My Teacher is a Rockstar?

Hospital Visit

"DiBella?" A nurse calls. Ash kissed my head and I stood and followed the nurse down the white hallway.

I watched the nurse bite her lip as we turned a corner. "Don’t up set him dear. He’s in pretty rough shape. When your done I’ll get his information from you." She told me.

I nodded.

She opened the door and went in, said something then let me in.

I held in a gasp as I took him in: Tubes here and there, wires, bandages. Where he wasn’t covered he was bruised.

I walked over to the bed and sat in the chair. "Hey." Was all I could say.

"Hey." he said. Well, its more of a whisper really.

What now? I can’t ask how he’s feeling because obviously he feels like shit. I can’t as him what happened because I already know.

"Is Jake okay?" He whispered.

"Yeah, Jake’s fine. Well, physically he is. He’s crying his eyes out right now."


Shit I upset him. Ummmmmm.

He choked a chuckle.

"You look like you don’t know what do."

"I don’t." I admitted.

"Mmm. Me either. I’m so god damn bored."

I giggled. "I could have some one bring you a movie or something."


He looked sad.

"About the night when I got the mortgage, what did I do to you? All I remember is blaming you."

I bit my lip. If I tell him he’ll fell bad and that’s the last thing he needs right now. "Just a few bruises Zan. I’m fine." I half lied.

"Ok. Look I......I’m really sorry I do that. Where was Landon?"


"Oh. I’m so sorry Shay."

"It’s okay. I’m okay."

He nodded the best he could without pulling out anything.

"I love you." He said.

I haven't herd that from him in a while.

"I love you to." He smiled

Hours later we said our good byes and I went out and spoke with the nurse.

"What’s his blood type?" Zander should have know this, trust him not to. Heh.

"B positive."

She wrote it down.

"Any history of illness or allergies?"

These questions went on forever! But I answered all of them because I love my brother.

Ash, Jake and I got in the car and he took Jake home. "He’ll be okay. I love you." I hugged the sobbing man.

" to." he sniffed and got out of the car, heading for the front door of the house.

I climbed from the back seat and got in the passenger one. It was silent as Ash took me to the house I had him drop me off before.

"You have my number?" he asked as I reached for the door.


"Don’t hesitate to call."

I nodded and slowly got out of the car, waiting for him to round the corner before I bolted threw the yard and ran all the way to my apartment complex.
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