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Act of Kindness

Chapter 2

"I still cannot get over the fact that you're engaged." Julia said shaking her head.

"How is that so hard to believe?" I asked raising an eyebrow at my friend as we walked into my apartment building.

"I don't know. It's just so exciting I can't get over it."

"Ms. Kara?"

"Hey Bruce, how's it going?" I asked the doorman as he waved me over to the front desk.

"It's going good. I got a surprise for you here." He said before he set a vase filled with beautiful blue lilies onto the counter.

"Oh my god, they're beautiful." I said lifting one to my nose. "Who brought me these?"

"I'm not sure. A delivery man stopped by this afternoon." Bruce answered.

"Look, there's a note." Julia pointed out. I took the little envelop and opened it.

If I had to choose whether to breathe or to love you, I would use my last breath to tell you that...I love you. Happy Birthday."

"That's so cute! Do you think Pat got these for you?" Julia asked. I just smiled , imagining Pat being this romantic. After my birthday, I wouldn't doubt it. I picked up the vase and said goodbye to Bruce.

I couldn't wipe the smile off my face as I reread the note. This was defiantly one of the many things I loved about Patrick.

"Are you gonna ask Pat about the flowers?" Julia asked as I refilled the vase with new water and walked into the living room. I shrugged just as the door opened to reveal Patrick and Jon returning from a long practice day.

"Hey babe." Pat greeted, pecking my lips.

"How was practice?"

"I am exhausted. I just want to eat and go to bed." He said walking into the kitchen like he always did for a Gatorade. When he came back he asked, "Hey, who are the flowers from?" Julia and I looked at each other, then over at Pat.

"They're not from you?" Julia asked.


"Then..." Julia and I rushed into the kitchen and pulled out the little note to look for any kind of name.

"What's the note say?" Jon asked. I handed it to him and he read it, Patrick looking over Jon's shoulder. From the look on both their faces, they weren't happy.

"What the fuck?" Pat said. "Who the hell sent you this?"

"I don't know Pat. Bruce just gave them to me. He said they were delivered." I answered.

"Well it looks like Kara has a secret admirer." The three of us in the room shot a glare at Jon.

"I need to go take a shower." Pat mumbled storming off and slamming the bedroom door.

"Kara...you're not...cheating on Pat are you?" I was startled, not expecting Jon to ask me that.

"What? Of course not! I haven't done anything!!"

"I believe you but you know Pat's gonna think that."

"I haven't done anything! Julia's my witness. I go to work then come home right away. I would never do anything to hurt Patrick!" Jon held his hands up in surrender.

"Okay, okay. Well, go talk to him." Jon said taking Julia's hand and walking out of the apartment.

From outside the bedroom door, I couldn't hear the shower in the quiet apartment. I cautiously stepped inside the room to see Pat shoving the dresser drawers open and close.

"Pat?" He didn't respond. "Pat, please stop. This is nothing."

"Someone just sent my fiance flowers and they weren't just birthday flowers. Obviously someone besides me loves you."

"I don't know who sent them Pat."

"Are you cheating on me?"

"Of course not! I love you Patrick. I would never do that!" I knew he was going to ask, just like Jon did, so I tried to keep my emotion intact.

I walked over to Pat and made him stop looking through the dresser, "You believe me...right?" Patrick's eyes glared at me but when he saw nothing but care and compassion in mine, his face softened.

"Of course." He mumbled. He set his clothes on top of the dresser and wrapped his arms around me. "Can we just order Chinese and watch movies?" I smirked and nodded. He kissed me then went to the shower to clean up and change.

In the kitchen, I dialed the local Chinese place and ordered our usual. As I stood there, I couldn't help but stare at the flowers. Who could have given me these? I've never led anyone on before, it's not what I do. I love Pat. I can't imagine hurting him like that.

So when I hung up after the call, I tossed the flowers in the trash. I don't want anything to get in the way of mine and Pat's relationship. We've been through enough as it is and we're finally happy and getting married. The last thing I want is for something to jeopardize that.


"Kara, so lovely to see you again. It's been long."

"It's been a week Tyler." I said, annoyance dripping from my tone. I just kept walking by him as I headed for one of the conference rooms in the arena's upper levels. I was meeting with some of the other WAG's and the event staff to finish up the plans for an upcoming team appearance at one of the many hospitals in the area.

