Status: Left for Dead

Gred and Forge

What Do You Think of Them?

“Vell, look vho ve have here.”

I looked up from my charms book to see Erik taking a seat across from me. Snow was dusted all over his thick fur coat, a clear sign that winter was finally upon us.

“Oh hey! It’s finally snowing outside I see.” Glancing up at the ceiling of the Great Hall large grey clouds rolled across the sky, filled with winter precipitation.

“Yeah, it feels more like home now. Ve usually already have a few feet of snow this late in the year.” He looked down at his hands and slowly removed his thick brown gloves revealing course and calloused skin beneath.

I never really realized how rugged Erik was before until now. His skin was a dusty olive, shadowed with scars. He had a straight but slightly crooked nose and his former stubble was growing thicker into an almost beard. Somehow, between all of that, he still managed to look attractive.

I know I’m Fred’s girlfriend but that’s the thing, I’m already his. There’s nothing wrong with thinking other guys are good looking, I’m sure Fred doesn’t think I’m the hottest girl in the world. It’s not like I flirt extensively with other guys and lie to Fred and all that shenanigans. Erik’s an attractive boy and there’s really nothing I can do to change that.

“Usually snowfall starts a bit earlier here. This year has been a bit odd whether wise.” Erik nodded, uninterested in what was coming out of my mouth and opting to stare at me with his powerful eyes, so dark they seem almost black, instead.

Shifting uncomfortably under his intense gaze I cleared my throat. “So, do you have a date for the Yule Ball yet?”

Raising his eyebrows Erik had a calculating look cast about his face. After a moment of thought he answered, “No vhy? You got someone in mind for me?”

“Well I have this friend, her name is Vanessa, and I don’t think she’s going with anyone. She’s a really fun girl and I think she shouldn’t show up dateless you know? So if maybe you guys met, like later today, you could ask her?”

He sighed, looking down the length of the table in contemplation then back up at me. “I don’t know; I’d have to meet her first.”

A proud smile pressed it’s self onto my lips, “Oh really?! You really wouldn’t mind?” He shrugged his shoulders and I squealed, “She’s really cool, you’ll love her!”

“Well look who it is.”

Looking to my left I saw Fred walking towards us all bundle up to go outside. To my pleasure he was wearing that on knit hat I loved so much. He immediately took a seat next to me as soon as he reached the table. I couldn’t even get out a hello before he had his lips on mine and his hands cupping my face.

I quickly pushed him away as he held the kiss longer than we usually do when we greet each other. “Fred you know how I feel about PDA.”

Brushing his fingers over my cheek he smiled, “I know it’s just that I haven’t seen you since breakfast.”

“Hello Fred,” Erik greeted from across the table.

Looking almost shocked, Fred looked over at the Durmstrang boy curiously, “Oh Erik, I didn’t see you there. Have you been here the whole time?”

“Yes, as a matter of fact I have.” Erik stood up, grabbing his gloves off the table, “It vas nice talking to you Ella, but I’ve gotta go. Marcus is vaiting for me back at the ship.”

Slightly offended that he was leaving I half rose, “Well if you have too, but we’re still meeting tonight right?”

“Of course, the Front Hall perhaps, before dinner?”

I nodded, “Alright, see you then.”

He and Fred exchanged curt nods, I sat back down, and Erik sauntered out of the Great Hall.
As soon as he was a safe distance away Fred asked, “Why are you meeting him tonight?”

Rolling my eyes I refocused to my charms book that was momentarily forgotten. “I’m trying to hook him and Vanessa up for the Yule Ball, relax.”

“Oh, does she like him?”

Shrugging I looked back up at Fred, “They don’t even know each other but Vanessa really needs a date and he was available.”


“’Good’ what?”

“That you’re making sure she’s got a date.”

“Yeah well… what was up with you going into super boyfriend mode a couple minutes ago?” I asked.

“Super boyfriend mode? What the bloody hell does that mean?” Fred backed away from me hurt.

“Oh come on, you know I don’t like a lot of PDA and you practically tried to snog me in front of Erik.”
He threw up his hands in outrage, his attempt at staying calm snapping in half, “Erik, Erik, Erik, is that all you fucking talk about anymore?”

Closing my book, I shook my head not even being able to look at him. “God you are such an asshole,” I mumbled under my breath, a hint louder than a whisper.

