Soon My Friend

Atlas was raised in an orphanage and grew up with no parents. He was left with a silver necklace of a hologram that read, "Our deepest fears is that we're not inadequate, our deepest fears is that we're powerful beyond measure."

Determined to be on the first space flight to Mars, he will encounter events that will change his life and that of the planet he came from.
  1. Log 1 - Launch Day
    Atlas has been dreaming about this day since he realized, what he was meant to do.
  2. Log 2 - Discovery
    Atlas doesn't know where or how to start his journey, but in the way something happens. Something that would change his views on everything forever.
  3. Log 3 - Test Run
    With his new powers, Atlas decides to take them for a spin.
  4. Log 4 - Her
    I had to tell someone about this, and there was only one person in the world.
  5. Log 5 - Incarcerated
    As Atlas approaches his destination he will have to go through security, and someone else is about to be in the mix.
  6. Log 6 - Progression
    As Atlas is interviewed he does something out of desperation.
  7. Log 7 - Astonishment
    Atlas reveals himself only to discover that someone already knows.
  8. Log 8 - The Man with the Tattoos.
    Atlas is shown into the heart of the facility, but he won't be doing it alone.
  9. Log 9 - Underwater
    Atlas is tested on his skills underwater only to discover more about himself.
  10. Log 10 - Land
    After being underwater his skills are about to be taken to the next level.
  11. Log 11- Isolation Chamber and Revelation
    Atlas enters the final stage of traning and the Identity of the tattooed man comes to light.
  12. Log 12 - Running out of options
    Atlas finds himself hanging in the balance.