Status: Left for Dead

Gred and Forge

Erik Mikoviosk

In the week or two that followed, there was quite an anticipation running through the castle. It attacked the students, the house elves, the professors, even Argus Filtch the care taker. The keenness vibrated through the halls, into the stone mason walls, in between giggles and playful conversation, gossip and witticism. It was only a feeling that could be brought on by foreign things.

Everyone had seemed to be refreshed about the Triwizard Tournament that was being held at Hogwarts, for the first time in over two centuries, and the other schools it included, Durmstrang and Beauxbaton. Their arrival was coming soon, taking in consideration that Halloween was less than a week away; that would be when they decide on the three champions, one from each school.

It’s quiet obvious to any Hogwarts student that the house elves were working twice as hard to keep the castle neat and orderly, from the fresh dusting of window sills to polishing the suits of armor. Flitch, who was constantly on patrol making sure there was no usage of magic or pranking in the halls (something Fred, George, and Lee had trouble dealing with) also had his work cut out for him. If Quidditch matches actually counted this year Oliver might have gone ballistic on them for the amount of detentions the trio served in the month of October alone. Trust me; trying to keep them out of trouble doesn’t work very well either.

But never the less I was also keeping up with my own load of homework, spending countless times in the library alone getting feet of parchment written out in my loopy scroll. Once in a great while I’ll have someone with me, rather it is Fred, or Emily, or Vanessa and Rue; even Lee would stop by once in a great while.

Finally the day we’ve all been waiting for has arrived. With a full stomach and a curiosity of our foreign guests, all of us wandered out of the Great Hall after the well awaited Halloween feast took place. To our delight the French wizards from Beauxbatons sat at the Ravenclaw table with me, and we couldn’t help asking them questions; it’s not every day we meet wizards from different countries.

Most muggles traveled from country to country without a care, but young wizards have to take more precautions, especially if they are traveling by muggle transportation making sure anything wizard related is out of sight. Getting caught with wizarding equipment in the muggle world is a highly awkward situation, especially when they start asking questions and begin to answer with the most ridiculous lies you can think of.

On top of the fact that our guest had arrived, even more buzz echoed off the stone halls while everyone was hyped-up on gossip. Who was planning on entering their name? How do you get over the age line Dumbledore drew? What will the challenges be this year? It was all enough to keep anyone guessing for a long time.

Even Rue and I were speculating some rumors together as we walked up the stairs and away from the Great Hall. Until I remembered that I left my bag sitting by the Ravenclaw table.

“Do you want me to come with you?” Rue offered as I started to weave my way against the crowd.

“No, I’ll just meet you back in common room!” I shouted behind my shoulder, trying not to run into the oncoming Gryffindors.

As I walked into the Great Hall I realized how deserted it was, there was only a few kids left and all the Professors have gone. Even without all the noise and students, you still got a warm feeling, whether it’s from the memories created there or the familiar look of the warn tables and chairs, one may never know.

As I approached the spot at which I ate my dinner, I started to panic noticing that my bag wasn’t there. Quickly I hurried over and looked around. It wasn’t under the table. It wasn’t against the wall. Unsure of what to do, I started looking around all the chairs. I was positive I had it with me.
Getting up after checking under the table on last time, I noticed a tall, skinny boy was walking towards me on the other side.

“Excuse me, but are you looking for something?” His accent was foreign to my ears and the deep red robes he wore indicated that he was a Durmstrang student.

Instantly my breathing picked up as I looked up at his face; his dark brown eyes, slender nose, scarred cheek, and dark stubble that crept up from his prominent jaw line. You didn’t see guys like him at Hogwarts that’s for sure.

“Oh, um, I thought I left my bag here, but I guess not.” A light, nervous chuckle fell from my lips as I moved a piece of hair behind my ear.

He smiled, “Alvay’s and inconvenience vhen that happens, no?”

“Always. I swear this happens every day to me.”

He leaned forward, placing his hand casually on the table that separated us, “Ahh, that seems very-“


Both our heads snapped towards the doors of the Great Hall where a very familiar ginger was standing, holding my bag in the air. Fred.

“Fred Weasley! Did you steal my bag!?” I shouted in disbelief as he walked over to us. “I have been going crazy looking for that!”

He smiled a very cheeky grin before handing it to me, “No, you left it and I was going to give it back to you.” Fred looked over at the Durmstrang student and an unknown expression wavered over his face before returning back to normal. “Who’s this?”

“I’m Erik Mikoviosk. I attend Durmstrang,” He answered, instantly straightening his pose. Looking between him and Fred, they were about the same height, but Fred’s frame was much larger than Erik’s lanky one.

“Pleasure to meet you Erik,” Fred replied, sticking out his hand. I couldn’t help but pick up the slight tension in his voice. What did he have against Erik; surely this is their first time meeting.

Briefly they shook hands before Erik pulled away and straightened his robes, “Vell, I must get going, I’m sure you too vould like some time alone.”

Before I could stop it, I burst out in laughter. “Oh, Fred and I aren’t dating! We’re just friends.” I looked up at Fred’s freckled face and he smiled at me, a slight blush creeping up on his skin.

“Oh, vell my bad,” Erik said quickly, an amused look coming to life on his cold features. “I’ll see you around Ella.” He reached across the table and picked up my hand, softly bringing it to his lips. Shyly I pulled it away and Erik gave Fred a slight nod before walking away.

Fred just looked at me, annoyed. “What?”

“Who’s Erik?” Fred asked, crossing his arms over his broad chest.

Walking forward I smirked at him, “Why, you jealous?”

“No, I’m just curious because I wouldn’t trust those Durmstrang blokes, that’s all.”

Walking out of the Great Hall, I slung my bag over my shoulder, “And why’s that?”

Fred shrugged, “They just don’t seem like the nicest people that’s all.”

“I thought Erik was nice.”

“Seriously? You didn’t see the way he was looking at you? I swear he was undres-“

Blushing I lightly pushed Fred, “Oh come off it! He was not.”

“He was too!” I glared at him for a moment before stepping on the first stair, “Do you want me to walk you to the Ravenclaw tower?” Sighing I agreed.

As we walked through the somewhat empty halls Fred told me of his ‘genius’ scheme him and George thought of to get over the age line around the Goblet of Fire.

“Fred, are you seriously thinking about competing because if you are I will tell your mother!” I said worried as we turned down the corridor leading to the tower’s entrance.

“You don’t even know my mother! And besides, it seems fun. I’m sure your friend Erik would do it.” He insisted.

Rolling my eyes I shook my head, “But that doesn’t mean you should too! Fred, people have gotten seriously hurt in this completion. I’m surprised they are even bringing it back in the first place.”

“You worry too much, the Ministry made the necessary precautions this time-“

“-Isn’t that what they did at the Quidditch World Cup too? And look what happened there.”

“As I was saying” Fred continued, slightly aggravated as we stopped at the bottom of the stair case, “Nothing bad is going to happen this year, I promise. It’s a new era.” He pulled me into a hug and I dropped my bag to the ground in order to give one back to him.

“Just try and stay out of trouble tomorrow, okay?” I said into his shoulder.

I felt him laugh, the vibrations hitting my body, “Ella, that’s like asking an alcoholic not to drink.”
Pulling away I looked him in the eyes, “I’m serious Fred, just try to behave yourself, please? Just one day, for me?”

He sighed in contemplation, “Well when you put it like that I suppose I could manage it, but you owe me.”

Smiling, I picked up my bag, “Fine, deal. Good Night Fred."

“Night Ella.”
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