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Meet Me on Thames St.

The Q and A

I spent two years planning what I would say to him. I dreamed he would sweep me off my feet and kiss. But nope. We didn’t even hug. We didn’t talk. I was speechless. Nothing was working. There so much I wanted to say and now nothing. His icy eyes half bulged out of his head. People were walking around us, but we were both paralyzed at the sight of each other.

“Ashley.” He said sending chills down my spine “You’re here?”

“I’m here for answers.” I finally choke out

He nodded “Let’s take a walk.”

He walked down the pier to the sand as I followed him. He slowed down so we were walking side by side. I knew what I wanted to say, but no words were coming out still.

“So you’ve been getting my letters.” He concludes trying to start the conversation

The words climbed out of my throat “Why’d you leave town that day?”

“The three of us talked about it for a while. I knew I was leaving for weeks, I just didn’t know how to tell you.”

“But why that day exactly? It’s was my fucking birthday. You didn’t even say goodbye.” I say through my teeth

“What should have I done gone to dinner with you that nigh and been like ‘happy birthday, love. By the way I’m leaving town tonight.’? Would that have been any better? The words were gonna hurt you, Ash.”

“I, at least, deserved that. You think your mother calling telling me you left a note saying you left town didn’t hurt? You just didn’t want to face me and have to explain yourself. Why didn’t you ever come back to visit? Do you know how much your mother cried that week? Do you know how much your father blamed me? How much I blamed myself?” I start ranting

“It wasn’t your fault for fuck’s sake. And that town is like a black hole. If you go back, it sucks you right back in. I’m never gonna go back there.”

“And what about the letters?”

“What about them?” his voice giving me shivers

“They didn’t string me along either?”

There was silence. He wasn’t the same. He was never like this back in Ohio. Where was the boy who confessed his love to me in those letters? Where’s that sweet boy who gave me flowers just to see me smile? Maybe, he was gone for good. This guy in front of me, had the same eyes, same intoxicating voice, but didn’t have the same warmth. He was cold and unreadable.

“This was a stupid idea.” I say as I stop walking “I should go.”

“Where are you staying tonight?” he asked

“Gonna get a room at a hotel.”

“Stay at the apartment. Eric and Tara would be happy to see you.”


We walked in an awkward silence to the little apartment. I turned out to be above the bar I was in earlier. It must be where he and Eric work.

“I’ll take the couch and you could have my room.” He says emotionless as he opens the front door

“No it’s your place. I’ll take the couch.” I say

“We could both sleep in my bed. It’s not like haven’t done that before. Plus, it’s not we’ll do anything.” He says holding the door for me to come in

I looked around it was a very spacious living room. There were two doors at the end, which I assume were the bedrooms. There was a small cute kitchen. There were pictures everywhere. Chase wasn’t kidding when he told me they take pictures of everywhere they go.

“Chasey, is that you? Come to bed.” Came a whiney voice from one of the bedrooms

All of a sudden, a half-naked girl comes out of the bedroom. My eyes bulge. Who is she? I look over at Chase. He looks at me in pain. Few words can escape my lips.

“Your bed seems full. I’ll sleep on the couch.”
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