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Meet Me on Thames St.

I met her a while ago, but she seems different. She changed.

*Ashley’s POV*

I heard movement. My eyelids were too heavy to open though. I began to stir a little. I then realized there was someone was lying in the bed with me. My body quickly tensed.

“Shh! Don’t worry, it’s just me. Go back to bed.” His hands rubbed my shoulders

Oh, it’s just Chase. Wait, what? Chase?

My mind was flooded with thoughts, but my head was still pounding. I seemed to have quickly gone unconscious.


My second attempt to get up was successful. My head was still killing me though. I looked to see that the bed was empty. I looked at my surrounding. I inferred it was Chase’s room by the two picture frames on the night stand. One was of his late brother and him. The other was a picture of me and him. There was a bottle of Tylenol and a glass of water with a note.

I’m in the kitchen when you’re ready –Chase

I smelled eggs and decided entering the kitchen was the best idea.

“Morning” he smiled

I mumbled a good morning while rubbing my eyes. I took a seat at the counter “What time is it?”

“It’s past 1. I’m making omelets”

“My favorite” I smiled “Where’s Tara and Eric?”

“Went out so it’s just you and me”

“Do I want to know about last night?” I question

“You were drunk, we brought you back to the apartment and you fell asleep in my room. Nothing big happened, trust me.” He shrugs

“Sorry, I don’t know what got into me.” I apologize

“Don’t worry, you saved me so many times that we’re even. Plus, you said that our friendship is supposed to be about being there for each other.”

“So were friends?” I ask enthusiastically

I would love to be friends with him again. He was fun to be around.

He nodded “Sounds like a good idea.”

“I don’t even remember seeing you at the club.”

“Uh” he seemed hesitant “I showed up late. You were pretty out of it by then.”

I nod in understanding

“So what do you think of Keith?” he questions

“How do you know Keith?”

“I work at the bar with him. So do you like him?” he said putting an omelet in front of me

“I think we’re better off as friends.” I explain

Chase was the absolute last person I wanted to talk to about this.

“I understand.” He says taking a bite of his omelet

“What about you? Do you like anybody? What about Sasha?”

“Sasha was just some hook up. Though there is this one girl. I met her a while ago, but she seems different. She changed. She’s more independent and I like that.” He smiles thinking of his dream girl

“So does she know?”

He shook his head “I’m the last guy who deserves to be with a girl like her”

“Will I get to meet her?”

“Maybe…” he shrugs

We began to eat our omelets in silence.

“I like this.” I state

“Well I used to always make you omelets.” He reminds

“I meant us. I’m happy we aren’t awkward, anymore.” I smile

“Me too.”

After breakfast we watched a movie.

“So what are the plans for tonight?” I question

“Well I’m working in a little. Would you like to come?” he smiled

“Sure. Let me go get ready.”
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