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Act of Kindness


"Afternoon Kara. The usual?"

"You know me too well, Jimmy." I said smiling at the high school senior in the local restaurant right next door to the theatre. Once he handed me my lunch, I sat at my usual table and dug in.

On most days I would be working on drawings or making notes in my script but today I found myself looking back on my life.

The Windy City is home now. Right after graduation, Julia and I packed up our stuff and drove to Chicago to be with Patrick and Jonathan. Yes, we are still together and going strong. It was a struggle in the beginning but we were willing to make it work.

The boys had done well since winning their second Stanley Cup but were unable to make it to the finals. It was hard to be there for them when Julia and I were still in New York but we all did our best.

There were no more incidents like before. Pat and I rarely argued and always talked things out(after learning from before).

My senior year of college was spent job searching in Chicago and convincing my mother to let me go. With my dad still over seas and my brother off on his own, I was the last person to leave the nest and she wasn't ready for that. My mom had nothing against me being with Patrick, she adored him, but he was taking me far away from her and she wasn't too keen on the idea. Thankfully, Mrs. Kane stepped in.

Two summers ago, we had gotten our families together to finally meet and they hit it off. It was nice that they lived in Buffalo, even if it was three hours away from Syracuse. Our mom's made time to see each other and it gave me relief that my mother had someone nearby. Of course my dad haven't had the chance to meet Pat's folks in person, but they were able to see him on Skype. It was amazing the connection our families had.

My relationship with Pat's sisters was good. Occasionally, we would call or text each other. They would stop by Rochester when I was still in school and they happened to be in town. Even Julia became fast friends with the Kane sisters.

Of course David Toews was in the picture as well. Now that he was playing in the NHL, we saw him more often.

Moving to Chicago was a true adventure for me. I in a new city with my best friend, living with my boyfriend of three and a half years, working in one of the downtown theatres, and volunteering with the Blackhawk Organization. I loved every minute of it.

Living with Patrick was easy to get use to surprisingly. We both had two different routines but both molded together to make things peaceful. I would wake up and make him breakfast before he left for practice, I would have dinner ready at 7:00pm on non-game days. Sometimes we'd meet for lunch nearby the theatre where I worked. When I cooked, Pat cleaned up. I'd do the laundry, Pat would do whatever little chore that needed to be done. Life was perfect.

Julia and I were aware that, being the girlfriends of two of the players, we had to help out with events and such. Now, we were the ones creating new events and doing what we could to give back. Sometimes, I would stop by the Children's Hospital with some of the cast from the theatre and we will sing for the kids. Patrick would join me if he was home.

We got along with other WAG's too. Every week, we had a meeting about the different things we could do to give back to the people and the Organization couldn't have been happier.

All of us worked together so often that friendships blossomed outside the arena and we would have get-togethers when the boys were away. We'd have a big dinner and watch the games, all of us sporting our significant other's jersey.

Well, life is perfect here in Chicago. I couldn't ask for anymore than what I've got.

I glanced down at my watch, taking in the time. Gathering my garbage, I headed for the door of the restaurant.

"See you tomorrow Kara!"

"See ya Jimmy!" I waved.

Stepping outside I had to cover my eyes from the sun. The light from the sky reflected off the few inches of snow left on the side walks and streets with enough force to blind you.

It was the perfect February day, in a perfect city, in a perfect life.
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Yayay a sequel!! This one might take me some time to get into because of my finals but I'll do my best. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed!