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Gred and Forge

Lets Talk About Boys

“So… why were you late coming back to the common room last night?” Vanessa asked me the next day at breakfast, raising her eyebrow as she smirked from behind the muffin she was holding. “I thought we were going to review for the Charms quiz we have for tomorrow?”

As I looked up from my plate, my eyes curiously flickered over to the Slytherin table, spotting Erik surrounded by his own Durmstrang classmates as well as some Slytherins. For the first time I contemplated on whether or not I wanted to tell my friends some of my boy drama or not. I just didn’t want them to tease me about it or possibly ruin the whole thing, you know how best friends can be. Either they want to embarrass you in every way possible or try to help but just get in the way.

“Oh, I met Fred in the halls; he had my bag.” I heard Rue snort next to me as Vanessa gave me one of her conning smiles.

“Yes, of course he did,” Rue replied, sarcasm in her voice. I just rolled my eyes and continued playing with my eggs.

“So Fred,” Luna questioned dreamily, opening her mouth for the first time that morning, “He’s the one that has the ginger hair and the twin brother right?”

Vanessa looked at Luna, a huge smile on her face, “You mean the hot ginger with the sexy twin-“

“Who’s taken!” I interjected.

“-Brother, and that totally has been in love with Emily since he first saw her? If so, then yes, that is Fred.”

Luna’s eyes lit up as she smiled, “Oh! I was eavesdropping in on a conversation of his the other day he was having in the library with the boy with the long braided hair-“

“Luna!” Rue shouted astonished.

“They were talking about an Ella, but I suppose that’s what he calls you since he was saying how he was going to make his ‘move’ soon before some ‘arrogant Durmstrang bloke strolls along.’ You might want to watch your stuff; I think he’s trying to steal something of yours!”

“Yeah, her virginity,” Vanessa mumbled just above a whisper.

“He is not trying to get me into bed! And I hardly doubt he is trying to steal something of mine, but thank you for your concern Luna,” I felt my face burn as the combination of Vanessa’s comment and the real meaning of Fred’s overheard conversation meant.

Unless he was really trying to take something of mine, this only really means one thing; Fred likes me. He cares that we kissed and he’s jealous of Erik. He wants me all to himself and he’s going to make that happen soon. Only one thing was still nagging in the back of my mind; Angelina. Did Fred like her too or were they just friends because I would feel bad if I ruined a good thing they had going. After all they have been close friends for a while.

“Mhmm… well we will see about that,” Vanessa replied, throwing her hair into a pony tail. “So Rue, how are things going with you and Oliver? You actually have the guts to talk to him yet?”

Rue bit her bottom lip and she shook her head,”No…”

I shook my head as Vanessa slammed her hand on the table, “You have to get on that! Oliver’s a good looking kid and if you want to go to the Yule Ball with him you have to make sure he won’t ask anybody else.” For some reason I had the feeling that Vanessa’s comment wasn’t just being directed to Rue.

We ate the rest of our morning meal quickly with only small chatter, the usual mummer humming throughout the hall. I suppose everyone was still a bit stuffed from last night’s feast, it’s almost sad to think we’re going to have another tonight. I could feel the tension that will build as the Halloween Feast came closer with each school hour. Tonight we will finally be able to find out who the school champions are, I only hoped it would be someone strong enough to handle the challenge; like Hufflepuff Cedric Diggory or even Angelina could handle it; I’ve seen her take some nasty hits from a bludger and she just continued flying like nothing.

Sitting on my bed flipping through my potions workbook I looked over at Vanessa who was sitting in the deep navy chair next to the door. I still remember the days when we were in first and second year and would always have arguments on who got to sit in that chair. Honestly there was nothing really special about it, it was like all the other chairs found in the Ravenclaw tower; the plush cushions were wrapped in soft velvet and incased in the worn mahogany wood that made the frame. It was even as worn as the other chairs too, but for some reason we treated it like something special.

“Okay, all this recent talk about Fred and Rue and Oliver has got me thinking; who do you like Miss. Summerfield? Surely there’s got to be someone you have your eye on.”

Vanessa looked at me skeptically; putting down the little orange notebook she was scribbling in for the past hour she sat up straight ready to defend herself. “Actually no one. Keeping up in your guy’s love lives is honestly enough for me.”

Closing my potions book I looked at her in disbelief. Here I was talking to the girl who spent her entire fourth year getting to personally know all the boys in our year at Hogwarts and she’s telling me that she’s not interested in one of them.

“You’re kidding right? No one? There has to be at least one that you want to go with to the Yule Ball.”

“Not really,” She let out a dramatic sigh. “I mean, I want to go with someone but I don’t really know who, plus I really want to work hard this year. Last year was OWL year and they pushed us so hard because we had too but this year I want to work hard because I want too, you know what I mean?” I just nodded, half believing what she was saying. It wouldn’t surprise me if she actually did have someone special in mind. “So with all that focus on school, I don’t really have time for boys this year.”

Shaking my head I checked the white braided watch on my wrist, “We should probably head down to the Great Hall, the feast is gonna start soon, but first I want to visit Madame Pomfrey real quick.”
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