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Meet Me on Thames St.

You Tell Her Or I Will

“Hey where is everyone?” he said plopping down next to me

The smile on his face hurt me even more. He was my friend. He’s betraying Tara and I’m debating hitting. My friend isn’t sitting with me, this is a stranger to me.

“They went to get some food.” I answered I was not ready but I had to do this “Eric I’ve known you for years. I always thought of you as a really good friend.”

“That’s cause we are.” He smiled

This how I was going to lose my best friend. I felt myself ready to fall apart.

“Did something change in those years?”

“Not really. If this is about Chase-“

“This isn’t about Chase. This is about you. What happened after you left Ohio?” I snap

“Nothing. I’m still the same guy you knew.”

“Obviously not. I knew sweet and kind Eric in Ohio. I don’t know you. Now thinking about it, maybe I never knew you.” I say losing emotions

I began to feel numb to all of this.

“Chase told you, didn’t he?” Eric whispered

“I want to hear it from you. Tell me what happened after the three of you left town. Tell me the truth, we all deserve that.” I say calmly

“See, Ashley, you wouldn’t understand. I’m not even sure why I did it. Those girls are not worth losing Tara. They were just easy. They were mistakes and I won’t ever do it again.” He says apologetically

I scoff “Are they mistakes because you did or because you got caught?”

“If I could take it back I would. People make mistakes.”

“It’s a mistake if it happens once. You did this repeatedly. When it’s a one-time thing it’s a mistake, when you do it over and over again it become your character.” I say trying to calm my voice

“I love Tara, though.” He pleads

“That may be true, but you aren’t treating her right. You’re being a terrible boyfriend and best friend. How could you make Chase cover for you? He feels torn between the loyalty of his friends.” I explain

“So are you going to tell Tara?” he concludes

I shake my head “No”

“Thank you.”

“You didn’t let me finish.” I correct “You are gonna tell her.”

“She won’t forgive me. This will ruin everything. We could be like we used to be.” He pleads

“Maybe she will forgive you, maybe she won’t. She deserves the truth, though. If you love her, you’ll be honest. We can’t be like we used to be. Chase can’t keep lying for you. It’s killing him. I’m not part of your group anymore. The only thing you have left is that relationship. And there is no real relationship with no honesty.” I conclude

“What if I don’t tell her?” he says irritated

“Then I will, but then there is no shot of you staying with her. I’m trying to help you here. Who do you think it sounds better coming from? It’s your choice. Tell her before tomorrow morning or I will.”
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