sitting down at one of the counters.

"Miss. Brown and Miss. Martens," Professor Snape cooed in that creepy voice of his as soon as we sat down. "I would much prefer that you wouldn't gossip outside my door before class. I don't want to hear about your immature problems such as being habituated to acorns and boys."

I felt my face start to burn to a crimson red, oh shit he heard us! We've been talking outside the class for the past week, and trust me, some of the stuff we say isn't exactly teacher approved.

"I'm sorry, but I really have a problem!" Emily told him offensively. A few kids in the class sniggered. I buried my head in my folded arms on the counter, trying not to laugh.

"Hmm, well I suppose you should possibly get that treated," He replied back coolly.

"I've been trying."

"Try harder."

Later that evening I was walking to the Library, I needed to find some research on magical solutions containing carnivorous spores as the antidote. Snape had assigned our first big report of the year, a two foot assignment on the most ridiculous and intrusive topic, and this was all due next week.

Checking my watch I found that I could spend a good half hour for research before getting started on my Astronomy prediction chart. Looking up I noticed the red-headed boy walking down the opposite side of the hall.

“Hello,” I politely greeted, feeling slightly overwhelmed with my assignment schedule.

"So you can talk!" Turning around I noticed he stopped walking and was looking at me with arms crossed over his chest and a prominent smirk on his face.

"Of course I can talk!"

"Well how was I supposed to know? You've never said hi before and you're always listening to your friend Emily," He stepped closer to me, filling some of the gap in between us.

"How do you know her name?" I asked curious. Emily didn't really know his, so I barely expected him to know hers. Even though they're the same house, it doesn't always mean they know each other. I didn't meet my friend Rue until last year when Luna introduced her to me, and she's been a Ravenclaw for five years now!

The boy looked to his left, then over to his right. Coming in closer to my face sketchily he whispered, "Don't tell anyone but, my brother has been leaving acorns in our common room to watch her find them and freak out. She goes nuts!"

I laughed and smiled, looking up into his brown eyes. "So, who is your brother? Or should I ask, who are you?"

"My brother is George, and I am Fred Weasley, the good-looking twin," Fred winked at me and I laughed again. "Now tell me, who have I been waving to on my way to Charms for the past couple weeks, love?"

"Emily. Emily Martens. I don't have any sibling's that go to this school so I can't really tell you which one of us is better looking," I joked, pushing my hair behind my ear and out of my face.

"Well in my opinion, it would probably be you." I felt my face burn a deep red in embarrassment.

"I should get going, I have a monster of a Potions paper to do, but it was nice meeting you Fred." I started to walk backwards, not really in much of a hurry.

“The one about carnivorous spores? Good luck on trying to find books about that.”

I rolled my eyes and sighed, “Great.”

“It was a pleasure meeting you too, good luck on your paper.” He smirked one last time before turning on his heel and walking down the rest of the hall.
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