"That's too long Kara. I don't know how Kaner doesn't but," He grabbed my arm and came close, "if you were mine, I'd never leave you alone." I yanked my arm from his grasp and left him standing there smirking in the hallway.


"Nicky, what are you doing here?" I asked the two year old as he ran into my legs.

"He's visiting daddy while Madelyn's at school." Abby answered detaching her son from my legs. I smiled at the mother and son before me.

Two years after Madelyn was born, Abby became pregnant with the second Sharp child. She gave birth to the handsome little boy who will one day rival in his fathers good looks.

"I help Kawa." Nicky said with that precious smile.

"Alright little man, let's get started then."

After the meeting, Abby and I walked down to the locker room to wait for the guys. Nicky was in my arms playing with my hair as we passed the visitors locker room.

"Kara?" Abby and I stopped and turned to see the infamous Captain in the city of Pittsburgh.

"Hey Sidney. How's it going?"

Since meeting Sidney almost four years ago, I had seen him along the way when I was with Patrick. He always made sure to say hello whenever he was around. Did his mother raise him right, or what?

"It's good. Just getting ready for the game. I didn't know you and Kaner..."

"Oh no, that ones mine." Abby corrected when she saw Sidney glance at the young boy in my arms.

"Looks just like his father. Congrats on the engagement." Sidney commented.

"How'd you hear about that?" I asked.

"Hockey players gossip just as bad as teenage girls." Abby joked causing all of us to laugh.

"I'm happy for you. I expect an invite to the wedding." He smirked.

"It wouldn't be a party without you Sid."

"Damn straight. Well, I need to get going."

"Good luck tonight Sid, you're gonna need it." The Captain just rolled his eyes and went on his way.

"Girl you better be careful. First, you got a secret admirer, now you have the goody-two shoes Canadian boy flirting with you. Pat's gonna have to lock you up."

"He was just being friendly. Sid's a good guy. He's harmless." I defended.

"And it's exactly those kind of guys you have to watch out for." I shook my head at her and continued towards the Blackhawks locker room.

"There's my little man!" Sharpie yelled out when he saw his family. I let Nicky go and he ran off to his father. Abby joined her son and I took my place at Patrick's side, his arm already around my waist, kissing my head.

"How was your meeting?" Pat asked.

"It was good. I hope you're all up for another hospital visit."

"Of course. We love doing those visits." Jon answered.

"Good. Now all of you need to go home and get some sleep and food. You've got a big game tonight." I ordered. The boys nodded and marched to the parking lot. Jon, Pat, and I brought up the rear.

"You and Julia sitting in the stands or in the box?" Jon asked.

"Haven't decided yet. We might flip a coin later." I said with a shrug.

"At least there isn't an option to be on the bench. The two of them there..." Pat shivered at the thought. I slapped his arm.

"You would love me on the bench with you."

"Yeah, maybe if there weren't thousands of people there watching." He whispered into my ear. Jon rolled his eyes as I blushed at the thought.

"Save it for after the game Kaner." Jon warned before we split and went to our respective cars.

"What the Captain doesn't know, won't hurt him." Pat said just before leaned over the center console and pressed his lips to mine.

"You know Pat," I pulled away but Patrick just moved to my neck, "You're going to need your rest. Sidney's positive they'll win tonight." That made him stop and look at me.

"When'd you talk to Crosby?"

"When Abby and I were heading to the locker room."

"Crosby doesn't talk to anyone that isn't on the team before a game. It's in his bible."

"Maybe I'm just an exception." I joked but obviously it wasn't taken that way. Pat sat back in his chair and started the car. The whole ride home, he didn't say anything.

Back at the apartment he continued the cold shoulder treatment, even as he went into the bedroom to get ready for his pre-game nap. As he plopped down onto the bed, I grabbed a pair of shorts and a tank top to change into. Pat didn't move when I knelled on the bed beside him.

"Pat, what are you thinking?" I asked rubbing his back.

"I'm not. Brain turned off." He mumbled into the pillow.

"You've been quiet since we left the parking lot."

"I'm fine. Need sleep." I let out a sigh and climbed onto his back, straddling his hips. I rubbed my hands up his back and scratched it on the way down. I massaged his shoulders, knowing he wouldn't be able to resist the attention. "You're killing me woman." He said, lifting his shirt up and over his head without me getting off.

