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Friends Forever Even If It's Not Consecutive

My childhood friend stared at me in shock. She didn’t look happy to see me, but at the same time she just didn’t have an expression. She just stared. It was like she was seeing a ghost or something. Why wasn’t she coming over and hugging me for dear life. Reality really sucks………

“Hey Tara.” I say with an awkward smile

“Is this real?” she asked frozen

“Yeah, it’s me. It’s the girl that you would stand up for in preschool for.” I said trying to prove my existence

“What are you doing here?”

I spun my head to the direction the voice came from. Eric was staring at me from the doorway. He didn’t seem as shocked, but didn’t look happy. Maybe I shouldn’t have come here.

“I’m not sure anymore.”

“I told him to stop writing you. He was hurting both of you. And this is my example. He made his choice when he left town without saying goodbye. He fucked up that day and hurt you bad. Then, he wouldn’t even let you move on. He is a selfish basterd. “He said with anger towards Chase

For some weird reason these words started to sting.

“And what do you think, you guys did to me? Where was your goodbye? You guys were my best friends. How about coming back for a visit? Never crossed your mind. I had to travel across the country to see you and no one even seemed to miss me.” Anger taking over

“We couldn’t, we were too scared and Chase said he wanted to do it not us.” Tara said begin to cry

“So Chase matters over what’s right?” I question

“No, of course not. I was wrong not to say goodbye but I was scared and I was wrong not to keep in touch. I missed you like crazy and you’re wrong. I’m happy to see you.” She said tears running down her face

She ran to me and embraced me in a hug. I started to tear a little, I missed this girl to death. After a while, we both let go.

“So we’re still best friends?” Tara questions

“Friends forever even if it’s not consecutive.” I smile

“Do I get a hug?” a solemn Eric said

I hugged him and he practically picked me up off the ground. He then released me.

“Now both of you have to stop crying.” He said looking me and Tara dead in the eye

“Okay” I nod

“So please explain why Chase left here like he was gonna go kill someone. I never seen him this mad, should’ve figured it had to do with you.” Eric said almost smugly

“Well I saw his little friend trying to exit his bedroom.”

“Oh, no not one of the Fashleys!” Eric says holding his head

“There’s more than one?” My eyes bulged

“Fashley stands for fake Ashley. He has one for every place he goes. No dating just bring her home from the bar, hook up with her and when we leave town never talk to her again. It started maybe 6 months after we left town.” Tara explains

“Oh, then I don’t get why he lost his mind about me dating Richie. I’ve only dated one guy for like a month, but he has a new girl every place he goes.”

“Oh damn! That explains it!” Eric says smiling

“Explains what?” I asked

“Why he was so pissed. You dated someone else. He thought you would be his forever, even when he leaves you. This put him into a rampage. He hates to see you with other people. Remember that end of the year party at Chris Peter’s house?” Eric asks

Flash Back

I threw up in a messy bun and let my side bangs fall where they may. I was in a pink one shoulder tee-shirt and a pair of short jean shorts. I always loved the summer. I took a sip from my red solo cup. The alcohol burned my throat, but I didn’t care. If I drank enough, maybe I would loosen up and have some fun.

I looked at Tara and Eric on the other side of the pool. They looked at me sympathetically. They must’ve known we were fighting. We were always fighting.

I looked down the hill. There were a group of guys fighting. It was a fun thing to do to down here in Ohio. Chase was down there. He is always down there after fighting with me. This fight was different though. This time I was done. I watched as him and this kid Johnny. I looked away and chugged the rest of my drink.

“Stop trying to fix him.” Charlie said next to me

Charlie was a sweet boy. He was my neighbor and always was happy.

“Come dance with me?” he smiled

“I don’t know.”

“It’s just a dance, Ash. You’re a pretty and smart girl, but you have something with that delinquent. I’m not gonna try and take you away from Chase. It would be a pointless attempt because for some reason he matters to you and I couldn’t even compete. Just dance with me.”

