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Meet Me on Thames St.

You Smell Like Vanilla

*Ashley’s POV*

I fidgeted in the waiting room seat. The staff wouldn’t let me see him. I hated hospitals, they remind me of death. Why couldn’t I see him? My head started swimming, when I remembered the thoughts. Some guy was being disgusting to me, Chase was defending me, but some body pulled him backwards. His head hit a bar stool on the way down. He blacked out. We got him into an ambulance. The doctors were working on him now.

He had to be fine. He was always fine. He was strong, he’ll be perfectly fine. I didn’t know how to get in contact with Tara or Eric, so I just sat there on the verge of tears.

I was getting anxiety. Hospitals made me jumpy. Memories fled my head……..

“Excuse me, miss, is your friend in there?” a doctor around thirty-five asked

“Yeah, is he okay?” I choked

“He seems to have hit his head pretty hard. He lost a lot of blood. We stitched him up and gave him a blood transfusion. He has to stay overnight for observation. He is now conscious, but very weak.” He explains

“Can I see him?”

He nodded “he’s not very alert, but of course.”

I walked into the room. Chase was pale and weakly. His eyelids were low.

“Ashley.” He smiled faintly “The nurse said I’d be hallucinating.”

I giggled slightly “Why does this have to be a hallucination?”

“You would never enter a hospital. Every accident I got into on my bike, you would never come visit. You don’t have the strength to come in.”

“I’m stronger than I used to be. How are you feeling?”

“Like I got nailed by a truck, what happened? How did I end up on the floor?” he asks

“Someone tried breaking up the fight. Keith called an ambulance and let your boss know what happened. The guy was kicked out of the bar.” I explain the events that happened after he blacked out

“I have to stay here tonight.” He states

I nodded “I heard, I’ll stay here with you.”

He shook his head “No, you hate hospitals.”

“But I’m just a hallucination, you said.” I tease

“If you’re a hallucination then you’d be kissing me.” He rolls his eyes “Go home and go to bed.”

“You were there for me last night, now it’s my turn. I can sleep here. Friends are supposed to be there for each other.”

“But the chairs are not comfortable.” He fought

He winced in pain. He needed to sleep.

“You look tired, go to sleep.” I say softly

We placed his hand off the bed, I put my small hand in his large and rough one.

“You’re always there for me.”

I got up and hugged him gently “I always will be.”

“You still smell like vanilla.” He smiles

I smiled back “Please go to bed.”

He slowly drifted unconscious, but still kept grip of my hand.


“A scoop of cookie dough, choco choco chunk, pistachio mint, rocky road, and cake batter in a cone.” He asks the cashier

“That’s huge!” I exclaim

“Don’t be jealous, babe It’s not my fault you got plain vanilla in a cone.” He teases

“Whatever.” I roll my eyes

“It’ll be $10.45” the cashier smiled more to Chase then to me

I quickly threw my money on the table. I shoved Chase out of the way.

“Nope, I’m paying.” He fought putting money on the counter

“No, I put my money down first.”

“My cone cost more.” He argued

“I don’t care.” I stuck my tongue out

The cashier looked confused and took Chase’s money.

“HA!” he teased

“Shut up, loser.” I say liking my ice cream

It was summer. We were at the ice cream shack.

“I’m the loser?” he questions


A smirk grew across his face. He stuck a finger in my ice cream then smeared it across my face.

“Real Mature” I say wiping my face “but you got some Ice cream on your face too.”


“Right There” I say taking his cone and smashing it in his face

I started uncontrollably laughing as the ice cream covered his.

“You really should have done that.”

“You’ll have to catch me to do something about it.” I say smirking and running off

Chase was quick on my trail.
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