My Teacher is a Rockstar?

I Think I Wanna Know Ya More

[Ashley's POV]
I walk into the office to figure out the class I'm supposed to teach and I get stopped by a lady at the desk.
She asks,"Are you Mr. Purdy the new student teacher?"
I reply to the attractive brunette with,"Why yes I am. I'm here to figure out the room I'll be in." She replies sweetly with,"Well it says here that you alternate everyday with Home Econmics and Advanced Theatrical Arts or as your college may have called it Musical Theater or Music Apreciation.
You have some good children in this class such as Shaneal DiBella,Frank Iero,and Micheal Way.
If you have any trouble with the class just get them to speak up.
You shouldn't have trouble though all you have to do is choose a play for them to do, or let them freely use their instruments.
Well just return here if you have any questions.
If not room 69 is that way."
I chuckle as I walk through the halls looking for the room.
I really hope no one notices me.
I finally find room 69.
69 haha.
I laugh one last time before entering.
I see boys surronding a girl at a desk.
Cheerleader I'm guessing.
I walk in and slam the door.
This makes the boys back off to reveal a gorgeous girl.
She looks me in the eyes for a split second then blushing looks back to speak to the boy with glasses next to her.
I see that she is wearing a pink dinosaur shirt.
Well lets just hope she doesn't notice that I am who I am.
I decide it's now or never to introduce myself.
"Good morning class I'm Mr. Purdy.
I'll begin with taking role and then you can ask questions."
" Okay well let begin."
"Abbigail Beddwell?"
"Trevor Collins? Trevor Collins? Okay so no Mr. Collins"
"Shaneal DiBella?"
The gorgeous girl raises her hand and smiles.
I smile back and look back at the list.
"Mallory Evens?"
"Willow Finch?"
I look at the list and see Andy's best friend here oh shit I'm fucked royally.
"Uhm, Matt Good?"
He looks down a his phone types something and looks back up.
"Frank Ie---."
My phone interrupts me.
I apologize to the class and look at my phone.
It's a text from Matt saying,'Don't worry Purdy boy I won't spill your secret as long as you keep away from my girl.'
I look back at him with thankful and confused eyes.
"I apologize again for the interruption class.
Anyway where was I?
Oh yes Mr.Iero."
The boy with the fauxhawk next to Shaneal looks up and silently says,"Here."
I look back at the list.
"Mathew Jenkins?"
"Right here,"says the boy who without a doubt is from the country.
After about ten or eleven students I come across the other boy Jamie or Jenny or whatever her name was said.
"Micheal Way?"
The nerdy boy next to Shaneal raises his hand and says,"I go by Mikey but I'm here."
After taking attendance I walk to my desk and sit on the edge of it while the kids look at me like an alien.
"Okay well that's everyone but Mr. Collins.
So do you guys want to go around the room and tell me about yourselves first or do you wanna ask me questions.
Now what I'm about to do is gonna be a little childish but we'll take a vote hands up if you wanna talk first."
Twelve hands go up.
"Okay well that was over half the class so lets start with you in the Master of the puppets and the awesome glasses tell me about yourself."
"Okay well as you saw my name is Micheal but I go by Mikey.
I play a little bass.
Uhmm, I'm an out in the open gay and suprisingly everyone's fine with it.
Uhm, I'm really nervous right now .
Uh, I'm dating Frank.
But I'll let him go into more details.
Oh and I'm 17 and me an Shay share a birthday."
"Thanks Mikey and I'm glad to see that people here are fine with homosexuality.
Now next uh Shaneal is it?"
Well I'm Shaneal alot of people call me Shay.
I'm dating catain of the football and rugby team Matt Good. Tomorrow it'll have been a year.
I cheer.
I play acoustic,sing,and play some bass.
I'm pretty shy around people I don't know or trust,but around people like Matt,his friend Andrew,Abbie,Mikey,Frank,or my brothers Landon and Zander I'm like a pshyco maniac.
I'm very short.
Matt calls me midgett and he's the only one who can call me that.
I have a black pomeranian named Fang.
My cousin is Jayy Von from BOTDF but I hate when people try and get close to me because my cousin is 'so fucking hott'.
Oh and I play softball."
After listening to hers I zoned out for the rest of everyone's.
Wait she said her brother's name is Zander.
Zander DiBella that name sounded very familliar that's when it hit me.
She's Jake's boyfriend's little sister.
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