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This Christmas

Day 8 cont.

"I don't care who you think you are, I have this badge," I growl gesturing to the lanyard around my neck, "and I would very much like to go see my brother. You just let two chicks pass. I even have the same last name see, STAAL! I know you can read! For cripes sakes!"

I yell at the security guard who was blocking the entrance to the hallway that lead to the players dressing room.

"It's because I have boobs isn't it? Trust me I'm not a puck bunny I have no desire in raping any of my brothers team mates. Come on! I'm only here one night I just want to say good-bye to my brother and head to the air-port I promise you I will do just that. See, entrance pass!" I try once more waving it in his face. He looks over my head and I feel my eyes narrow, I know he had let me pass before I recognized him, but this wasn't amusing me.

Seeing a rather cute guy walking towards us I wave my arms slightly recognizing the guy but not really caring who he was just that he could get me in.
"You! Underling, help me see Eric!" I order hoping that the threat of the Captain's name would gain my entrance.

"Well since you asked so kindly," the hockey player quips gesturing for the security guard to let me pass. I resist the urge to stick my tongue out at him just barley and skip over to my brothers team mate with a large smile on my face. I hadn't met this one but I liked him.

Approaching the dressing room the tall figure of my brother emerging who had a confused look on his face until he saw me.
"There you are I thought you were coming down after the game?"
"I tired too," I growl giving him a hug in greeting. Eric laughs before nodding over to his team mate, "Mads, have you met Jeff?"

I look over at the guy beside me subtly checking him out before shaking my head after realizing who he was. Yeah, jail bait much.
"Ahh, I figured thats who you were. I get the Bieber reference now," I joke making him groan.

"Did you have to tell her that?" he almost whines to my brother making me laugh. He was a pretty funny kid, kind of happy go lucky and totally someone you would no expect to be like that, especially with all the pressure he was under.

"Well, I'm Madison Staal, it's nice to meet you and all but I need to steal your Captain to drive me to the airport."


Jared stands with both hands on his hips, looking oddly feminine, glaring between the two of us before his eyes finally zero in on the ring that was sitting proudly on my left hand.

"Please tell me you haven't been wearing that all week or I'm going to feel really stupid," he mumbles making us both laugh. "I always do ring checks! How could I miss this! The one time I forget!"

"Wait, what? Ring checks?" I question kind of offended. What did he expect me to just waltz in with a ring one day and not mention it to anyone? At least I had taken it off, yes.

"Come on, you're a Staal therefore fucking gorgeous by default. Any guy would be lucky to marry you," he looks pointedly at the man holding my hand, "I'd be stupid not to do ring checks. That and Jordan started doing them about a year ago, he was convinced you were secretly dating Crosby because you visited him the most. I tried to tell him you just had more work to do in Pittsburgh but he was insistent that you were dating Crosby. Or that Russian; Malkin? Apparently you’re very nice to him and that just screams secret relationship but whatever. I told him you just took advantage of his hospitality and felt sorry for him, that’s why you visited him most. That is why isn’t it? He’s not your favorite is he?"

I blink at my younger brother before reaching over to give him a one armed hug, "That's the craziest, cutest thing that I have ever heard!"

Jared blushes slightly before pulling away and running a hand through his hair.
"Well, dinner's ready. I'm sure they'd all like to meet your husband to be, let's go."

"Ouch! Son of a bitch!" I swear walking into something that was about as hard as a wall. "What part of going to miss my plane don't you people understand!" I grumble taking Eric hand as he helps me off the floor.

"Those sound like fighting' words," a voice jokes making me scowl. I brush off my skirt just knowing it was covered in some kind of hockey game debris.

"Sorry, she's in a hurry. Excuse her" Eric says from behind me. I glare up at my brother adjusting my purse on my shoulder.
"I'm a big girl Eric, you don't have to apologize for me."

"That doesn't look like your wife, Staal," the fight club enforcer states making his eyebrows dance back and forth before the guy beside him elbows him.

"That's cause it's his sister, dumb-ass."
I laugh at this, linking my arm through my brothers as he frowns down at the one loud mouth probably slightly insulted that he would imply he was cheating on Tanya.

"Madison, I think you've met before, this is Jonathan Toews," Eric introduces, I smile up at the dark haired guy recognizing him from the Olympics. The guy beside him clears his throat and Eric rolls his eyes, "and Patrick Kane."

"Right," I laugh shaking both their hands quickly. "The Olympics, I remember, I had a little to drink before hand, were you the one I kept calling Toe Boy?"

Toews laughs quietly and nods making me blush slightly. "Right, sorry about that. Anyways; as I was swearing about earlier, I have a plane to catch. Chicago awaits. Maybe I'll see you around?"


"Of course my sister can't be normal and marry some random guy, no she has to marry the freaking Captain of the Chicago Blackhawks. I thought you didn't even like hockey that much, you're going to breed hockey players did you know that? At least he's Canadian, I'd never forgive you if you married an American though I guess you're marrying Toews, Kane's like your second husband then isn't he?" Jared jokes as we walk towards the dining room.

I giggle slightly under my breath as Jonathan gives me a confused look, I guess he expected Jared to be more formal with him in the beginning?

Pushing open the door the conversation stops for a moment as everyone looks between us. The moment of truth.
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