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Meet Me on Thames St.

First Impressions Are Usually Right About A Person


I coughed at all the hairspray Tara was using.

“T, your hair looks great. Kill it with the hairspray. You’re killing me and the environment.” I cough some more

“Ohh hush! It’s an environment safe bottle.” She teased

“Just because the bottle is green, does not count for going green.” I correct

Emily interrupts our conversation “We look hot, so let’s go.”

We jumped into Emily’s car and All Time Low began blaring from her speakers. It was nine and the night was just beginning. This boy, Chase, invited me to a party at his friend’s house.

“I can’t believe were going to a senior’s party!” Tara squealed from the back seat

Emily is a sophomore, but me and Tara are only freshmen. This party was being thrown by a senior. In this town, it is a big deal being invited to an upperclassmen party.

“Thank that hot bad boy Ashley has wrapped around her finger.” Emily teased

“He’s not wrapped around my finger.” I blush

I had only been talking to Chase for a week or two. We were just friends. I mean in the beginning I thought he was flirting, but now our conversations were more on a friend-like level. We talked all the time.

“Please the infamous Chase, who uses girls for fun, could kick anybody’s ass, is totally never. He never spent more than two days with a girl. He is like your puppy.”

“That’s not the Chase I know. He’s got a rep, but he’s nothing like that when you get to know him. I’ve only known him for like a week. I’m just his friend.” I explain

“I’m sure you know him very well” Tara said waggling her eyebrows

“Shut up” I roll my eyes “Plus, my dad has some strange hate for him.”

“That makes it forbidden love! It makes it even hotter.” Emily squealed

“Not happening” I end the discussion


We reached the house five minutes later. It was the typical cliché high school party. There was a strong stench of alcohol and weed. Bass lines seemed to be blasting from the speakers. Emily quickly disappeared when she saw Will. They were probably going to hook-up somewhere, being an un-official item, of course.

“Hey Ashley, you look stunning.” Someone whispered in my ear

I turn to see Ryan. He was dressed in a black wife beater. It exposed his muscles and tan skin. He had a red solo cup in one hand.

“Hey Ryan, thank you. You look good tonight.” I compliment

Ryan was a sophomore. He seemed to have taken notice in me last year. He was cute, and was on the football team. He didn’t hide the fact that he liked me, but he always was hooking up with girls. Plus, Ryan was sort of a tool.

“Thanks, you drinking tonight?” he asked

I hated drinking. I found it repulsing. I only drank when I wanted to forget my problems or felt lonely. It wasn’t a fun thing for me.

“I don’t think so.”

“Hey Ash, I’m going to get a drink and find some people.” Tara said

“Are you sure?”

Tara was very awkward at parties, unless she knew a lot of people. We were the only two freshmen here, probably. I doubt she knows many people and I didn’t want to leave her alone.

“He’s cute, so I’m not being a third wheel.” She said low enough for only me to hear

She then disappeared into the mob of people around the keg stand.

“So are you here with anyone?” he asked

“Yeah, I came with Emily and Tara.” I smile

He laughed “I meant any guys?”

I thought for a moment. Chase invited me, but I wasn’t here with him right. He was only a friend.

I shook my head.

“What about that Johnson kid?” he sneers

I sighed “He has a name.”

“I don’t like him. He’s got a bad name. He’s always doing bad stuff.” he warns

“You aren’t a saint either.” I mock “Your only problem is he’s not a jock.”

“Are you guys an item? He’s always dropping you off at cheerleading practice.”

I scoff “I’m not an item with Chase. He’s just a friend.”


“Why is that good?” I ask

“Cause I can’t be with you, if your dating him.” He smirks

I push him playfully “You’re such a flirt.”

From the corner of my eye, I see Chase.

“Hey I wanna go say hi to some people. I’ll see you later?” I ask

“Sure” he smiles

I pushed through the large crowd to where I saw Chase. When I reach there, he was gone. I saw Tara, though. She was with some blond boy. He was pretty cute.

“Hey, Ash” she signaled me over

“Hey” I smile when I reach them

“Where’s Ryan?” she asked concerned

“I told him we would meet later.”

She nod in understanding “Oh, by the way, this is Eric. Eric, this is Ashley.”

“Hi” I smile

“You’re Ashley? Sheriff’s Daughter, Ashley?” he questions

“Yeah” I nod shyly

“So you’re the one Chase is always talking about.” He smiles

“I hope he’s saying good things.”

“Oh of course” he answers hastily

Before I could answer, my attention was stolen by a commotion of the other side of the room.

“What the fuck did you do?” I heard Mike, Ryan’s friend, yell

I pushed my way through the crowd that was forming. I walked to see Kim, Mike’s little sister and on the cheerleading team, in Chase’s arms

“Nothing, she was on the floor like this in the bathroom. Ask whoever left her there” He says

“What’s going?” I ask hastily

“Mike’s little sis is out of it.” Ryan says through clenched teeth

“Look I didn’t do this.” Chase defends

“I know about your past.” Ryan snapped

“Yeah, so I fight a lot. That doesn’t mean I help girls get drugged.” He fought

“Guys, this isn’t helping. Put her down easy.” I instruct

Chase does as I instruct and I began to start shaking her.

“Kim. Kimmy! I need you to hear me, kimmy!” I say

Her eyes opened a little. They were droopy. She looked like she was high.

“Kimmy, I need to know what you took.” I say sternly

“It took pills from that cute blond.” She smiled before going out of it again

“She’s going to overdose. She needs to get her stomach pumped. Take Mike and her to the hospital.” I instruct

He nodded and Mike picked up his sister. They were gone seconds later.

The party then quickly died. Cops would probably be there soon. Emily had left early with Will, so I walked home with Tara, Eric, and Chase.

“Let’s go to my house.” Eric suggests

Everyone agrees and we followed Eric lead the way.

His house was pretty nice. Nobody was home so it was just the four of us. We entered the kitchen and spent the next few hours all talking and laughing. I found Eric extremely funny.

“I think it’s time to get home. My dad will kill me if I’m home past curfew” I said realizing it was almost midnight

“Bye Ash, text me tomorrow.” Tara smiled

“I’ll see you around.” Chase mumbled awkwardly

We’ve been a little strange since the incident at the party.

“I’ll walk you out.” Eric agrees following me

As I walked down the step, he grabbed my wrist.

“Chase likes you.” He states

“How do you know?”

“He never talks about girls. He can’t shut up about you, though.”

“Oh.” was all I could spit out

“Just try and trust him. He’s a good guy.”

“I know he is. You’re a really good friend, Eric.” I smile and hug him

Something fell out of his pocket when he hugged me. I released to pick up what he dropped. I immediately confused. I stared at the object, a prescription bottle.

Kim’s words went through my mind ‘I took pills with the blond boy.’

“Eric did you have these at the party?” I whisper

“Yeah, but I didn’t use them because I didn’t get the chance to. You don’t think I had anything to do with that girl?” he asked offended

“I have to go.”

I was suspicious of him for the next week, but Eric proved me wrong. After a few weeks Eric had become good friends. I trusted him and forgot all about that incident.


I should have followed my first impression, I thought as I played with my ring. Tara and Chase went to get take out. This was my one chance to talk to Eric.

It wasn’t fair to Chase that he was carrying Eric’s burden around. It was killing him. I can’t begin to think about Tara. He hurt her so badly. I told Chase I would fix this. That’s what I’m going to do.
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