Status: Left for Dead

Gred and Forge


Mornings were never the best for me. Getting up early and doing things in a hurry when all you want is to be in your warm bed sleeping. It was safe to say I was not a morning person.

I was sitting on the staircase outside the picture of the Fat Lady waiting for Emily to arrive. She was taking longer than usual this morning and I was really contemplating leaving her there. After a few minutes she came waltzing through the portrait hole, munching away on some sort of food. I smelled it before I could see it. Acorns. They were most likely from George this morning too.

Now you may be wondering how in the world I could smell acorns. Well my dear friend you are forgetting that this is Hogwarts and in its own magical realm. In the magic world certain foods have a stronger taste and smell, sometimes even being larger than normal size. It’s as very thing is magnified by ten. Well acorns happen to be included in this and with Emily around I have become quiet accustomed to the woodsy scent.

I walked over to her and held my hand out by her chin annoyed, "Spit it out." She just shook her head violently with her brown eyes big. "C'mon Em, you know what acorns do to you before breakfast!"

She rolled her eyes finished what she was eating before handing me over a small bag full of them, "You're giving these back after breakfast, you hear me woman!" She protested angrily as we started to walk away to the Great Hall.

"Sure, whatever you say," I told her skeptically.

She shot me a look and was about to say something when we got interrupted by a familiar voice calling our name. Whipping my head around, as well as Emily, I saw Fred and his twin George behind us, walking down the stairs. There's just one little problem to this, I couldn't tell the difference between them. They both had almost shoulder length ginger hair, and the same build as well as eye color.

I continued to try and find differences as they inched closer. I noticed one of them was taller, but I've never really seen them together until now so, I have no clue which had the height advantage. They stopped in front of me smiling. Noticing my thought enticed stare, the two looked at each other confused and then back at me, "What?" They said in unison.

"I'm trying to find the difference between you two," I pondered, my eye's flicking in-between their faces.

"Well good luck with that, not even our mother can-"

"The cartilage on your nose is different, your top lips are too, and you have a mole on your neck," I pointed to the taller one after I quickly rattled off what I saw. They both stared at me wide eyed, amazed.

"How the hell did you do that?" Emily asked from next to me. She was so quiet that I almost forgot we were walking to the Great Hall together. Trust me, that's very unusual for her.

"It's kind of obvious once you get a good look, and by what I see I'm guessing you are Fred," I pointed to the shorter one.

"Good god! You're the first person we've met that got it right on the first try!" George gasped, opened mouthed.

"We must honor you by escorting you and your lovely friend to breakfast this morning in the Great Hall; that is where you're going correct?" Fred asked, tilting his head with question.

"Of course, I could never miss breakfast!" Emily told them happily. "It's always better with acorns." She shot me a dirty glare.

"You aren't getting these back until after you eat I hope you know," I told her, holding up the bag of acorn's I seized.

"Why can't she eat acorns before breakfast?" George asked curiously as we all started to walk, Emily and I sandwiched in between the two brothers.

"Do you want to see a squirrel on crack?"

"Yes!" They both answered at the same time. Emily and I laughed as we continued walking.

"So, tell me, how did your research go yesterday? Did you find everything you needed on the spores?” Fred asked, as Emily and George were entwined in their own conversation.

“Yes, you lied to me! There are tons of books on antidotes containing carnivores’ spores!” I exclaimed, pointing my finger at him angrily. I had walked into the library feeling anxious about finding books and turns out the library had at least ten of them.

“Okay so I did, but didn’t it make you feel a lot better knowing that there is plenty of information after all?”

I sighed and shook my head, “I suppose so.”

We descended down the main staircase and right before we were going to enter the Great Hall Fred stopped and leaned against the stone wall right next to the door.

"What are you doing this weekend?"

"I'm not sure, why do you ask?" It was only Tuesday so I hadn’t had anything particular mapped out.

"Well you seem like a very interesting person, and I was wondering if you would like to spend some time with me at the lake, you know have a picnic or something… I heard there was supposed to be good weather this weekend." By his voice I could tell he was faking all the confidence he seemed to put forth, and was probably a little nervous to hear my answer, since we met all but yesterday.

Smiling I looked into his waiting brown eyes, "Sure. I would love that."

He broke out into a toothy grin, "Great. Wonderful. Fantastic!"

Laughing, I turned and walked into the Hall, leaving Fred standing there.
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