Hear Me Now


She couldn’t help but smile as she lightly brushed her finger tips against his jaw. His scruffy skin didn’t bother her one bit or when his facial hair prickled her fingers. She was just happy that he finally home, and getting a good nights sleep. She’d even admit that it had surprised her when he showed up on her doorstep instead of going straight home. When her boyfriend came home from being away, he would stop at home to shower, change, and make himself presentable before going to see his girlfriend; it was just something that he had always done.

But she didn’t mind the surprise.

“How long have you been awake?” his voice was low, coated with sleep but he never opened his eyes.

She ignored his question. “I’m sorry if I woke you.” Like how she ignored his question, he ignored her statement, but pulled himself closer to her letting his face nuzzle in the crook of her neck. Since she was positioned on her side, she slipped an arm under his head to support his neck and by doing that, it also brought her a lot more closely to him. She loved it when the peaceful feeling swept over her body, she just loved being near him.

It was hard, especially since he lived in a different city, and she couldn’t see him all the time, but she managed. She didn’t push it when he could cancel plans, if he had to leave early, or if he couldn’t see her for days at a time. She cherished every moment she had with him, she loved him, and would do anything he asked.

“What time is it?” his warm breath was hitting her neck causing her skin to tingle.

She looked over to the cable box. “Almost eight.” She laughed when she heard him release a groan; her boyfriend was never really a morning person. “Too early for you, Georgie?” He made a humming noise as he lifted his head to brush his nose against her jaw which made her turn her face more towards him.

He pushed his lips against hers. “Just a little bit.”

“How about I get ready for work, and make breakfast for us,” She pressed her lips against his. “And by the time I’m done, you should be up?” His arms tightened around her when she mentioned leaving the bed; he knew if he had asked her to call in sick for work to spend the day with him, she would. But he needed to see how things progressed when he was away touring. He had business to attend to today. “Baby?”

He connected his blue eyes with her brown ones. “Yea?”

“You okay?”

“Just thinkin’ of all the shit I have to do when I get home.” He noticed the frown form on her face when he mentioned that he would have to go home sooner or later. He hated leaving her, but his life at home wasn’t exactly safe for her. He didn’t know why he had lied about his other life, merely keeping it a secret from her, but he had to protect her at all cost. She was his weakness. “Baby…”

She shook her head, pushing the blankets off her body and getting out of her bed. She should have been used to him leaving, he always did. “I got to get ready for work.” George groaned as he watched his girlfriend go into the bathroom and lock the door. Out of all the women he had dated, she was the only one that made him question about giving up his other life, but he had his friend’s to think about also. They would be lost if he wasn’t around.

As thoughts began to swirl his head about how to make it up to his girlfriend, his phone rang on the side table next to him. Snatching it up in his hand, he didn’t bother looking at the screen. “Hello?”

A package came for you, man.” His friend, Danny, spoke quickly. “You should come check it out, dude, it came from Deuce.” George growled lowly when he heard that name. He figured that he would have to deal with some small problems, not something that could turn out in a war between gangs.

“Be right there.” He snapped his phone shut before shoving himself out of the bed. He hadn’t noticed his girlfriend was leaning against the door frame as he hastily pulled clothes back on his body.

“You’re leaving?” she whispered. “Already?”

George moved across the room, taking her into his arms. “Asia called wondering why I hadn’t picked Ava up yet.” He hated lying to her, but he knew this excuse for leaving before breakfast would work.

“Oh, alright.”

“I’ll make it up to you, Audrey, I promise.” He quickly kissed her. “We’ll go out to dinner tonight, all three of us.”

“Okay, sounds good.” Audrey smiled. “Tell Ava I said hi.” George nodded his head, kissed his girlfriend once more before walking out of the bedroom not noticing the disappointed look on her face.
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First story about HU from me, so be nice (: If it seems past paced, it's because I'm just jumping right into the story because, well, this one probably isn't going to be longer than ten chapters. Sorry.

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