Status: Left for Dead

Gred and Forge


“So, are we still going to the first task together?”

I looked up at Fred as we walked to breakfast; his question was one I wanted to avoid until next week, the same week as the first task. After Fred and I got into that argument and I figured we weren’t going together anymore I decided to go with Erik and his sister along with Vanessa and Luna. This normally would have had a quick solution, just invite Fred along with us, but that may be a bit harder taking in consideration that Erik was going to be there.

“Well actually I made plans with some friends a few days ago, when we weren’t talking,” I explained, trying to avoid the total truth.

His face fell in somewhat and he quickly looked away to try to hide his disappointment, “Oh.”

Feeling guilty, I placed my hand on his upper arm, “You can join us if you want; I never said you couldn’t come. George and Emily can sit with us too.”

“If you insist, I suppose I will give into peer pressure. But only this one time!” he pointed an accusing finger at me and I rolled my eyes, “So who exactly is going?”

I paused, trying to find out how to phrase this, “Oh, you know, Vanessa and Rue. Probably Luna Lovegood with a few others.”

We started to near the stairs that ascended into the front hall and I felt my pace quicken in desperation for a change in subject or just to stop talking in general. We haven’t even been officially ‘together’ for 24 hours, I would hate for there to be problems already.

“Sounds like a party.”

“Oh, it will be.”

A couple steps before the staircase Fred grabbed my hand and lead me down it, as if this was now the official sign of us going steady. Instead of going straight to the large wooden doors of the Great Hall he pulled me over to the side of the bottom of the stairs.

“Speaking of parties,” He stated, leaning against the banister and still holding my hand, “if either Diggory or Potter wins next weekend their house will be throwing a party in their common room, would you like to go with me?”

Without much warning I felt a smile break its way onto my face, the thought of an actual party excited me, especially if I’m going to attend one with Fred. Who knows what trouble he’s going to get into?

“I most definitely will.”

Fred’s usual smirk grew into a smile much like my own and he kissed my cheek. “Great, and before I forget, are we still on for Hogsmeade this weekend?”

“Of course we are. I haven’t been there in a while so I might need a bit of a refresher of where the best places to hang out are,” I replied, moving closer to him so I was standing in the gap between his long legs.

Fred wrapped his arms around me keeping me in place, “I will show you everything you’ll want to see Ella, trust me.” Heat rose to my face as I felt myself blush and look away causing Fred to let out a hearty chuckle, “You look cute when you blush like that.”

I glanced back at him and he took this as a chance to kiss me.

“Weasley, Martens, I would very much appreciate it if you would entangle yourselves from each other in the hallway, for the sake of others and myself.” I quickly pulled back at the sound of Professor McGonagall’s voice, feeling the blush intensify.

“Yes Professor,” I replied quietly as she walked away and into the hall, Fred not even changing his facial expression or pose from before. Still feeling embarrassed I looked around to see if anyone else had noticed, which thankfully there wasn’t a lot of people outside of the Great Hall. Turning back to Fred I removed his hands from my waist, “Let’s get some breakfast, shall we?”

I walked alone through the halls later that day heading to my double Charms. It felt weird not having anyone by my side, no Emily who was in Potions with Fred, no Vanessa who didn’t take the same Charms class as I, and Rue was busy in her O.W.L. prep classes.

I walked past a conjoining staircase and quickly turned down it, following the stream of students cascading down it. I got to the first landing when I saw someone familiar pass. He quickly turned back around and pulled me over to the side.

“Ella! Vhere is the library again?”

I couldn’t help but smirk knowing that my tour of Hogwarts didn’t really help much. “You were going the right way Cyrus, just up those stairs and to your right, all the way down the end of the hall. It’s the set of double doors at the end.”

Relief washed over him and he let out a large breath. “I thought I vas going the right vay but everything in this school looks the same.”

“Hey it’s no problem, it definitely takes some adjusting to get used to it.”

Cyrus only nodded, looking up the rest of the staircase before back down at me, “Are you still going to the First Task with us next veek? Erik said he hasn’t confirmed it vith you yet.” Great, another conversation I didn’t feel like getting into. Twice in a row this happened, I feel that today will not be a good one.

“Well I still am but is it okay if I bring Fred along with me?” I asked shyly, wanting to hurry up the conversation so I could get to my next class.

Cyrus knitted his eyebrows in confusion and was silent for a moment as if he had to process this new information. “Fred? Isn’t he the one you had the fight vith and then you never vanted to talk to him again?”

“Ah, so you have been paying attention when I vent to you,” I inquired, pointing an accusing finger at him. For some reason Cyrus always seemed like the easiest one to talk to out of Erik’s friends, besides his sister Mila. Some of the things I told them Erik and Markus only knew about vaguely. Cyrus just merely nodded, “Well we talked it over and now we’re a little more than just friends.”

I could tell this piece of information through him for a loop as he fell once again into the same state he was previously in. I could almost hear the gears turning inside his head. “Vell, it vas merely a matter of time before it happened. I’ve got to get going, I’ll see you this veekend, alright Ella?”

Cyrus turned around and started to hurdle up the staircase as I made my way down the rest of the length, following behind a few stragglers that were hurrying to catch their next class. As I walked down the hall a thought popped into my head, everyone had always expected Fred and I to get together. Rue did, Vanessa did, and Emily and George did, and now even Cyrus. These people all wanted us to go out but they really didn’t do anything to help the cause.
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