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The raven haired man didn’t like the new feeling his apartment brought him, he didn’t like the fact that half his closet was empty or that the right side of his bed was untouched. This wasn’t how his relationship was supposed to turn out; he felt as she was worth it, that she was someday going to become Mrs. Joshua Ramsay.

But he was wrong.

She claimed it wasn’t working, that she didn’t like that fact that her boyfriend had to leave her months at a time. He would begged her to understand that he had a job to do, a job that he loved doing. At the time, he thought she finally understood, but apparently she hadn’t… she would never get the fact that he was doing what he had always dreamed of.

He thought she would be supportive, but he was wrong.

Why was he always wrong? Why couldn’t anything go good for him? What did he have to sacrifice to get what was finally supposed to be his? Was he ever going to share what he had worked so hard to accomplish? He didn’t know. It wasn’t like he didn’t mind having his family and friends support him, he just wanted that one person who would mean the world to him be by his side no matter what. All he wanted was to love and be loved in return.

A hand clasped against his shoulder. “You’ll be alright, man, she’ll realize what she’s missing out.”

Josh shook his head at his friend and band mate, Mike. “Nah, she told me that there wasn’t a chance of us getting back together.” Mike patted his shoulder a few times before moving his body over to the black couch in the living room, letting his body flop on the cushions as he sighed feeling his muscles relax. They had been in the studio recording songs for their new album that was supposed to drop in a few months.

“Got anything to drink?” Matt’s voice piped up but his eyes were still glued to the T.V.

Josh nodded his head, “You know where the fridge is, so go look.” Matt grumbled as he pushed himself off the couch before heading towards the kitchen. Josh ran his hand through his black hair before grabbing his leather jacket off of the chair it was resting on.

Ian looked up. “Where you going?”

“Walk.” Josh answered, opening the front door of his apartment. “Can’t be here anymore.” Closing the door behind him, he groaned as rubbed his face with his calloused hands; it had already been two months and he yet seemed to not be able to get over his break up with his ex-girlfriend. He needed to clear his head, he needed to forget about her.

The chilly wind was a nice soothing feeling as it softly whipped against his face as he walked down the street of his apartment complex. He knew this neighborhood like the back of his hand –Amanda and Josh used to take walks to just get away from everything; it was like their own little escape from the world. Josh decided to switch up his routine by going left instead of right, being reminded of his ex wasn’t what he wanted at the moment.

Josh began to loop back to his apartment when he heard someone shout, but ignored it and kept walking until he noticed that a yellow Labrador was following closely behind him. Stopping to kneel down to the dog’s level, he gripped the pink leash in his hand as he patted the dog’s head.

Roxy!” he looked up when he noticed a petite blonde making his way towards him and the dog. “Roxy, you’re so not getting a treat today!” Josh chuckled at the way the girl was talking to her dog as if it was a child who wouldn’t eat their vegetables causing them to lose out on desert. “Roxy, come her-” the petite girl trailed off once she noticed Josh. “I’m so sorry about her.”

“It’s fine.” Josh handled the leash to her. “Cute dog.”

She smiled, “Thanks.” Josh shoved his hands into his pockets as he gave the girl a glance over; her blonde hair was up in a ponytail with some loose strands surrounding her face, her eyes were only outlined in eyeliner, her lips a light glossy tint to it, and her clothes were comfortable but yet casual. Josh had to admit that the girl in front of him was indeed very cute.

“How old is she?” he asked making small talk to prolong going back to his apartment which was probably now empty from the guy’s leaving since he had been gone for nearly an hour.

“She’s about four…”

Josh nodded, not knowing what to say.

“Um, I’m Jaiden.” She smiled holding out her newly manicured hand for him, which Josh placed his hand and shook it softly.


“Well, it was nice meeting you.”

“Yeah.” Josh smiled as she looked down at her dog calling her softly to come which the dog did obediently. Josh watched her retreating form before turning around himself and walking back to his apartment.

He had to admit, he liked the feeling she gave him when his hand touched hers.
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