Status: Just started it.

Hold Your Head High

Amethyst Charlotte Anastasia Clark is just a human who lives in a world of pain and depression. That is, until she realizes who she really is, and when she meets the gorgeous Dom, Andrew Biersack, A.K.A. Andy Sixx.

Andy is going through a hard time, not knowing who his mate is when all of his other friends are with their mates happily. What happens when he meets the human Amethyst and notices that there's something about her--something special.

This story's idea belongs to the lovely writer dandygrrrl, the Dom and fertile idea. She has given me permission to use her idea, so it's all good in the neighborhood. Original (at least I think it is), so don't steal the plot. Please.

Warning: will probably have some sort of sexual things in it, and m-preg (although not from the main characters)