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Meet Me on Thames St.

I Hope It Was Worth It


My heart was in my stomach as we entered the bar. Everything was falling apart.

Chase looked me in the eye and I quickly looked away.

Chase gave me an ultimatum. I had to choose whether I wanted to be with him or not. I knew I wanted to but I had a life back home. He broke me and I’m still not sure if I can take him back after all of this. I had to choose what I wanted.

Tara looked at me “Forget about Chase for the night. You two will fix it and be just like me and Eric.”

I mentally cringed. Not only was my relationship with Chase crumbling, so was Tara and Eric. Tomorrow it would never be the same. I was now wondering if it was the right thing. She was happy being ignorant, maybe it should stay that way.

Everything was about to change tonight. Relationships were changing and so were friendships. I felt me and Eric could not be friends after this. Would Tara hate me? Could Chase be friends with me if we don’t get back together? Would he still be friends with Eric? The group was going to change completely.

Everything was about to change.

**Chase’s POV***

I entered the pub feeling the need for a drink. Everything was just getting way too miserable. I fucked over my best friend. Eric looked like he wanted to kill me. I knew I was wrong for telling Ash, but I started to realize he wasn’t a good friend. I would be fine without him. I would miss Tara though. Our plans for New York were falling apart around us. Tara wouldn’t stay after all this and I don’t want to be with Eric.

Poor Tara. She was the sweetest girl I knew and yet she was being hurt by my dick friend. He had been doing this for a while and yet I never opened my mouth. She was going to hate me. She was always honest with me and I wasn’t the one time I needed to be.

My eyes met with Ashley. She quickly broke the eye contact. I wanted her, I needed her.

I knew she couldn’t forgive me, though. I could tell. And I couldn’t just say those fucking three words. I. Love. You. Three small words that I couldn’t say. And even if I said them, it’s not like she would believe me. She doesn’t trust me. She has reason to. I hurt her. I think it’s time to stop trying to fix the things that are way past mendable.

Her pretty face looking so hurt, crushed me. She was feeling bad for her best friend and I wasn’t helping. I only made things worse. I took a seat at the bar and ordered something strong. I watched as everything I cared about unfolded.


I entered the bar in shook. Shocked at how disloyal my friends are.

I couldn’t believe this. What happened to bros before hoes? Chase had been my friend since preschool. He had my back no matter what the circumstance was. But, once that slut was around it destroyed everything. That bitch ruined my best friend. All I wanted was the old group back, but no that that bitch had to put her nose where it didn’t belong. She was cool in high school, but I guess she changed it to some vindictive little whore.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Tara. I also like mac n’ cheese. But it gets boring sometimes. Chase didn’t seem so upset about it before. Now that the dumb hoe is back, he runs off and tells her.

Now, I have to tell Tara what I have done and destroy all of our fucking plans to be a group again.

“Tara, I have to tell you something.”

**Tara’s POV**

I came to bar trying to lift some spirits. Everyone seemed so tense.

I noticed Chase was staring at Ash longingly. She looked at him, but quickly turned away.

“Forget about him for the night. You two will fix it and be just like me and Eric.” I say trying to make her relax

She didn’t answer me.

They had a lot of unresolved issues. They just need to be open about their feelings. They both must love each other, but both to stubborn to admit to it. I wanted them together. Me and Eric could then double with them. It would be like old times.

“Tara, we need to talk.” Eric said nervously scratching the back of his head

“Sure, what’s up, babe?” I smile

“I made a mistake.” He says

“What do you mean?” I frown

“I….. i… those girls….. that chase has bringing home are……. They’re really being brought home…. By me.”

“ How long?” I ask feeling myself breaking

“Babe, I never meant to hurt-“

“How long have you been cheating on me?” I snap again this time with anger

“Since we headed to Canada when we first left Ohio.”

“Well I hope it was worth it.” I then looked over to Ashley “Did you know about this?”

She looked sympathetically then nodded “I told him that if he didn’t tell you I would”

I understood that. I wasn’t mad at her. She was a good friend.

I then looked back at Eric “I’m going home. I expect you not to come back until tomorrow when I’m gone. You could spend the night with one of your sluts.”

With that I left the bar.
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