He was quiet and I took this as an opportunity to gather my belongings up, I’ve been sitting in the Great Hall for over an hour now, I needed a study break. Finally Fred drew in a deep breath.

“I know Ella.” Concern flowed through his words and I seriously started to think if he was bi-polar. Calm one moment then a quick spurt of anger, then calm once more, that’s not natural. “I’m a git, I should have never said that. I’m sorry darling.”

I peered at him out of the corner of my eye, hiding my face from his. “I’m sick of fighting with you about this. We fought last week during the Task and I don’t even know how many times before, can we just stop?”

“I thought we did,” Fred rested his hand on my shoulder attempting to comfort me.

Hitting his hand away and looking at him for the first time I shook my head. “Obviously not.”

“Listen to me El, I’m sorry. I really am, it’s just you’re my girl you know? And I’ve never really been good at sharing so I get jealous easily.” His brown warm brown eyes were filled with emotion, many different ones all bundled together making it difficult to just name one predominate one. They were so different from Erik’s. Here there was no intensity, only warmth. “I promise not to let that get the best of me any longer only if you agree to do the same.”

“Me?” I asked astonished that he thought I got jealous. I don’t get jealous.

“Yeah you, I see the way you look when I’m talking to Angelina or someone, it’s like you want to rip off their head or something.”

“I do not!”

“Yeah, you do!”

Blushing I shook my head, “Alright fine, I agree.” Okay, so maybe I got a little bit green headed.

Fred pecked my cheek, “Brilliant. After dinner meet me in the empty class room on the fourth floor,” He said, standing to his full height and readjusting his hat.

Smiling I nodded, glad things between us were finally going to be back to normal, whatever that may be. “Alright I will. Have fun outside, once I get down with my charms homework I might go out and find you.”

He winked at me before walking away, “See you out there.”

I never did get a chance to play out in the snow with Fred that day, for some reason it had become impossible to concentrate soon after he left. Either I couldn’t stop looking out the window or I would get a whiff of Fred’s still lingering scent and my mind would go on a wild tangent, day dreaming about the upcoming ball. I stayed in the Great Hall for an hour more, switching between those three cycles; daydreaming, trying to focus, then looking out the window.

Packing up my things I headed back to the Ravenclaw Tower, knowing that dinner would be starting soon and I still needed to convince Vanessa to meet Erik. What I wasn’t aware of is how much of a hassle this task was going to become.

For one she was in the middle of studying for an upcoming Potions Exam, a class that she had been slacking off in as of late. Secondly, she was in no mood to be meeting boys. She had changed from her school robes into a pair of flannel pajama pants and a baggy t-shirt, an outfit that we both know meant the only way she was moving from her spot was either to get food or because the building caught on fire.

After an half hour of pleading and persuading her to get up and change so we can meet Erik, Vanessa finally agreed, only on one condition, that she didn’t have to change her outfit for him.
“I don’t see what’s wrong with what I’m wearing now; a boy should like you no matter what you’re wearing. I bet you if you were dressed like I was right now and went to hang out with Fred he wouldn’t dump you because of it. Why does it matter?”

Of course Vanessa hadn’t realized how much first impressions mattered. It’s sad to think of how much impact they have on our lives but they can really make or break a deal, and right now I needed a deal to be made. So off we went towards the Great Hall, Vanessa in her pajama’s and with me having slight second thoughts.

He was right where I expected him to be, waiting in between the front doors and the entrance to the Great Hall. I pointed him out to Vanessa as soon as we started to descend down the stairs.

“That’s Erik?” She asked a wisp of disbelief in her tone as he glanced towards us, now aware of our presence, “And why haven’t we met before?”

“See, you haven’t even talked to him and you already like him. Feel free to thank me any time.” She rolled her eyes and we made our way across the busy floor.

As we approached Erik he tilted his head, “Hello ladies.”

“Hey Erik, this is Vanessa, the girl I was telling you about.”

Vanessa gave him a weak wave and a quiet hello and he captured her free hand, placing a gentle kiss on the back of it, the same thing he did when we first met a few months ago. “It’s very nice to meet you at last.”

