Hear Me Now

J3T has a doubled life - to his friends, he's a badass motherfucker who doesn't take shit from anyone. He and his friends run an underground fighting club. He orders people around, big seller for cocaine, and puts hits out on people. He's fearless, and shows no mercy to those who cross him.

To his girlfriend, he's the sweetest guy she's ever dated. He treats her well, and loves her just as much as she loves him. She thinks she knows everything about him, when in reality she doesn't. She thinks him being away from her for long periods of time is because of his band, not because of his other life.

What happens when he crosses someone and they find out about her? Can he manage to keep his other life a secret, or tell her the truth and lose her? And how will she feel about his other life and the possible chance of being used to get to him by enemies?


Disclaimer: I do not own Hollywood Undead or the pictures I used for my characters. I do own the characters and my plot. Steal, and you'll wish you never did. Icons from va.com. All rights reserved; reproduction of this story or taking of ideas in any way is prohibited and illegal. Title is from HU's Hear Me Now.

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