"Talk to me Patrick Kane." I whispered.

"Why do you have to be so amazing?" He asked, turning his head so I could hear him.

"It's a curse." I joked, cracking a grin.

"Everyone falls in love with you. I want to be the only one that falls in love with you."

"Patrick, you will be the only man that will ever be the love of my life."

"You need to stop being so nice."

"I'll try."

"That's all I ask. Now," This time he tossed me to the side and hovered over me. "it's time to get ready for the game."

"Patrick, you heard the Captain. No fun time until after the game." I said as he kissed my jawline, down my neck and to my collarbone.

"You seriously believe Tazer's behaving over there with Julia?"

"Okay, didn't need to imagine that. They are my friends and that is defiantly one thing I don't want to think about." I replied rubbing my eyes of the image. Pat chuckled.

"Then I'll give you something else to think about."


"This is exactly why I don't like the Penguins."

"It was a good game." I reasoned with Julia.

"I bet she helped inspire Crosby. She talked to him earlier." Abby told Julia. My friend slowly turned at me, her mouth wide open and eyes bugged out.

"You talked to the enemy? How could you?"

"Hey, aren't you a die hard Sabres fan?" I tossed back. She opened her mouth ready to say something but closed it knowing...I was right.

"That's not important. You talked to Crybaby and the Pens won."

"Yeah but I talked to Pat and Jon and Sharpie. Why didn't the Blackhawks win?" I argued.

"Kara, you're not making any sense. Can we just go down to the locker room now?" Julia stood up from her seat in the box and headed out the door. Abby and I just watched her go and then return, "Are you coming?" Abby chuckled standing up with Nicky in her arms while I took Madelyn's hand. We followed Julia to meet the boys.

The Hawks lost 5-2. I had walked into that family lounge enough times to know how the boys were going to act and how I am going to react. The girlfriends and families present at the game waited as they came out in their suits, frowns on their faces. Their shoulders slumped as they walked to their significant other and wrapped their arms around them.

Jon and Pat were the last two to come out as usual on a bad game day. Julia and I would meet them half way when they walked out.

"You played great babe." I heard Julia say as Jon rested his forehead against hers.

"Come on, let's go home." I nodded at Pat and we walked hand in hand back to the car.

Patrick was out of his suit and into a pair of pajama pants seconds after walking through our apartment door. I made myself a cup of tea as I let Pat go through his bad game day routine. By the time I joined him in the bedroom, he was half way under the covers sitting up against the head board. The TV replayed tonight's game with the volume turned low.

I stripped out of my Blackhawks gear and put on my pajamas. I slid the remote out of Pat's hand and turned the TV off. Pat didn't flinch.

"You played well tonight." I said.

"We could of been better."

"And you will. This is only the first time you played them this year. You'll see them again on their turf and you'll beat them." I reassured. He looked at me, his head the only thing that moved.

"You think we can do it?"

"I know you can."

Patrick reached over and grabbed my left hand, kissing my knuckles and then my ring.

"I love you."

"I love you too. Now come on, we need some sleep. Tomorrow's a big day." Pat lifts up the covers for me as I snuggle underneath them.

"What's tomorrow?" He asked resting his head on my chest as we get comfortable.

"We need to start planning a wedding." I answer brushing my fingers through his hair.

"I bet we could just fly to where we met and get married tomorrow."

"As romantic as that sounds, our mothers would kills us."

"We should just do it and then put on a wedding for everyone else. They'll never know."

"I don't want you getting distracted before playoffs." Pat laughed.

"It would be Jon that kills us, not our moms. All of a sudden he thinks he's the sex police or something. Though I would bet $100 he's over there in his apartment right now just goi--"

"Alright stop. Julia and I are close but not that close."

"But he get's on everyone else's ass when I'm sure he's getting some a--"

"Keep talking about it and you'll plan the entire wedding alone."

"Sorry." He mumbled.

I closed my eyes ready for the day to end and a new one to begin when I felt Pat sit up, "You wouldn't really leave me to plan the entire wedding...would you?"

"Keep talking about my friends sex life and I will. And if I find out you've been talking about ours, planning a wedding won't be the worst of it." I threatened innocently.

"My lips are sealed."
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