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Meet Me on Thames St.

You're Everything I Don't Want In A Girl

*Chase’s Pov*

I stood there not sure what to do. Would they even miss me in there? Nobody cares. I stood there alone with my thoughts.


I spun around to see Tara. She was one of the last person I wanted to see right now.

“What do you want?” I snapped without thought

“Sorry about interrupting you standing in alley alone, but Ashley is a mess. She is a drunken mess. She is not listening to anyone. Can you help?”

“Where is she?”

This girl is terrible sober. Her personality is almost intensified when drinking.

“Down the block. We’ve been trying to get her home for at least half an hour.” She says beginning to walk in the direction

Have I really been out here for that long?

“Where’s Keith? Did he just leave her like that?” my mind starts to run with questions

“No, I told him he didn’t have to. I said you would help, but he insisted on staying.” She explains

“I don’t need help.” Someone whined

She was sitting on the curb. She had one shoe, her dress had a rip in it, her knee was cut, and her brown hair was practically covering her face. She was a sloppy mess and it pained me. Keith was standing in front of her in a protective stance.

“What happened?” I ask almost angry at the state she was in

“I have no clue. She had two or three drinks.” Keith answers

“She’s always been a light weight. What happened to her knee and her dress?” I stare sternly

“She tripped trying get out of the club.” He explains

“I got it from here. You can go home.”

“Are you sure?”

I nod and with that Keith left.

I looked at my drunken Ash. She looked like a child. “Ash, I’m bringing you home”

“No, I still want to party.” She pouted

“We can party tomorrow.” I compromise

“No, go away!” she fought

I decided just to pick her up and carry her over my shoulder. There would be no reasoning with her.

“I hate you. You ruin everything” she whined

I laughed to myself “tell me something new.”

It wasn’t far from the apartment. Ashley was also light. She was always really easy to pick up. She was always too stubborn to listen, as well. I guess some things never change. Tara opened the door to the apartment for me. I decided to settle her down on my bed.


“Why what?” I scrambled to find clothes for her to sleep in tonight

“Why are you taking care of me?” she slurred

I knew whatever I told her she wouldn’t remember.

“Because I love you”

“I think I still love you too.” She mumbled

She didn’t mean it. She was drunk. I found a pair of boxers to wear and a white tee. I turned to her and she kissed me. I didn’t kiss back I was paralyzed. She kissed me! It pained me to restrain from kissing back. I couldn’t kiss back, she was drunk. This meant nothing to her.

She pulled away and tried pulling off her dress. I stopped her “Don’t do that.”

“Why? You love me.” She whined

“You’re not thinking straight, Ash. Believe me, I want you so bad. This isn’t right to you though. I’m not that guy. Put these on.” I say in pain as I hand her my clothes

She did as she was told, but I needed to help her put her shirt on. She wasn’t very coordinated in this state.

She laid down on the bed “Sleep in here with me.”

I nodded and sat next to her. She nuzzled her face in my chest.

“Tell me a story.”

“What story?”

“When you asked me out” She smiled with her eyes closing



It was Friday afternoon. My bike came to a stop at a red light. Rachel’s arms tightened around me. She must’ve gotten scared by the abrupt stop.

Rachel was sort of annoying. I hooked up with her last night. She was the typical type I went after. Stupid, easy, and disposable. That’s all I needed.

We were heading to Rusty’s to play pool with the guys. We just entered the place to see the group. Ashley was with the group. She was in ripped jeans and a plaid blue shirt. She was equipped with a pool stick and her signature smile as she talked to Rian, Eric, and Charlie.

When she noticed me and Rachel across the room, her smiled seemed to fade. Why was she upset? She said she had no feelings toward me.

“Hey look who finally decided to grace us with his presence. You two are on Ashley’s team.” Eric smiled

I grabbed a stick near Ashley.

“I’m breaking” she informed

“Can we talk about the other night?”

“Nope. We said we would just forget about it.” She says chalking her stick

“You’re not acting like you forgot it. You don’t seem okay.”

She ignored me and shot the cue ball. It knocked 3 balls in the pockets.

“I think I’m doing pretty good.” She said walking off

Rian picked up his stick and shot the cue ball, sending an orange ball into the pocket. It was now Rachel’s turn. She pouted at me.

“Can you help me?”

“You hit the white ball to get another ball in the pocket.” I say real slow

“I meant physical help.” She winked

I rolled my eyes “I have faith in your abilities.”

My eyes followed Ashley. She was walking with a tray of drinks for everyone. I wasn’t the only one who noticed her. Rachel looked at me and then glared at Ashley. As she walked past her, Rachel’s stick jabbed at her. Ashley’s tray went flying. Glass shattered everywhere and soda covered Ashley’s shirt.

“What the fuck?” Ashley yelled

“I didn’t mean to.” Rachel shrugged as if it was no big deal

“I don’t mean to do this either.” Ash says cocking her arm back

Before her fist could make contact with Rachel’s face, Charlie grabbed her arm.

“Charlie let me go.” She growled

“Ash, you’re bleeding.” Rian spit pointing at her arm

Her upper arm has a gash on it. It began to stain her white sleeve. The glass must have cut her. She seemed to realize.

Charlie let go of her arm “Go to the bathroom and clean it. Make sure there is no glass in there.”

She did as directed without hesitation.

“Get the fuck out of here.” Eric shook his head at Rachel

“It wasn’t on purpose. It’s not like she’s dying either.”

“Bullshit” Rian mumbled

“Ash is gonna be fuming and looking for round two, so just get out.” Charlie reasons

“What do you think, Chase?” She trailed

“It’s better if you leave now and don’t come back.”

She started at me in disgust for a moment then left without a word.

I walked into the girl’s bathroom. She had a piece of paper towel over her arm.

“Let me see.”

She didn’t remove the paper.

“Let me clean it up. It’s my fault.”

“You didn’t make that crazy bitch do that!” she defends

“Let me see your arm.” I repeat

She removed the towel and exposing the gash. I gently took a hold over her arm and rinsed it under the cold water of the sink. She winced at the cold water.

“I’m sorry about last night.” I blurt out

“It’s fine. It was me. We made out while you were drunk. I should have known it meant nothing. I was being stupid. It’s not like we were dating. ”

“But it wasn’t just a drunken kiss.” I defend


“You’re different, erratic, stubborn, and everything I try to avoid in a girl. You’re smart and opinionated. That’s something I never want in a girl.”

She sighed “Thanks really. Please stop, this isn’t making me feel better.”

“No, it’s a good thing. I honestly like you.”

I put my hands on each side of her face and pulled her closer. My lips slowly brushed hers. It felt right. It felt natural.

“What I’m trying to say is will be my girlfriend?”

She brushed my lips saying “thought you’d never ask.”
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