Animal Attraction

Take two same sex, 4 membered bands that are rising quickly in the rock industry and throw them in Helsinki to perform together. One night. They meet for a brief moment, but it’s enough. This will spark an intense romantic connection, and feelings that can only be described as animalistic. It will be unlike anything they have ever felt before.

Join them on their journey, whether you like Reckless Love, Finns, or just want a different romance story. It’ll be worth it.

Also, this is the FIRST EVER Reckless Love fan-fiction here on Mibba. :)

WARNING: This story contains drug use, alcohol, sex, and crime. We do not own Reckless Love, but we do own the Original Characters. (:
  1. Prologi
    Just a short intro to our new story. :)
  2. Yski
    A bit more of band and character info...
  3. Kaksi
  4. Kolme
    Angel parties with Olli...
  5. Neljä
  6. Viiden
  7. Kuusi
  8. Seitsemän
  9. Kahdeksan
  10. Yhdeksän