A smirk spread across my lips as Vanessa’s face erupted in a light blush, tinting the slightest against her darken complexion. This was going better than I had ever planned. Not only does she find him attractive but know it seems that he has some kind of appeal towards her. If the tone of the meeting continues then they might be more than just a date to the Yule Ball.

“So, Erik, how do you like England so far?” Vanessa asked a few seconds after she extracted her hand from his grip.

Leaning against the wall he shrugged, “It’s so different from home. There it snows almost every day, here it rains. Plus the vomen here are much more beautiful.”

“Do you ever get homesick?”

“Occasionally, but my sister came vith me here and my mother often sends letters from home. It’s hard to miss someone vhen you are alvays in contact vith them.”

Getting bored with the small talk I decided to spice it up a bit, “So the other day in charms we were instructed to find any charm in the book and practice it on a living creature right?” Beside me I could hear Vanessa groan as Erik started to look more interested. “Well guess what this girl next to me did? She picked up a frog and summoned a love charm on it hoping that it was secretly a prince. Then she debated for a solid ten minutes on whether or not she should kiss it!”

“Oh my god, I can’t believe you just told him that,” Vanessa muttered under her breath, a hand covering her eyes as she ducked her head.

“You kiss frogs?” Erik asked, slightly amused yet very confused by the story.

“No, I didn’t kiss the frog. I was just joking around,” Vanessa stated clearly, removing her hand ever so slightly from her face.

Out of the corner of my eye I spotted the familiar face of Rue waltzing in the dining hall hand in hand with none other than Oliver Wood. Sparking my interest I politely excused myself from Vanessa and Erik’s conversation; they were well on their way to becoming good friends/ possible dates to the Ball and didn’t need me to chaperon any longer.

Trailing a far enough distance behind Rue and Oliver I observed them as I entered the Hall that was quickly filling with hungry students. They walked over to the Ravenclaw table, completely engrossed in whatever they were talking about. I paused and tried my best to blend in with the wall behind me, not wanting to interrupt their conversation. I felt like I was in the midst of studying the behavior of an exotic animal species in the midst of courting. My job was to do nothing more than observe soundlessly.

A light, possibly pressed, laugh fell from her lips and Rue tucked a blond curl behind her ear. Oliver leaned in closer to her as if he didn’t want the conversation to end even though by now they had made it to the table.

“What are you looking at?”

I jumped as the familiar voice filled my ear. Turning around I looked at George with curiosity.

“Hello George. Tell me, what do you see there?” I pointed to my exotic creatures.

“Well it looks as though Rue and Oliver are talking.” He replied with an air of plainness in his voice.

“Yes, but what do you think of it?”

“Think of what?”

“Them talking you idiot!”

He shrugged, “It’s definitely a different side of Oliver that’s for sure. He hardly ever fraternizes with an opposing team.”

I couldn’t help but roll my eyes, boys were completely oblivious. “Well do you know anything about them, like if he likes her?”

He was about to answer my question when a loud voice yelled, “GEORGE HURRY UP!” from the Gryffindor table. We both ducked as an acorn flew in our direction.

“I don’t know. Listen, I gotta go but Fred wanted me to remind you that you’re meeting tonight in the armor hall, he’s not sure which room though.”

I nodded and as George quickly started to head towards the Gryffindor table. “Wait!” I shouted after him, “Where is Fred?”

“Getting changed, he’ll be down for dinner though.”

Thanking him I turned my attention back to my animals. Now it was only Rue sitting alone, seems that their conversation is over. I strolled over to the table and plopped down, ready to hear all the details.

“Hey Em!” Rue greeted, the smile on her face could have radiated beams of sunshine it was that bright.

Perking up an eyebrow I leaned in, “Are my eyes playing tricks on me or were you and Mr. Oliver Wood just holding hands?”

She nodded enthusiastically, “Yes we just were!” A little squeak escaped her lips and words started to burst from her mouth, “HE ASKED ME TO BE HIS GIRLFRIEND AND I SAID YES!”

“Alright!” We exchanged high fives across the table. “I knew he was going to ask you out soon; we’ve hardly had time to hang out together because you two are always in the library!”

She shrugged, “I guess it's because you and Fred were kind of the same way.”

