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Meet Me on Thames St.

Misplaced Words And Old Friends


It was now five o’clock and we were sitting on the living room floor. He was released from the hospital this morning. He was more alert now and was poking my sides. It kept making me squirm. I was happy to see that he was feeling better.

“Now, you just spent the night at the hospital with me. I doubt, you would do that.” He smirks

“I will if you don’t stop it!” I threaten

He smirked “Fine, you never said I had to stop this.” He says

“Chase! Stop!” I burst as I began uncontrollably laughing

I began to roll on the floor.

“What? I can’t hear you!” he smirks

“Chase. Seriously. I. Can’t. Breathe.”

He didn’t listen to me and continued tickling my sides. I began spazing and giggling more but he ignored me. The front door then swung open.

“Whoa! Sorry dude, I didn’t realize you guys were………. Uhh…… having a moment.”

Chase was caught off guard. I used this to my advantage. I scrambled to my feet and ran behind Eric and Tara “Protect me” I whined

Tara laughed “Now children, play nice.”

“She started it” Chase pouted

“Such children.” She mumbles “So care to explain where you two were last night and the bandage on you head?”

“Long story short. I was drunk and wound up in the hospital because I cracked my head open.” He says not going into detail

“Are you okay? You spent the night in the hospital by yourself?” she asks in panic

“Yeah, my head’s fine. It’s only a couple stitches. Ashley stayed in the hospital with me so, I wasn’t alone.” He says and smiles at me

Tara looked at me questioningly. She knew my fear of hospitals, but didn’t bring it up. She did smile back at him, though “It’s good you have a friend like Ash.”

“Yeah, I am.” He smiled at me

“So what are the plans for tonight?” Eric asks

“Chase isn’t going out tonight. I think that’s a bad idea since he lost a lot of blood last night.” I explain

“Yes, mom.” Chase teases

“You get to choose what movie we watch though.” I smile

“Can we join?” Eric asks “It’ll be like old times!”


Chase’s choice was some scary movie. I hate scary movies. He always loved them, though. They were always so disgusting and gory. He had the bootleg dvd of the Devil Inside.

Tara and Eric snuggled up on the cough. Chase laid on the floor and propped himself up on his elbows. I lay a comfortable distance away. When the movie finally ended, I realized my face had been buried in his chest during every scary part. His arm was comfortably around me

“Oh sorry” I apologize and try to move

His grip around my body didn’t loosen though.

“Don’t move.” He whispered “I like you near me.”

Tara then decided to put in Grown Ups. Tara and Eric were now sitting on the floor with us. While everyone was watching the movie, my eyes were on Chase. His eyes were on Eric and Tara. He wasn’t happy.

It seemed every time they Eric and Tara had a cute moment, Chase seemed to tense. What was this? Was he jealous? Did he want to be with Tara?

This hurt me. I’m not sure why. Actually, I did. I secretly wanted to be with him. I missed him. I loved him. I knew we wouldn’t work though. I had changed. I was stronger than I was back then. I wasn’t gonna have another unhealthy relationship.

That doesn’t me I moved on. It doesn’t mean I was okay with him and somebody else. Especially not my best friend. My mind was spinning. Ever since last night, I realized that Chase was just as great as he used to be. I thought maybe we had a slight chance. But he doesn’t want that.

Tara and Eric kissed.

“I’m going to my room.” Chase said getting up

This made proved my suspension. So why was I following him to his room? He’s hurt and angry. He may not feel the same way I do, but his feeling matter more than I do.
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soo sorry it took forever to update. I love this chapter though. Everyone is assuming stuff. Chase assumes Ashley is over him, Ashley assumes that Chase is in love with Tara. Do I smell love triangle? Let me know what you guys think(: comment and subscribe! PLEASEE(: