Status: Left for Dead

Gred and Forge

The Picnic

“Hello love,” Fred greeted as I walked off the last stair, leading to the Ravenclaw common room.

"Don’t you look nice today? I’m hoping this isn’t all for me now, is it?”

Grabbing a section of my floral skirt and holding it out, I curtseyed to Fred. “Oh no, this is entirely for later, on my date with your brother George,” I replied sarcastically.

Fred raised an eyebrow at me, “Ah, so you’re the sarcastic type are you?”

“Of course I am,” I implied, running my hand through my mass of chestnut hair.

We started for the door, walking down the long hallway. I don’t know why, but I got the strangest feeling that someone was following us. Every time I looked back though, I saw different people. It must just be my nervousness getting to me, I never have really done this sort of thing with a boy before, and even though I’m sure Fred has encountered in this casual sort of thing a multitude of times.

Looking behind me one more time, I heard Fred take a break in his accompanying chatter, “Emily, are you okay? You’re acting like you’re being stalked.”

“What?” I faced Fred who was looking at me with curious brown eyes, “Oh no, I just… I, never mind.”

“Are you sure? Because you seem rather uncomfortable.”

“Oh it’s nothing, just me being paranoid I guess,” My voice trailed off as I looked behind my shoulder once more.

“Come on,” Fred grabbed my hand, “let’s go have some fun.”

He led me outside and down to the lake as the sun shone through breaks of white fluffy clouds that invaded the sky. I didn’t really notice until now that he was still holding my hand. It felt weird, not like uncomfortable weird, just the fact that I’m holding something warm and beating.

Even with Fred holding my hand, the feeling that someone was watching me crept up again. I forced myself not to look behind me again, knowing that all that is going to be behind me is Hogwarts and maybe a few students. But still I just couldn’t shake the feeling, even when Fred and I sat down on a blanket lying in the grass. For some reason I think this just might be the blanket that should be on his bed.

Suddenly a basket appeared by Fred’s side, “Ready to eat?” He pulled out two golden plates, the ones from the Great Hall to be exact, along with some food that the house elves usually cook for dinner.

“Fred, how did you get this food?” I asked curiously eyeing him.

“Let’s just say I have, connections,” he smiled boyishly at me.

“Connection’s with whom exactly? The house elves?”

He shook his orange head at me, “Tsk tsk, you are thinking I stole the food aren’t you?” I gave Fred a knowing glance, “Well if you must know, yes I do have connections with the house elves and you aren’t eating food that has been stolen and sneaked out of the Great Hall in any way, shape, or form.”


“But, I can’t promise you anything on the plates,” he added, taking out a thermos and some goblets.

“Fred!” I shouted in disbelief, I’m surprised Hogwarts hasn’t kicked him and George out yet for all the bloody hell they’ve raised over the years!

“Oh calm down, I’ll give them back tonight. I swear, you act so innocent, but I can see right through that.” He winked at me causing me to blush.

“Really now, what makes me so transparent?” I asked, picking up a goblet of pumpkin juice. I tasted sweet on my tongue and cooled my throat. Before I came to Hogwarts I didn’t even know what the hell pumpkin juice was, but ever since I’ve tasted it I can’t imagine a life without it.

“Because, girls who are innocent don’t understand me, our personalities conflict each other’s so to say. Girls who hang around me are daring, adventurous, crazy; even though you don’t seem like one, deep down inside I can tell you are. I just have to help you embrace that.” He said nonchalantly as he picked up a biscuit and started to butter it. The way he said it though, made me think he’s been contemplating that for a while, trying to figure me out, and now all he has left to do is to wait and see how I answer.

“You honestly think that? Well you’re right about one thing, I am not innocent,” I told him definitely from behind an apple. Oh god, I hope that didn’t give him the wrong impression, ‘I am not innocent’, it makes me sound… smutty.

To my luck Fred just chuckled and munched on his biscuit, “Prove it.”

I drew a deep breath, and starred at Fred wide eyed. Is he asking what I think he is? I’m not all that sure because we could be talking about two totally different types of innocent. “In time I will,” I replied smoothly, dodged a bullet on that one.

Suddenly we heard someone yelling from the left of us, well not really yelling, more like screaming. Both Fred and I turned our heads to see Emily running… from Draco’s girlfriend as she yelled her head off at her.

“Oh crap…” I muttered, and caught Fred out of the corner of my eye with a smug smile on his thin lips.

“YOU ACORN EATING… LITTLE… UGHH!” Draco’s girlfriend yelled out raged after Emily, who was running towards one of the many tree’s surrounding the lake.

“Why in the world is Kat chasing after Emily like that?” Fred questioned out loud, chuckling.
So, Draco’s girlfriend was named Kat. But Kat what? She would have to be part of a pure blood family or else Draco wouldn’t even let her go near him, never the less let her snog him in public. “Oh no, she probably found out it was Emily who pushed her out of the tree!” I face palmed my forehead and shook my head slightly. She was going to die.

“Wait, she pushed her out of a tree? Why?!” Fred cried confused.

I took a short sip of my pumpkin juice before telling him the story of what happened during break the other day. “Well Kat and Draco were frenching it up in this tree that Emily claimed hers. She got pretty pissed, which in all honesty I would too if I caught Draco making out with someone in my favorite place… any way, she caught them then turned into a squirrel and pushed them out of the tree. It was wicked funny; you just had to have been there.”

He laughed and I turned in time to see Emily, squirrel form, running up a dead tree and sitting on a high branch. “GET DOWN FROM THERE! ARE YOU AFRAID OF ME?” Kat shouted from below, her words were seething out of her mouth. Suddenly an acorn bounced off her head, pissing her off way more then she already was. “YOU… YOU OBNOXIOUS SQUIRREL GIRL!” She yelled while taking off her sneaker and then proceeding to throw it at Emily, who it missed as she moved out of the way.

Fred and I burst into a fit of laughter as Kat marched away, still fuming. Finally it settled into the occasional chuckle as we peered at the lake through squinted eyes; for Scotland in late October, the weather was very nice. I felt my eyes wander into the light blue of the sky and the puffy clouds that speckled the atmosphere. They looked like they would never leave, that they came endlessly, spilling out sunlight as they poured over the sky.
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Hope you liked it! there's more on the picnic coming!! And no Emily and Fred are not dating yet... that's confusing to some people (ahem my friends)