Quickly I made my way up the deserted staircase, skipping over the faulty step and down the labyrinth halls of the fourth floor. Taking a right away from the library I followed the loud voices echoing down the armor lined corridor. Light cascaded out from the stained glass window and I peered inside; Fred was on top of a desk, throwing his arms around in an aloof manner, muffled words pouring noisily out of his mouth directed towards whomever he was with. The provoked smile, the one he always seems to bring upon my face, appeared once more and I slowly opened the door.

“So that now brings me to this next question. Emily, will you go to the Yule Ball with me?”
Sincerity, integrity, and charm caressed the demeanor of his words, words that were directly spoken to the girl sitting on a desktop on the far side of the room, a girl that wasn’t his Emily. It was the Emily that belonged to his brother, a girl named Emily Brown.

My original plan of slipping into the room suddenly escaped me as I felt my chest swell tight and breathe cease. The automatic smile self-destructed. Instantly I began to wonder if I misheard him, that he really didn’t say what he had said.

But my hopeful theory was proven wrong as Emily sprang up in joy, clapping her hands, “Yes! Finally!”

The joy in one another’s eyes had stirred up the exact opposite in mine and as my eyes started to sting with distraught I quickly tried to close the door on the scene in front of me, before I could hear another word of it. Except, just to my luck, the doors ancient hinges let out an insufferable squeak, one that was truly unmistakable.

In a flash I felt both of their eyes dart to me as I cowered behind the ajar door, and an explosive smile erupted upon Fred’s face, making me freeze in place.

“Look, it’s just the person I need,” He jumped down from the desk and proceeded to saunter over to me, with an impeccable smirk upon his lips. His arrogance, almost aura of victory began to disgust me, and all the pain I had felt moments before started to team up with anger.

Feeling color flood to my face and a restless feeling settle into me, I backed away from the door as he came closer with each step. He must not have known I had just over heard him, he must believe that he can continue playing me like a fool. Then it occurred to me, a thought so powerful it was as if it was delivered by a lightning bolt, did George know anything about this?

“Ella, where are you going?” Fred asked confused as he opened the door. I could see Emily behind him peering at me through curious eyes.

“Listen, if you wanted to break up with me all you had to do was tell me it was over instead of leaving me hanging like this.”

His eyes, my favorite shade of brown, grow twice their size, “Break up with you? Wha…?”

The flames of a fire inside started to lick at my chest, fueling my confidence to keep a strong front about this situation, though my insides were near to collapsing. Protectively crossing my arms I let out a frustrated sigh, “Oh come off it, I heard what you said in there. You asked her to the ball.”

“What?!” Emily piped up from behind Fred, trying to pry the door open more, “Ask me?”

The, as if some sort of understanding popped into both of their heads, they looked at each other and burst out into laughter. After giving them a few seconds to recover, which they failed, I uncrossed my arms and turned, planning on walking down the hall. I will not tolerate being made a fool then laughed at.

Fred grabbed my arm as I went to leave, “Wait, you don’t understand, that’s not at all what I was doing.”

Rolling my eyes I snatched my arm back, “Then what were you doing?”

“Well I was going to officially ask you to the ball today, but I couldn’t figure out a good way to do it, so I asked Acorn’s if she could help me out. As friends of course.”

I stared at him in disbelief. “You’ve got to be kidding me; I just got myself all worked up over this for nothing?”

“Pretty much yeah.” Emily nodded her head then flounced back into the empty classroom, becoming uninterested in our conversation.

“I-I…” Never in my life have I ever been so flustered. I had to apologize but I was so filled with embarrassment that I didn’t even know where to start.

Fred pulled me into his arms, wrapping them securely around me as he placed a kiss on the top of my head. “Don’t worry about, we all make mistakes sometimes.”

“I feel so stupid,” I muttered into his chest, his scent that I grew so accustomed to welcomed me.

“See you guys tomorrow!” I looked up in time to see Emily walking out of the class room behind us.

“Bye Em, thanks for the help!” Fred said as she embarked down the armor lined hallway. We broke apart from each other and walked into the empty room, shutting the door behind us.

Sitting on top of a desk in the far corner of the room I kicked off my shoes, swinging my suspended feet back and forth. “So, you’re going to ask me to the Ball?”

“Yup, but tomorrow. You think you can wait that long?” He walked over to me, pushing up the sleeves of his jumper.

“Why not now?!”

“Because I say so. It’s a surprise.” He winked at me and smiled back, the same smile I was wearing earlier that day.
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