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Meet Me on Thames St.

I Wouldn't Know Where To Start

I woke up sprawled up next to Chase. We must have fallen asleep on his floor. I looked at him and his beautiful green eyes stared into mine. He was awake.

“Hi” I smile


“How long have you’ve been up?”

“Not too long.” He shrugs

“Let’s see what everyone’s up to.” I get up slowly and Chase followed behind

I walked in the kitchen to see Tara brewing coffee while Eric sat at the table.

“Morning Gorgeous. Morning Ugly.” Tara teased Chase

Chase looked at me teasingly “I’m Gorgeous, so that must make you Ugly.”

“Yeah okay”

“I’m pretty.” Chase defends

“Yeah pretty ugly.” Tara says sticking her tongue out

“Enough, children” Eric says “What are we doing today?”

“Why don’t the four of us go to the beach?” Tara questions

“Yess!” I scream


“So the team is the hottties and the losers.” I agree

“So me and you on a team?” Chase says squeezing my waist

“No, me and Tara are a team.”

“Then I get to tackle you? That’s always a plus.” He smirks

“Let’s see if you can catch me, first.”

We were at the beach and we decided to play football. Tara and I began to scheme.

“Okay, just warning you I might play dirty.” She smiles

“What do you mean?”

“I will use my body to get what I want in this game.” She smirks

“Good luck. Ready. Set. Hike”

I hand the ball to Tara and immediately Chase gets the ball. He runs and scores a touchdown.
He comes running towards me. His abs are up against my side.

“It’s not too late to change sides, princess.” He smirks

“It was one touchdown, don’t get too cocky.” I defend

He hands me the ball.

This time our plan was different. Tara handed me the ball and I took off running. I was doing great until I felt my body fall to the ground. I had no idea how this happened. I then looked up.

Chase was straddling me on the floor. I hadn’t realized how great his body looked. His tan abs were tighter than I remember.

“Get off me, you big idiot” I roll my eyes

“Not until you say you love me.” He smirked

I would never give in, so I resorted to other tactics. I remember one way to get what I want. I took a deep breath and began touching his abs. I began tracing the lines. Chase began to relax, his muscles loosened. Once I knew I could catch him off guard, I rolled us so I was on top. I grabbed the ball and began running. Touchdown for me.

“Ha!” I scream in his face as he was a few feet behind me

Next touchdown we won. Eric had the ball. Tara seemed to somehow make him drop the ball, which she quickly picked up and ran with it.

“How did you do that?” I ask shocked by her skill

“I touched Eric’s crotch and I guess he got so shocked that he let the ball go.” She smiles

We both start cracking up.

“I need a break. Let’s eat.” Eric announces like a child

We all sit down on the blanket.

“So we also need to talk. How do you guys feel about New York next?” Eric questions

“Sounds perfect” Tara practically squealed

“I don’t care where we go.” Chase shrugs

They all turned towards me.

“Can I help you?” I questioned

“I’m asking if you’d like to come with us.” Eric explained

What? Stay with them? Be part of the plan we wanted since we all became friends? Travel the world and have no care. It sounded perfect. I’m not carefree, though. I had a job and a life back in Ohio. I had Charlie who would flip. I had no ambitions back in high school. Now, I do. Living in random apartments every month won’t cut it now. I wanted to be with them, though. I loved being with them.

“It’ll be fun.” Tara urged

“T, I can’t just pick up and leave with you guys.”

“It’s what we always wanted.” Eric reminded

“I don’t know”

“Give our plan a second chance. Chase may have messed up in the past, but this is our chance to start over, all of us.”

“Excuse Me?” Chase says agitated

“Sorry, dude, but it’s true. You fucked up! But this is our chance to be the four of us again.” Eric pleaded

“What the fuck, man? I screwed up, but don’t play the fucking victim. You left town too. You never looked back. And you know what? I stopped making mistakes after that night. You, on the other hand, have been living a fucking lie.” Chase yells in furry

“What’s going on?” I ask

Chase looked at me in pain and then walked off.

I turned to Eric “What was that about?”

He shrugs “Who knows? You tend to bring out the worst in him.”

“Eric!” Tara hissed

“What? It’s true.”

I couldn’t believe what Eric had said. That wasn’t my biggest priority, though. I began to follow Chase calling his name. I finally caught up with him on the boardwalk.

“Chase, talk to me! What was that back there?”

“Nothing” he mumbles

“Quit lying! I knew Eric and you seemed weird lately, but what was that?”

“Nothing, just leave it alone.” He says

“Look at me” I say “You can talk to me.”

He stared at me for a moment “I wouldn’t know where to start.”

“How about the beginning?” I question

“Walk with me.” He said put his hand out

I took it in mine and we began walking down the beach shore line. The tide made the water touch our feet and then retreat.

“I’m terrible friend.” He concludes

“You’re not” I say looking at the shells we pass

“I hurt you the most and yet you defend me.” He shakes his head

“What could you have done that makes you a terrible friend?”

“I helped one of my best friends hurt my other best friend.” He says watching the shoreline

“I don’t understand” I admit

“I made a promise to Eric, but I’m hurting someone else in the process. I don’t know what to do anymore. I can’t betray him, but I can’t keep letting this lie go on.”

“Well, you’re going to have to make a choice then.” I conclude

“What choice?”

“You have to choose what you think is right. If Eric’s friendship means more than doing the right thing. You choose”

“It started even in Ohio. I didn’t notice it until after we left. I came back to the apartment in Canada early once and I saw Eric and some girl together. He then told me he started doing it in our last summer in Ohio. He’s been doing it everywhere we go. I promised not to say anything, because it would ruin our group. The guilt’s been eating at me, but I can’t tell Tara it would crush her. I would lose her and Eric.”

I look into his eyes and hug him “Tara won’t hate you for it. She’ll understand. You were just trying to not lose friends. I promise, everything will be okay.”

“Do you hate me?”

“Of course not.” I say still hugging this

“How do I fix this?”

“Do you trust me?” I ask


“Then, I’ll take care of it.”
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