I took his hand and went to where everyone was dancing. I was at first nervous, but then I began to relax. Charlie was such a sweet kid, he made me smile the entire time. Chase told me he didn’t care what I did anymore so why am I so nervous? He said he was done with me.

“I missed seeing you smile.” Charlie said “Chase seems to make you upset all the time, now. You have a pretty smile”

“Thanks. We broke up earlier today.” I say

“He let go of a great girl and maybe this for the better.” He said with a smile

The song ended and I hugged him. Charlie made me smile, not like a boyfriend but as a friend.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” Someone yelled

I turned around to see a drunken and pissed off Chase.

“What? I was just dancing and you have no control over what I do. You said we were done. So I can hang out with whoever I want, cause I’m not your girlfriend anymore.” I defend

“Yeah, we broke up less than two hours ago. So you come over and go after this kid. You’re pathetic, Ashley. You’re so fucking terrified to be alone that you does whatever it takes not to be.” He spits like venom as the alcohol smell covers my face like a blanket

The words made me tear.

“Chase, calm down. We were just dancing. Don’t fucking make her feel like crap. She doesn’t deserve it.” Charlie said beginning to defend me

“Bro, stay the fuck out of this. This is between me and her. You seem like a nice guy and I don’t wanna have to kick your ass.”

Charlie opened his mouth but I stopped him. I knew he had no chance winning against Chase.

“Charlie, Stop! He’s drunk. It’s not worth it. It’s nothing, he’s nothing.” I spit venom

Chase looks at me with pain.

“What the fuck, Chase?” Eric says

I look to realize that we created a scene. People made a circle around us and Tara was standing next to me, almost defensively. Chase still hadn’t seemed to realize. He was still staring at me with pain and hurt.

“What? Still not pleased with the damage you caused? Haven’t hurt me enough earlier today?” I say trying to stop my tears

He got this look on his face. He seemed broken. He turned and left. As he walked away he kicked over a table with chips and beer cups on it.

Is he fucking serious? He caused all this damage, but yet he acts as if he was the victim. He is completely insane. And I’m not letting him get away with this. I began to follow him.

“Ashley, stop, just let him go. You’re both two angry to talk about this right now.”

I turned around and looked her in the eye. She seemed worried for me. “He doesn’t get to walk away like I’m the bad one.”

I ran after him “Chase! Get back here”

We were now at Red Mill’s farm. He stopped near the barn, we once made out in.


“Cause we aren’t done talking about this.” I spit

“I am.” He says as begins to walk away

I grabbed his arm and made him face me “Then I’ll talk and you listen. You broke up with me, then you get pissed when I dance with another guy, then you tell me I’m pathetic and crush my feelings. So you can’t walk away like I’m the fucked up one. ”

“You’re a complete idiot, if you think I wanted to break up. Ash, your dad hates me. He thinks I’m bad for you and he’s right. I don’t deserve you. You should be with a guy like Charlie. Your dad would approve of him. I was wrong for what I said there. I don’t think you’re pathetic, but hating you is the only way I can do this. But when you started crying, I couldn’t keep pretending. I’m so in love with you. I can never stop thinking about you. But, look we are a bad mix and your dad says you can’t see me anymore. I never wanted to hurt you, I was trying to protect you from that. But I’m an ass and I just fuck everything up” He explains

The moonlight shined on his face and showed that he was crying.

I got on my toes and lightly put my hand on his face “I’m a big girl. I don’t need you or my dad to protect me from getting hurt. I’m old enough to make my own decisions. And another thing, Charlie is a friend and that’s all we’ll ever be. I’ll never love him. I love you, stupid.”

He let out a light laugh “I’m the one that fucks up, but somehow you’re the one who is being nice to me. I don’t deserve you. All I do is hurt you. I’m sorry.”

He picked me up in a tight hug and whispered in my ear “If I ever do anything stupid, remember I love you. I’m just bad at showing. I run and fast, but every time I do just bring me back.”

I took his face with my hands “Always.”
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