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Meet Me on Thames St.

The Kerosene Is Done With The Match

“I thought you wanted to.” He says confused “You were saying how we used to be great.”

“Yeah, but Chase that was when I was fourteen and you were sixteen. We had great times and I loved you, but that doesn’t get rid of the all pain. We can’t sugar-coat that. I’m not here to try and figure what went wrong in our relationship. We both changed, it happens. I’m here for the rest of the week to catch up with Tara”

“She left you too. Why are you okay with her? Why can’t we go back to how we used to be?” he says bitterly

“Cause I’m kerosene, and you’re a match. We’re bad for one another. Tara is my friend, so I’ll be there for her. I’ll always be there for you too. I’ll be there to help you pick up the pieces, but that’s all we could be. Friends.”

“I’m going to sleep.” He concluded and walked out of the room

I guess, friendship is not a possibility.



I groaned “Coffee?”

“Just made some.” Eric answers from the kitchen

I walked and grabbed myself a cup and heard my phone vibrating in my bag. The caller ID read Charlie.

“Hey Charlie.”

“Ashley? You’re alive? Thank God! You gave me a heart attack. Why haven’t you answered your phone?” he rushes

“Yeah, I’m okay. I’m sorry. I haven’t been near my phone.”

“Where are you? I say stuff missing from your room.” He worries

“Don’t freak, but I’m in California. I’ll be back by next week. I should have let you know I was leaving, but it was a quick decision.” I apologize

“Why are you in California?”

“I’m visiting Eric and Tara…..” I trailed off

“And Chase?” he sighed loudly

Charlie really resented Chase.
“Don’t be mad. Nothing is happening. I’m just catching up with Tara and Eric then I’ll be home. I promise I’m over that phase.” I explain

“Be careful.” He says giving up

“I will. I love you and I’ll see you soon. Bye.”

“Love you, too. Bye.”

I hung up the phone and looked at Tara “What are we doing today?”

“Tanning.” She smiled “Ohio doesn’t do wonders to your skin.”

“I’ll be at work this morning and Chase ran out the house this morning, before anyone was awake.” Eric concludes

He quickly pecks Tara’s cheek and ruffles my hair, before leaving. Tara and I began getting ready. I put on a neon yellow bikini and then a glamour kills belly shirt and denim jeans.

“Well you look cute.” Tara says as we head to the beach

“I’m flattered. You look great.”

We walked down the board walk and laid our towels by the shore.

“Do you still cheerlead?” she asked randomly


“You started when you were like eight. You loved it. So I’m curious. Plus you still have such a tight stomach I’m jealous and when did it get pierced?”

“I stopped cheering when I graduated and I got it done a week after you guys left, I got shit faced and got it done.” I saying playing with the dangling silver palm tree

“It’s so cute. What did your dad say?”

I laughed “Yeah, like he ever seen it……. I’m daddy’s little girl.”

“Ohh yeah, how about you’re crazy grandma? She was so much fun.”

I felt uneasy “She passed away last year.”

She went into shock “I’m so sorry, Ash. I didn’t mean to….”

“It’s not like you knew. She’s happy with my grandpa now, though.” I swallow

“I knew you guys were close.”

“Yeah we were. It was really rough. When my mom left when I was six, she helped raise me.” I nod

There was I silence.

“Do you keep in touch with your family?” I question

Tara was an only child and when she left, her parents moved out of town.

“I call them every place I go. Eric does the same thing.”

“So Chase is the only one that doesn’t?” I say disgusted

“Well, he sends you letters. I think you’re his family.” She suggests

“He doesn’t know how much pain he caused them.” I shake my head

“Why do you care? They never liked you.” She points out

“They had good reason, I seemed to make his problems get bigger.” I explain

“I thought you were done blaming yourself.” She said smugly

“I am. It’s not my fault he did bad things, but I will admit I never helped the situation.” I clarify

“Well tonight, were going out to a club and it will be the four of us.” She smiled “if you know anyone in Cali, you can invite them.”

My eyes brightened “I actually do. I’ll text him.”

“Is he cute?”

“Extremely. He’s a bartender.”

“So Eric and Chase probably know him.”

“Possibly.” I say grabbing my phone

Me- Hey Keith, its Ashley (the mess at the bar). I was wondering if you’d like to go out to a club with me tonight(:

Keith- Correction *hot mess and sure texts me with more details

“He says he’ll go.” I smile

“You were serious when said you’re over Chase.” She says in realization

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