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Meet Me on Thames St.

Die A Hero Or Live Long Enough To See You Become The Villain

Chase’s POV

I walked into LAZ. It’s the club, we hang out at lately. I didn’t want to go, though. She was there. I couldn’t see her. I pleaded that Eric should just let me stay home. He wouldn’t have it. He urged that it was the only night that both of us had off.

I thought I should bring Sasha to spark some jealousy. I knew it wouldn’t work, though. Ashley wasn’t the jealous type. Or at least not in the way that would help me. She never blamed the girls I would use in high school. I once tried the whole making her jealous thing in high school. It wound up her not talking to me for almost three weeks and my car in a pond.

I scanned the place and found Tara. She was by the bar alone. I walked over to her.

“Hey Tara.” I smile

I always liked Tara. She was honest and I need that.

“Hey Chase. Have a shot with me?”

“In a sec, where’s lover boy?”

“He went to the bathroom.” She says a little drunk

“Should I even ask where Ash is?” I question

She looked at me sympathetically “she’s dancing with this guy she invited.”


I scanned the dance floor. Then I say her. She looked gorgeous. She was smiling. I haven’t seen her smile like that in a long time. I then looked to see the guy she was dancing with. Keith? She was dancing with Keith? My friend? The guy I work with?

I couldn’t watch this any longer. My blood was boiling looking at Keith. I wanted to kill him, but my heart sank when I saw her. She looked so happy. She deserves to be happy. Her eyes connected with mine. She gave me a questioning look.

Someone grabbed me and pulled me to the back alley next to the club. It was Eric. “Don’t do anything you’ll regret. He’s your friend. Remember?”

“I wasn’t going to do anything.”

He looked as if I was lying

“Alright” I give in “Just why? Why him? Why not me? She’s never happy with me.”

He rolled his eyes “Look you’re my best friend, but you can’t be serious. You can’t be upset that she’s happy. You had four fucking years! Four of em’ and you screwed it up! You cause this girl more grief within the year and a half and the two years that you left her for. You didn’t expect her to wait forever?”

“I know. I fucked up big time. I didn’t want her in pain, I want her happy. I am trying my hardest to start fresh with her. I think I still love her.”

Did I just say that? Do I love her? Did I ever love her?

“Do you hear yourself? You sound like a selfish dick! Don’t forget that she’s my friend too. I watched her cry way too many times because of you. It’s a cruel cycle. Have you not seen the pattern? She loves you and you get scared, she moves on and you apologize. You want her back. She takes you back and finally feels the same as you. Then you become a dick again. It’s not healthy.”

“This time it’s different.” I state

It has to be. It feels right.

“It’s a different age, a different place, everyone’s but it’s the same Chase. ”

I didn’t respond.

“We lost her once, now she’s coming back. Don’t mess this up again.” He pleaded

This irritated me “News flash, she never left. We did. I own up to my mistake, while you blame this all on me. Did you ever think about going back to see her? I did. I kept myself away from that town, so she could have a normal life. One that was filled with my shit”

“Like you letters, weren’t selfish? You strung her along with them.” He fumed back

“Like what you do with Tara?”

He stayed silent

“I take the fall for the sluts you bring home, while she’s out. You’ve been doing this for a year and a half. Sasha is the only fucking hook-up I’ve had since I left Ohio. I may be screwed up, but I sure as hell never cheated on my girlfriend. Don’t come out here like the fucking hero. You’re just as fucked as I am, only difference is I’m honest about it.” I spit in fury

“This is our last chance to be the four of us, again. Bro, please” he pleaded

“We can never be like we were. But, you’re right about one thing, Eric. Everything has changed. You became a cheater, Tara became oblivious, but I haven’t. I still have my morals.”

“So what are you going to do? You gonna rat me out to Tara?”

I shook my head “No, I promised I wouldn’t say anything. I’m just disgusted at how you can come out here and lecture me when I’m being more of a decent guy then you.”

There was a long silence.

“I’m going to go back inside, bro” he said walking inside

The word ‘bro’ seemed so wrong. I knew him since fucking I was fucking three. He was always the good one out of the two of us. I was always been the delinquent between us. But, secretly, I’ve been taking the blame for the last seventeen years. I guess the fact that I’ve always been the fuck-up made me an easy scapegoat. I couldn’t keep doing this, though. Ashley was going to hear about those girls. She won’t believe me and if she does, how do I explain myself.

I was helping one of my best friends hurt my other best friend. The guilt has been building up. Tara is always honest with me. This whole time I’ve been lying to her. If I tell her, it will crush her. What about my relationship with Eric? I can’t betray him. Even though, he screwed me over countless times. He’s till my best friend. Plus, Ashley would never forgive me. Ashley was over me so why did it matter? I can’t seem to shake this feeling. I’m unconditionally still in love with her. My chances are over, though. I’ve hurt everyone around me. Let’s just face it, I’ve dug myself a hole and I can’t seem to get out.

I remember Ashley used to read quotes on her laptop. She would show me the ones she loved. One was something like ‘die a hero or live long enough to see you become the villain’ I had become the villain. I don’t know when it happened. I was hurting the girl I love and lying to the most honest friend I have. I had become the bad guy.
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