I Never Meant to Hurt the Ones Who Cared


Bellona groaned as her alarm started blaring. She quickly swapped it a couple times so that it would turn off and got up groggily. After she brushed her teeth and got ready she headed into Owen's room nudging him to get up.

"Momma I only have half day today!" Owen giddily exclaimed running around the kitchen waiting for Bellona to finish cooking his food.

"Yes sweetie." She smiled at the little boy before lifting him up so he could sit on the counter "What would you like to do after school then?"

"Disneyland!" He exclaimed loudly with a giant smile on his face. When she looked into his piercing blue eyes that resembled his father's, she couldn't say no. Instead, she just gave him a giant hug before telling him to run upstairs to gather some clothes to change into after school.

After she dropped off Owen at his school, she went directly to hers. She had her first class with Baker, who seemed to send odd glances towards her. During that class he talked just used a projector trying to show the class how to use Cubase. Bellona found it extremely confusing and when he announced that they would have to hand in a project by the end of the week she groaned inwardly. The class ended minutes after and she waited a few minutes so she could talk to him.

"Hey, Mr. Baker" She grinned at him "For the project, what if we don't have someone to record?"

"Well, why don't you record yourself singing?" He gave her a shit eating grin to which she just pretended to scowl at him.

"Okay, how about this… just for you, you can record me and my friends recreational band." He replied with a smile.

"You're in a band?" She mused with a small smile on her face "Hard to believe… a heavily tattooed teacher who's also in a band, you're not the typical, Baker."

"Zacky" He corrected her "But yes. Well, kind of, we still play together sometimes but we lost our drummer a few years ago. We didn't really want to replace him though, so I guess you could say we're acoustic."

"I'm sorry" She gave him a sympathetic look "But really, I'd love to record you guys sometime. Just let me know when… and please make it before the deadline"

Bellona smiled as Zacky laughed at the last part. She then said goodbye and made her way out of his classroom and towards Seward and Haner's class. She sat through their class not paying attention. A part of Bellona was stoked to go to Disneyland with her son. It's not that they didn't spend a lot of time together, but she truly enjoyed going on small vacations with him, such as Seaworld or Universal Studios.

One thing that she truly admired and thanked god about her son was that he wasn't those bratty kids who would run away or cry when they didn't get something they wanted. He was always up for every single ride, even the ones a kid his age should be terrified of.

A small laugh passed her lips as she remembered how terrified Owen was when they went on the Atlantis ride at Seaworld. During the part where they were in the elevator for a couple minutes, Owen was completely freaked out and was convinced something scary was going to pop out at him. Remembering the memory, it just caused Bellona to laugh a bit louder.

"Is something funny?" Haner raised his eyebrows in Bellona's direction. She immediately turned red, embarrassed with her outburst in class.

"Oh, nothing. Just thinking about something funny" She murmured back. Of course, Mr. Seward demanded that she tell him what was funny and started jumping around the classroom like a monkey when she refused.

"Fine!" She groaned out "Just one time I was at SeaWorld with my son, and we went on the water ride. You know that one part when you go in the elevator, and it takes you up? Well, it took a bit longer this time, and he was freaking out so bad, thinking something was going to pop out at him."

Mr. Seward laughed "Yeah, one of my friends used to get so paranoid during kid rides. One time he was covering his ears during Splash Mountain because he thought the eerie kid songs were a set up for a monster to surprise him"

The class laughed at both Mr. Seward and Bellona's stories. After that, they went back to their usual teaching about Music Theory. After the class was done Bellona hurried out of the class so she could go talk to Matt before picking up Owen.

She ran into his classroom a bit out of breath which caused him to look up and laugh at her. Bellona just sent a small death glare towards him which resulted in more laughter.

"Hey, uh I just wanted to tell you, and apologize" She gave him an apologetic smile "I have to pick up Owen right now and he wants to go to Disneyland after pre-school, and I just can't say no to him"

Matt gave her a knowing smile "Of course. Don't worry about it - I'll fill you in on what you missed in the class, just let me know when?"

"Thank you so much!" She gushed "And anytime. Owen really liked having you around yesterday, you should come over sometime."

"You know I will" He gave her a smile before she ran off towards her car so she wouldn't be late picking up Owen.
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