Hear Me Now

Phone Call

“I’m picking up Ava this afternoon.” George stated as he observed the package that was placed on his desk; he knew that Asia would fight like hell until she gave in and gave George what he wanted –he always got what he wanted.

Like the fuck you are!” Asia spat, making George flinch from the tone of her voice. He hated the sound of her voice, and couldn’t understand for the life of him why he stayed so long with that woman. “You get her tomorrow, that’s how it works.

“I’m picking my daughter up at three, have her ready for me.”

He heard her laugh from the other end of the call. “I get it… you lied to Audrey about spending the day with your daughter, but in reality, you just needed to get out and take care of your business. Face it George, you can’t live this doubled life forever. She’s going to find out.

A low growl erupted from his lips. “You don’t know shit, Asia, so just have my fucking daughter ready at three.” George had worked hard so that Audrey wouldn’t find out about his other life. To her, she knows George Ragan, a caring father who is trying to make it in the music industry with his best-friends. He was a man who kept his personal life out of his work.

He would do anything to protect the ones he loved, even Asia. Before his band Hollywood Undead became what they were today, there was a time where the guys were barely making any money to support their families.

Until Jordan came up with this silly idea to start an underground fighting club, which the guys were opposed of it until Asia confessed to George about being pregnant. Not having the money to support Asia and the baby got to him. All he wanted was to support his family… he wanted his family to have what he never did; love, protection, and money.

After Jordan convincing him one last time, George agreed. Some scouted out potential members, while others found different places where the fights would be held. The club worked for a while, having money pour in made the guys feel more important, that they were worth something, and not completely useless.

Dylan decided that they should do something else, add more profit, as he would say. George figured it was something small, to keep his friend entertained –he wasn’t much of a fighter, but he could hold his own if needed– until he saw lines of white powder on his kitchen table. He knew the guys were going too far, but when even more money started to pile up in their bank accounts, he didn’t care anymore.

George could remember the first time someone had crossed him. Mid-thirties brown haired man, Jason Maxwell, was addicted to one of the two drugs most people warn you about. He had came around asking from them to front him, and they would have their money in their hands by tomorrow, but when the guy hadn’t shown up, George got antsy. He trusted this guy because he had fronted the man before with no problems, so why would this time be any different?

Word spread out that the guys were looking for Jason and that the outcome wouldn’t be good. The guys could be compassionate at times, if he needed an extra day they would have gave it to him, but the fact he took two weeks to be found, didn’t really sit well with any of the guys. Instead of getting the money from being fronted, the money had to come out of the guys of Undead’s pockets.

Though the sum wasn’t large, or too much to cover, they didn’t take kindly to liars. Undead had made that clearly obvious when they found Jason and beaten him to death. George could remember the feeling of the bat in his hands as he smashed it against Jason’s face; he could remember the rush of excitement when others would know not to fuck with the Undead. That’s when Johnny Three Tears came about.

Since Jason’s death, the guys figured that they should have nicknames to call each other to protect them against enemies –they didn’t want people to find out about the real them and try and use it against them in hope of bringing them down. It was easier coming up with that shit, because they just used the stage names that they had in the band; the band wasn’t going anywhere in the industry at the time, so it didn’t matter, and if by chance they did make it, they would kill anyone who would utter a word about them and what they did beside making music. Their name would be so feared, that no one would dare speak it.

In his life with his friends George, he was Johnny Three Tears or J3T for short, was a man you didn’t fuck with because if you fucked him over, he would fuck you over three times as hard.

But in his life with Audrey he was everything he wasn’t. He tried to be the perfect boyfriend, tried to make it farther in music, he was trying to move his life forward with his daughter and get over the baby mama drama. He could see himself spending the rest of his life with Audrey by his side, but he knew if she took one look at his other life, she would run away screaming.

They always did.

So he decided to protect her from it. He made the guys, and Asia, promise not to utter one word about what was going on in his city of LA. He secretly loved that fact that Audrey lived in a different city, so even if she did stumble into his world, she would be safe. He was smart enough to keep his other life contained in the streets of LA, where it would stay forever.

“You open it yet?” George hadn’t noticed that Danny had entered his office.

“Nah… just got off the phone with Asia.”

Danny chuckled, “The bitch still bitchin’?” George nodded his head as he took the packaged into his hands. “I don’t know what he could possibly want, but fuck man; he just doesn’t know when to give up.”

George made a face before stuffing the package into a drawer; he would look at it later when he felt like it. “He’s probably bitchin’ about us interfering in his territory, but the asshole probably doesn’t remember we own all of LA.” George powered down his laptop, and stood up looking at his watch on his wrist. “Gotta see the bitch about giving me my daughter.”

“Good luck bro, she’s not going to let you take Ava without a fight.”

George laughed bitterly. “Whether she lets me or not, I’m walking out of that house with my baby girl.”
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