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Meet Me on Thames St.

Our Friendship Ended A Long Time Ago

***CHASE’S POV****


I normally never pay attention to the fights in the bar, but this was different. Too much tension was going on for me to ignore it. I knew this voice

I quickly spun to where I heard this going on. I saw a fuming Eric and Ashley. Little petite

“What’s going on?” I ask Eric protectively

I didn’t want it to sound protective, but he couldn’t be yelling at Ashley.

“Listen, bro. I’ve been friends with you forever. But, whenever she” Eric pointed and hissed at her “is around you change. You told this hoe and before you know it Tara dumps me. This is all her fault!”

“I didn’t make you cheat on her. You did this to yourself.” Ash said calmly, not getting aggravated

“You dumb slut, learn to keep your fucking nose out of my fucking business. She wouldn’t have dumped me if it weren’t for you.” He said stepping towards Ashley

“Cut the shit.” I saying stepping closer to Ashley

“Dude, she fucked up everything.” He yelled

“No, you did” I correct

“Why do even care about this slut. She is fucking worthless. She is pathetic and crawls her sorry ass back to you all the time. You took her fucking virginity and then left. She is worth nothing. She is a dumb-“

I couldn’t take it anymore. I didn’t let him finish. I swung at him. My fist connected right with jaw line. Eric was never really a fighter. He staggered.

“She’s not a slut. And you don’t fucking scream at a girl.” I spat

“So you’re throwing our friendship away for her?” he spat

I just hit my best friend and felt nothing. I crashed my first car with him, had my first beer with
him, and broke into our neighbor’s tree house as kids. I would stand up for him on the playground. His house was practically my house growing up. I ran away with him.

I felt no guilt though. He deserved it. He wasn’t the friend. I remembered. He would never yell at a girl like this. He wouldn’t cheat on the girl he supposedly loved. He wasn’t the kid I grew up with. He deserved to get hit.

“No, our friendship disappeared a long time ago.” I said as if it was obvious

I then glanced over at Ashley. She stared at me bewildered. She looked like the world was ending. This probably something she never expected to happen.

“Are you okay?”

She nodded, but still seemed frozen I shock.

I grabbed her hand “Let’s get out of here.”

I put my other hand on the small of her back and lead her to the exit. We disappeared leaving all of that behind us.
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